Top 10 Richest Celebrities On The Planet

then richest celebrities in the world

among this day and age comes a new wave

of stardom that has changed the world of

fame and fortune celebrities can come

from all sorts of platforms which range

from music sports TV shows movies and

social media networks whether they

perform before an audience or stay

relevant behind the scenes these

celebrities have made major successes in

their role causing a huge influx of

wealth in return they have to eat the

celebrity life of glamour and designer

materials that socialites absolutely

adore make sure to stick around until

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number one richest celebrity in the

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planet starting with n on the list is JK

Rowling she has a net worth of over nine

hundred fifty three million dollars as

of 2019 one of the most successful

authors of all time with her beloved

series Harry Potter and currently

fantastic beasts these stories will live

for many generations of magic and wizard

fan beneath the success comes an

inspiring story

JK Rowling grew up with many hardships

in life that helped search her passion

to write when she felt depressed during

her speech at Harvard she stated that it

is impossible to fail in life and it is

with our very own bravery that helps us

make the right choices aside from her

New York bestsellers she also creates

wealth through Pottermore a website

about the world of Harry Potter as well

as from merchandise she sells on the

side Bri 9 in the list is Jerry say

filled comedian Jerry Seinfeld has a net

worth of over 950 million dollars he was

long in one of the longest-running

sitcoms on American television named

after him Sinfield because of Jerry's

passion for making people laugh it has

been a well-received show he continued

to do stand-up comedy even after the

series and tickets for his show bid for


expensive price yet fans and supporters

don't mind as they see the price a


for the performances alongside

accumulating his millions he has

invested in two very rare supercars that

actually go up in value this is a side

hobby of same fields that he started

after receiving some success on his show

number 8 on the list is David

Copperfield David Copperfield is the

richest magician in the world with the

amount of 1 billion dollars in net worth

as of 2019 these performances have sold

out to more than 40 million tickets in

just a year even popping this in the

Guinness Book of World Records for most

tickets sold by a solo performing act

most of his success also comes from his

other investments such as restaurants

real estate and merchandise but what's

most outstanding is his art collection

of magic memorabilia from other

illusionists including Harry Houdini's

straightjacket number 7 on the list is

Kylie Jenner Jenner has a net worth of

over 1 billion dollars at the age of 21

she is well known from her relation to

one of the most powerful families the

Kardashians she gained her fame while on

appearances of Keeping Up with the

Kardashians and her YouTube channel

working on as a full-time si

oh she was celebrated as the youngest

billionaire by Forbes in 2019 beating

Mark Zuckerberg on his record of

becoming the youngest billionaire at 23

she gained her success through selling

her Kylie lip kits that were released in

2015 they easily gained popularity since

it was raged over by fans and beauty

gurus alike which maximize its

production to 500,000 kits in 2019 her

products now cover a wide range of

makeup tools from brushes to skincare

line the beauty business has devolved so

vastly over time that even a lot of

beauty gurus who started on YouTube and

easily gained an empire of fans and

glamour of the rich what about you what

do you think about the impact of the

makeup business in the world today

number 6 on the list is Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney has a net worth of over

1.2 billion

the bass guitarist from a worldwide

sensational brand the Beatles he is

known as one of the most successful

musicians in the world apart from his

accomplishments as a band member he has

also made a career as a solo artist and

songwriter talk about being extremely

gifted with music so what's your

favorite song from this living legend

leave a comment down below to let us

know now standing in number 5 on the

list is jay-z jay-z has always been

known as one of the richest celebrities

on the planet but as of 2019 his net

worth grew larger and became 1.25

billion dollars before the end of the

year aside from his music career jay-z

is a wise businessman where he has

invested in multiple businesses ranging

from luxury spirits stock investments

real estate and even art collections but

the trademart of his wealth is known

through the Champaign Armand de Brignac

he bought this company way back in 2014

and has now amounted to a valuation of

310 million dollars number four in the

list is Michael Jordan Michael Jordan's

popularity is no joke in fact the word

Michael Jordan has become a household

name for both basketball and non

basketball fans alike of all ages but

it's not just his athletic career that

helped his success and wealth his

popular Jordans in collaboration with

Nike have garnered praise in hype and

fashion for shoe collectors in fact

Jordans on its own brings three billion

dollars in revenue each year on sports

he has also bought and owned the

Charlotte Hornets in 2010 not to mention

his endorsement deals from Gatorade

upperdeck and Haynes that he has still

kept with good relations as of date

apart from these are his chain of

restaurants spread across America he

also has his own dealership with Nissan

based at North Carolina all these

factors have helped define Michael

Jordan as the richest retired athlete in

the world number three on the list is

none other than the powerful woman Oprah

Winfrey when you think of rich people

Oprah Winfrey always come to mind as she

has a net worth of 2.8 billion dollars

as of today she soared her popularity to

start the

by being one of the most versatile

talk-show hosts seen on television

participating herself in topics that

some MCS have trouble in creating a

comfortable and safe atmosphere for both

the network and the guests this going

against the grain personality has made

Oprah a solid media mogul it eventually

led to her decision of owning her own

production company that is well known

today as Harpo Productions and discovery

communications incorporated even though

she owns her own production she still

participates as an actress and voice

actress for several movies being a great

communicator Oprah has showcased these

skills through speeches and journalism

she has written four books and

contributed lines to the book 60 minutes

some people think that Oprah has

attained her wealth because of her

generosity we're sharing her health has

been reciprocated well by the universe

do you believe this could be true let us

know in the comments below number two on

the list is Steven Spielberg one of

Hollywood's greatest gems and history's

greatest contributor to filmography is

none other than the legendary director

Steven Spielberg having a net worth of

over 3.6 billion dollars Stevens work is

no doubt made huge impacts on the

industry his hits helped shape the

culture and austalia

of people all over the world steven has

also worked for the film industry for

more than 50 years and has produced more

than 100 feature films in his lifetime

he also co-founded DreamWorks Studios a

movie production company and the top one

of our list is George Lucas owning two

of the world's greatest franchises Star

Wars and Indiana Jones George Lucas has

a net worth of over 6.4 billion dollars

his talents not only stop at being an

amazing director but he also does

screenwriting for most of his movies

apart from his career as a filmmaker

Lucas also invests in real estate if you

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