Choosing Patron Saints for Your Family


happy easter everyone the past couple

weeks I've been talking about the

domestic Church and it's mentors the

Saints today I want to talk about how to

choose a patron saint for your family

because it's really important to have

one and you may already have one

naturally and haven't gone through the

process of actually picking one out it

just happened I know Christy and I we

just had Saint Torres is our patron

saint we were married on her feast day

we also have Saint Mary as well I know

some people actually choose a patron

saint for the family on a yearly basis

which is a really cool idea as well but

you might be wondering how do I go about

choosing a patron saint if I don't

already have one blessed is she has this

really great article which I will put

the link to that in the description of

how to go about choosing a patron saint

for your family one of the first things

you might want to do is just kind of ask

the Lord ask Christ to reveal that to

you another thing you might want to do

is look at each of your individual

patrons so if you as a you have a patron

saint maybe that is someone who you have

a devotion to maybe the rest of your

family does as well and so that makes it

really simple observe your family's

experiences devotions the things that

your family loves and maybe look up the

saints and figure out a saint for who

you desire to have as your patron saint

pray a novena a novena is a 9-day prayer

about a saint who that patron saint may

be and have that revealed to you i like

in the article says if you don't have

any idea at that point maybe there's

leave it for a chance have a few Saints

and just grab one out of a hat it

doesn't have to be that difficult it

also is a great way to learn about a

saint I'm gonna continue talking about

the Saints but I'm not gonna do that on

a daily basis anymore or on every video

I'll probably do that about once a week

I'll introduce a new saint and you'll

also notice some of the videos we might

not have as often as we're preparing to

go to Mass which will be awesome now

that we have public masses open again

but we will continue to our videos and

we'll have them on a fairly regular

basis so let us end in prayer

in the name of the Father Son Holy


amen dear Lord we just pray that we can

find those Saints in our lives to guide

us to lead us closer to you to have them

intercede on our behalf and we ask for

your mother's intercession as we pray

hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with

thee blessed art thou amongst women and

blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus

Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us

sinners now and at the hour of our death

amen name the Father Son Holy Spirit