Nicki Minaj Is No Longer The Queen Of Rap

like I guess like what I really want to

know it's like who is nicki minaj nicki

minaj no longer wears the rap queen


nicki minaj worked her way into being

one of the biggest and most successful

rappers of all time the Trinidadian

singer hustled and struggled striving to

be number one and earning her the role

of queen of rap but has all of Nikki's

work paid off or our other rappers like

cardi B pushing her out of her place at

the top does Nikki still wear the crown

or has the crowd moved on to more

relevant stars born Oney Catania Mirage

most fans know that this rapper

struggled and hustled to break into the

music industry for a time at the height

of her success son called Nikki the

queen of rap lately however it seems

this rappers peak might be in the past

Nikki's climb to success was a long road

Minaj worked as a waitress while working

her way to the top one of her first

musical projects was with a four person

group known as hood stars the group did

not gain recognition or success but

obviously left Nikki with the itch for

recording and performing on stage her

debut release with Dirty Money Records

playtime is over

came out when she was only 22 years old

she soon signed with Lil Wayne's Young

Money production company and pumped out

a few albums all with a few hits

reaching the Billboard charts

her 2014 hit anaconda immediately had

millions of downloads and the sassy

video even broke the Internet the 37

year old singer now has a trophy wall

you wouldn't believe

in 2011 Nikki collaborated with Kanye

West and jay-z on the track monster fans

couldn't believe how good her rap verse

was and the popular opinion was at the

female rapper out wrapped the two

well-versed male veterans Nicki believed

that to dominate with male rappers she

had to work even harder she tweeted in

any fields women must work twice as hard

to even get half the respect their male

counterparts get when her album super

bass was released Nicki had rightfully

earned her

own Minaj fans gushed over the catchy

tracks that instantly hit the top 10

charts the same success came with her

next album pink Friday and the massive

hit starships

in 2013 Nikki won a coveted People's

Choice Award for favorite hip-hop artist

PopMatters compared Nikki to the hip-hop

equivalent of Serena Williams aka the

greatest of all time Nikki's creative

style and alter egos captivated viewers

her use of comical British accents and

wordplay also drew people into her early

music and although Nikki has had a

difficult time breaking number one spots

as of 2017

she broke the record for the most times

in the Billboard Top 100 for any female

artist of all time beating out previous

record holder Aretha Franklin as of 2018

the stars net worth was over 75 million

dollars between 2010 and 2017 Minaj was

a staple at the biggest Music Awards

ceremonies around the world

more recently she took home the 2020

Beatty award for viewers Choice for hot

girl summer a slightly less prestigious

place that her previous album of the

Year and Best New Artist titles a sure

sign that the star was losing her place

at the top fans might also be surprised

to learn that although she's been

nominated many times nicki has never

taken home a prestigious Grammy Music


although Minaj has never been handed the

golden gramophone it didn't take long

for rival rapper cardi B to earn her own

cardi took the album of the Year award

in 2019 launching herself to the top of

the rapper Ain is there room for more

than one female rapper in a male-driven

a-list rap game history would say no and

the current rap court is no different

with cardi B quickly taken over the top

spot as reigning queen in 2018 cardi B

officially lapped Nicki when her album

invasion of privacy saw every track

reached platinum status with boudic

Yello going seven times platinum making

her the recording artist of America's

most certified female rapper this feat

was a first for any female artist

transcending the rap genre which is

incredible considering her lack

experience compared to other rappers and

artists boudic yellow also earned cardi

the number one slot on the Billboard

charts the first time a female rapper

has earned the top spot since 1998 even

nicki has never reached number one in

the last couple of years cardi has

collaborated with big names like Bruno

Mars Selena Gomez and maroon 5 earning

her fans from a span of musical genres

although cardi has risen quickly to a

high status in the rap world her style

is still relatively new which may

actually be a reason that she's a fan


she traverses genres and styles often

relying on throwback flows and verses

this style is so different in contrast

to Nikki's fast-paced lyrical spits

cardi B forging her own unique path in

rap and pop may be the secret to her

widespread success but have Minaj fans

actually switched sides or is cardi

bringing in a new era of rap listeners

in 2019 Tilt asked who is the best

female rapper and the survey concluded

