Who is the President Pro Tempore of the Senate?

the president for temporary is the

second highest-ranking official in the

Senate he or she presides over the

Senate when the Vice President is absent

Pro temporary is a Latin term meaning

for the time being

unlike the VP the president pro tempore

is an elected member of the Senate so he

or she can vote or speak on any issue in

the absence of the vice president the

president for temporary can administer

oaths sign legislation and fulfill all

the other duties of the presiding

officer this includes joining the

Speaker of the House when there's a

joint session or joint meeting but

unlike the president the president pro

tempore cannot break a tie vote in the

Senate there are also a third in line of

presidential succession right behind the

Speaker of the House and they play a

critical role in the 25th amendment the

president for temporary and the Speaker

of the House are the two authorities to

whom declarations must be transmitted

that the president is no longer able to

fulfill the duties of office or is able

to resume doing so the Senate chooses

the president pro tempore it's usually

the most senior member of the majority

party in the event of the President Pro

temporaries absence he or she will name

another senator to fulfill their duties

they'll usually pick a new member of the

majority party this way freshmen

senators have the opportunity to

familiarize themselves with the Senate's

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