13 Richest Celebs Under 25

holy moly we wish we had the kind of

money that these people do and guess

what this list is only talking about

rich people under 25 and by rich people

under 25 I mean rich celebrities duh

we're coming at you on listed to be

clear this list here is highlighting 13

of the richest celebs under 25 coming in

at number 13 we have pot princess ariana

grande who is only 22 years old

this girl has made 12 million dollars

already which seems to make sense we

fell in love with her on Nickelodeon's

victorious and she even got a spin-off

show called salmon cat but now what

really seems to matter is the beautiful

blissful pop music that she has created

which is really where she has made that


Demi Lovato hits this list at number 12

the pop star is only 23 years old and

has a whopping 15 million dollars

sitting in her bank Debbie's been

bringing in the dough starting back on

Barney and Friends when she first graced

our television screens and then made all

kinds of money on Disney's hit show

sunny with a chance later the actress

evolved into the pop sensation that we

all know and love

number 11 goes to our girl Selena Gomez

she is 23 just like her rekindle the

besties Demi Lovato but has a million

more sitting in her bank account selena

has a net worth of just over 16 million

dollars and also got her start on Barney

& Friends she then moved into her

starring role on the breakout hit the

Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney

Channel and has headlined some pretty

epic movies but right now her moneymaker

seems to be her music with her new album

revival set to soon be released not to

mention her endorsement deals with both

Adidas and Kmart Nick Jonas is coming in

hot at number ten and I just want to

point out that this dynamic threesome of

Disney stars are all really seeming to

make all the right moves nick is also 23

but has made over 18 million dollars the

singer has made some may

your waves as a member of the hugely

popular band the Jonas Brothers but then

turned into a mega solo pop star and

making all kinds of Bank mainly from his

earnings as a musician Taylor Lautner is

at number nine on the rich list dude is

rollin in the money

pretty much thanks to the franchise we

all know and love of course I'm talking

about Twilight he's only 23 and has made

over 40 million although he does work

quite frequently his bake account is

pretty much made from Twilight seeing

that he racked in more money with these

films than most actors see in a lifetime

hashtag goals coming in at number eight

one of Taylor Swift's mini besties we're

talking about Edie Sheeran this dude has

vocals for days Edie is only 24 years

old and homie is looking at 57 mil in

his earnings as a singing sensation

thanks in large part to his most recent

album multiplied in at number 7 we have

the major hottie from The Hunger Games

actress Jennifer Lawrence who's 25 years

old and has an estimated net worth of

over 50 million we're gonna say that

this number is in large part thanks to

her leading role in the franchise movie

but however the girl is working on in

multiple films as of late and we're not

saying she isn't paid handsomely for

those as well next we're taking a look

at Emma Watson who is known as Hermione

Granger in the Harry Potter films Emma

is 25 years old and ranks at number 6 on

this list working with a cool 60 million

dollar net worth um hello although most

of her money comes from Harry Potter she

has also got a ton of films in the works

that will probably make this number jump

pretty quickly not to mention she's one

of the most successful young actresses

and advocates in the world in at number

5 we have Twilight star Kristen Stewart

who is 25 years old and has made over

seventy million dollars Kristen has

topped the forbes highest-paid actress

list in the past and continues to slay

life book in movies left and right she

also starred in Snow White and

as well as the recent American ultra

watch out because this girl is coven for

you number four goes to the boys of One


the British Irish boyband made up of

Louis Harry Liam Niall and formerly Zayn

have ages ranging from 21 to 23 and have

racked up over a hundred and fifty

million dollars in their time as singing

sensations to be honest though I thought

among five of them it might have been a

higher number I mean not that 150

million is bad or anything but there are

five of them well okay now for anyways

getting down to the final three we have

Miley Cyrus who's 23 and you of course

know from Disney's breakout hit Hannah

Montana Miley is now taking over the

world with her one-of-a-kind personality

while looking at a total earnings of

over a hundred and sixty five million

dollars but you know what I really love

about Miley you know she knows that she

has a ton of money but she goes and does

things like release free albums for the


I mean her Bangerz tour alone earned

over seventy million dollars so there's

that anyways next up at number two we

have well can you guess it okay no I'm

gonna tell you anyways it's Justin

Bieber homie is an internet sensation

and not only that he went on to pretty

much take over the world

Justin is 21 and has made a whopping 200

million dollars and I don't even know

how to process thinking about having

that kind of money but he for sure has

it coming in at number one on our list

of the highest-paid celebrities under 25

is none other than Miss Taylor Swift but

really would you guess any different the

Bob Starr is at the end of this age

bracket being 25 but girl is telling it

like if you look up success in the

dictionary I'm almost positive you will

now see Taylor's face not only does she

have numerous number-one albums but her

most recent 1989 is really making

headlines with too many hits to count a

massive world tour and pretty much the

best music videos you will ever see in

your life Taylor has made over 240

million in her lifetime and no

that I'm basically rethinking every

decision I've ever made in my life

but for real what are all of you guys

thinking about this list anyone you

thought would be here but somehow isn't

let's talk about it in the comments

section below also what would you do if

you had that kind of money

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