that 62 point 2 percent of voters were

team Nicki while only 37 point eight

percent were team cardi Mickey's recent

aptly named album queen did not do as

well as fans would expect the release

was laden with delays and didn't produce

any number-one hits as the rapper

expected when she announced the new

project of the 2018 Met Gala the album

was bested by the simultaneous release

of Travis Scott's Astroworld

Queen came in at number 2 on the

Billboard chart the single Fifi only

made it to number 3 on the Billboard


Nicki blamed everyone from Spotify to

Apple music for the album's diminished

success in tactless fashion Nicki took

to Twitter to blast Scott for using

partner Kylie Jenner's massive social

media platform to promote his release

and upcoming tour Forbes reported that

Nicki also claimed I put my blood sweat

and tears into writing a dope album only

for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner

posted tour paths telling people to come

see her and store me unfortunately

Nicki's lack of support for other

artists around her especially women is

something fans are not down with Nicki

tweeted in July of last year that no

female rappers have congratulated her on

success in an industry that forces women

to compete against each other for the

top spots this isn't surprising but it

would be great to see Nikki breaking

down this barrier and collaborating with

more female artists a major factor that

has created a separation between Nikki

and her fans is her fight for privacy in

her personal life her relationships over

the years have mostly been kept out of

the public eye and some fans see her

private life as secretive while Nikki

keeps fans and the public at arm's

length cardi B is known to embrace the

spotlight beyond her professional career

letting people in on her life behind the

scenes often showing off her daughter

culture and endless Instagram shots and

photo shoots in 2018

Nikki's position as reigning queen

seemed to already be faltering in an

attempt to stay relevant the star

collaborated with boyband BTS on a

remake of the song Idol in which the

k-pop singers took the lead on the

vocals and Minaj sang backup the

alternative version had mixed reviews

and Forbes reported that while a few

years earlier working with Minaj might

have been a big deal for the k-pop group

now it's more of a scramble to stay on

top for Nikki's career then in a

disastrous circumstance for Nikki she

was cut from Kanye West's unreleased but

popular track new body her voice can

still be heard on the track in a shorter

verse and the singer was still credited

in the title but fans argued that the

cut verse was true throwback Nikki that

demanded to be heard was Nikki's verse

excluded for more editing reasons or is

there something deeper about the

rapper's cancelation from mainstream

media if her spot in the music industry

is being overrun by newcomers Nikki

isn't totally out of a job

the star also has a decent acting resume

to fall back on nikki has appeared in a

few box-office hits like barbershop the

other woman and even the animated kids

flick Ice Age Nikki also appeared as a

judge for season 12 of the reality

singing competition show American Idol

alongside Mariah Carey and Keith Urban

the idol gig earned the singer a

paycheck of a whopping twelve million

dollars much like Kim Kardashian and

Britney Spears Nikki partnered with Glu

Mobile to release an app in 2016 the

gaming app called

Nicki Minaj the Empire allows users to

build and create the music world of

Nikki along with her venture into tech

Nikki also has her hand in some other

business endeavors including clothing

radio endorsement deals such as her

collab with beats by dre and even an

alcohol brand with all her many sources

of income nikki is also a fan of giving

back and in 2018 started a scholarship

for aspiring students called

student of the game with less musical

projects in the works the Queen may

simply be planning to settle into a

quieter life in 2019 Nikki married

Kenneth Petty in a secret wedding

ceremony earlier this summer fans began

speculating that she was also hiding a

pregnancy Nikki tweeted about cravings

for red meat and jalapenos she also

tweeted about nausea and since then the

bump paparazzi has been on her hard in

an Instagram comment Nikki mentioned she

was pregnant with ideas for her new

album not very subtle

Nikki hasn't officially announced her

pregnancy but at this point we'd be

surprised if it weren't true from

working her way to the top of the charts

to building an empire of businesses and

endorsements Nikki Minaj has put in the

effort to stay at the front of the rap

game but everyone's time in the

spotlight comes to an end and Nikki is

now being pushed out of her place on the

throne do you think Nikki is still the

reigning queen of rap or is her career

on a downward spiral was this rap star

given the recognition she deserves or

has she always fallen short let us know

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