Poseidon and Amphitrite: The God and the Queen of the Seas - Greek Mythology - See U in History

Poseidon the god of the Seas is one of

the most powerful deities of Greek

mythology together with his brother Zeus

and Hades he defeated Cronus and his

Titans to Poseidon was given the

Dominion of the Seas Hades would reign

the underworld

while Zeus who reign over the skies the

god of the sea was very temperamental

and in his fits of fury earthquakes and

tsunamis were generated Zeus worried

about the instability of the Seas

believed he has found a solution to ease

the outbreak of Poseidon srage the god

of the sea needed a wife the Lord of

Olympus as Nereus a former marine deity

in decline to give up one of his

beautiful daughters to marry Poseidon he

felt honored to have one of his

descendents reigning under the Seas

Poseidon was informed that Nereus would

grant one of his daughters to marry the

god and set off to meet his future wife

nearest his daughters the knee reeds

were introduced to the god of the sea to

choose his new wife the Neary's rapido

full marine limps but one in particular

caught the attention of Poseidon her

name was half a trainee her hair like

his night made her stand out from the

others upon seeing her Poseidon already

knew who his new wife would be the godly

is confident and with a luxurious look

to Wed the beautiful mer a member yet

the innocent Neary is embarrassed by the

advances of Poseidon and flees into the

darkest depths of the ocean

Poseidon's are searching for Amphitrite

all over the ocean to no avail

disillusionment made the God even more

ill-tempered now it is Zeus who becomes

impatient with the situation and compels

doors and for tidies mother to reveal

the whereabouts of her daughter with no

alternative she reveals the whereabouts

of her daughter

Poseidon fearing to scare the nymph

again sends his loyal dolphin to

persuade the Neri to return to Poseidon

and for trotty surrenders to the

arguments of such a graceful creature

and decides to return and marry Poseidon

now the Nereid is the new queen of the

Seas and in recognition to the services

provided to Poseidon Delphine the

dolphin had been transformed into a

constellation from the union of Poseidon

in effort

i D Crichton was born a God hath man

half fish he was the messenger of the

sighted Zeus's plans seemed to work the

Seas got quieter and less dangerous but

not even the charm of his wife can

contain the moody mood of the Lord of

the Seas