The History of Cadbury's Chocolate documentary

John Cadbury was the founder of

Cadbury's chocolate it was in 1824 when

he opened up his first shop in the then

beautiful city of Birmingham by 1831

this turned from a grocery store to a

full-blown chocolate only store it was

here in Birmingham the customers first

gained their taste of the legendary

Cadbury's chocolate many customers were

now officially addicted to cocoa local

residents feared that chocolate would

take over the community many feared that

children addicted to chocolate would

have to rob and steal to feed their

habit fear not Cadbury's produces the

finest most non-addictive chocolate ever

with the massive success of his first

chocolate chunks John Capri decided to

fall out drinking chocolate Cadbury had

now begun the Cadbury manufacturing

business as it's known today after

expanding his business to larger mass

producing factories John capper retired

handing over his business to his two

sons he carried on driving Cadbury

curly wurly ladder of chocolate success