The Truth About Progressive Insurance.mp4

we got to talk about this this is this

story is absolutely unbelievable Matt

Fisher who is on the be SMA here on this

very Network GP TV soon to be the blaze

he is a really funny guy and he's in a

lot of the sketches with Brian sack he

writes this story on his blog and it's

becoming an international story right

now the blaze has it if you want to read

it more but reading his blog I read it

last night it's been reported all over

the world today and this is these are in

his words on June 19 2010 my sister was

driving in Baltimore when her car was

struck by another car and she was killed

the other driver had run a red light and

hit my sister as she crossed the

intersection on the green light now I

don't discount the possibility that

Katie was at fault in the accident but

it never really looked that way the only

witness who gave a statement on the day

said that Katie had the light etc the

totality of the evidence left some room

for argument but that will be the case

anytime there's a catastrophic car

accident that doesn't happen underneath

an array of video cameras one indication

that the case was pretty pretty much

open-and-shut was that the other guys

insurance company looked at the

situation and settled with my sister's

estate basically immediately now because

the other driver was underinsured that

payment didn't amount to much but my

sister carried a policy with progressive

against the possibility of an accident

with an uninsured driver so progressive

was now on the hook for the difference

between the other guys insurance and the

value of Katie's policy again Katie his

sister now deceased so this is where a

flow comes in and fixes the whole thing

for that's what would happen in a

commercial yeah flow comes in and

compares other insurance price of course

you shouldn't need to do that because

he's already got the insurance so this

is where flow comes in and just tells

them where to get their car fixed or

where to pick up their cash

apparently some whatever the deal is at

which point we learned the first

surprising thing about progressive

carrying progressive insurance and

getting into an accident does not

entitle you to the value of your

insurance policy weight one it just

pisses off progressives lawyers here I

address you prospective progressive

insurance customers someday when you

will have an accident I promise there

will be enough will

wiggle room for your progressives

bottomless stack of in-house attorneys

to make a court case out of it and to

hammer at that court case until you or

your surviving loved ones run out of

money which is what progressive decided

to do to my family in hopes that a jury

would hang or decide that the accident

was her fault they refused to pay the

policy to my sister's estate out of a

sense of honour and out of the sense of

the cost of my sister's outstanding as

student loans

my folks opted to try to go after the

money through legal channels at which

point they learned another delightful

thing in Maryland you may not sue an

insurance company when they refused to

fork over your money instead what they

had to do was sue the guy who killed my

sister establish his negligence in court

and then leveraged that decision into

force enforcing progressive to pay the

policy so he's got to go back relive

this entire thing by suing the family

which they did not want to do and he

explains us now now my parents don't

harbor much venom for the guy who killed

my sister it was an accident and kicking

that guy around won't bring Katie back

but kicking that guy around was the only

way to get progressive to pay so they

filed a civil suit against the other

driver in hopes that rather than going

to court progressive would settle

progressive did not progressive made a

series of offers never higher than

one-third of the amount they owe and

then let it go to trial this is where it

gets so awful at the trial

Wow it's not yet No oh because I pretty

bad I was under the mistaken impression

that it was already awful it actually

gets much worse in the next the next two

sentences at the trial the guy who

killed my sister was defended by

progressives legal team oh my god if you

are insured by progressive and they owe

you money they will defend your killer

in court in order to not pay you on your

policy that's so they paid money to

progressive all this time legitimately

should have been paid on this policy and

and so they could avoid paying actually

took up the side of the person who

killed their customer this has to be