The Richest Guests On Shark Tank!

deciding to invest a large sum of money

into someone else's businesses risky on

its own not to mention if you're not a

regular investor in Shark Tank the main

crew while very experienced in the field

still makes rather bad decisions from

time to time so when guests investors

come to find a new potentially

profitable business to pour their

billions of dollars into things can go

both ways let's have a look at five

billionaire guest investors who came at

Shark Tank to do just that born in

England in 1952 a lawyer and a flight

attendant Richard Branson quit school at

16 and instead started a magazine for

students by students called student the

magazine made a profit from the

advertising revenue and when the revenue

declined he kept the magazine alive by

starting a mail-order record company

since he and his associates were all new

to the business world he called the

company Virgin Records the mail-order

business later became a record shop that

eventually became a recording studio and

brass and managed to sign some of the

greatest rock bands such as the Sex

Pistols Culture Club in Genesis that

helped turn Virgin Records into one of

the top six record companies in the


Branson went on to establish the virgin

group which controls more than 400

companies including virgin airline

virgin megastores Virgin Mobile virgin

Cola virgin rail as well as HeLa Saba a

luxury Game Reserve in South Africa

his company Virgin Galactic is currently

developing commercial spacecraft that

will take tourists into space for only

250,000 dollars and he has already sold

around 500 tickets Branson is also

working on a rocket plane that will fly

passengers from New York to Sydney in

just 30 minutes by taking a detour

through space

Branson might have no academic

achievements because he suffered from

dyslexia and quit school at a young age

but he still made his first million at

the age of 25 and one of the most

successful businessman in the world so

it was only a matter of time until he

would appear as a guest investor on

ABC's Shark Tank when he finally came

onto the show for the two episodes of

season 9 Branson made 3 pretty

successful deals when he invested in the

Locker board a hammock tent called

Sierra Madre in Thom Burton's grip mats

a rubber mat that keeps stools

organizing with

reach however the most memorable moment

was probably when he poured a glass of

water over Mark Cuban and then got his

after the Dallas Mavericks owner and

Daymond John first called the

entrepreneur pitching her meditation app

simple habit a gold digger and then made

fun of Branson and his accent in 2013

Jamie siminoff appeared in Shark Tank

and pitched his ingenious product rein

then still called doorbot a doorbell

system that allows you to see and talk

to whoever is at your door and basically

screen your visitors siminoff came to

the tank seeking 700,000 dollars in

exchange for 10% of his company and he

did receive an offer by one of the

Sharks unfortunately it was one of Kevin

O'Leary's well-known oddly structured

deals that included a $700,000 love with

royalties in a small stake in the

company to $700,000 I want a 10% royalty

that drops down to seven after I

recouped the 700,000 and I get 5% of the

company's equity siminoff decided to

turn the offer down because he found a

too restrictive in one home without a

deal his appearance and the show led to

a boost in sales though and it was just

enough to keep the company alive until

November 2014 when none other than

virgin group billionaire Richard brass

and contacted seminoff because he was

interested in gifting the doorbell

systems to several of his friends less

than a year later the billionaire

supported another financing round for

the company which ultimately brought

them 28 million dollars in funds and it

turned out that even though siminoff

didn't get any of the Sharks on board he

was lucky enough to find an investor in

Richard Branson and as the business grew

they started building a whole line of

home security solutions and rebranded at

his ring the company that started out

with eight people working in seminars

garage eventually turned into a such a

huge success that Amazon decided to buy

it in February last year for more than a

billion dollars

after graduating from Florida State

University with a degree in

communications spanx founder Sara

Blakely had planned to study law but due

to low scores and the law school

admissions test decided to change

direction after working at Disney World

for a few months and making a few

appearances as a stand-up comedian she

eventually accepted a position with

zdenka an office supply company selling

fax machines door-to-door by 1998 she

had been promoted to a national sales

trainer and after moving to Atlanta

Georgia a year later she started

developing her prototype once she was

satisfied with the design she pitched

her idea to numerous hosiery mills but

was turned away again and again Blakely

eventually began to market her product

given it a slightly racy name of Spanx

and managed to secure a meeting with

Neiman Marcus where she demonstrated the

product by changing in the ladies

restroom in front of the name and Marcus

buyer now this unconventional

demonstration got Blakely's product into

seven Neiman Marcus stores with

Bloomingdale sacks and Bergdorf soon

following and when she sent a sample of

her products to Oprah in 2000 and the

show hosting Spanx one of her favorite

things the sales skyrocketed so that

Blakely left ANCA to work full-time on

her new business which should become

hugely successful within just a couple

of years today Spanx are being sold in

over 50 countries and the line also

includes bodysuits bras and slips these

days as well as designs for plus sizes

maternity wear and most recently for men

Blakely has attained the distinction of

being the first female self-made

billionaire and during her appearances

in Shark Tank she invested some of her

money and malice Rossiter Louis's event

host program Alice's table which

currently focuses in flower arranging as

well as in the company brazen life which

sells a foam roller that collapses to

fit in a gym bag Matt Higgins appeared

early on at shark tank's latest season

and continued to trend in sports moguls

joining the investors panel Mark Cuban

came on at season two while baseball

player Alex Rodriguez came in season 9

and basketball player Charles Barkley in

season 10 along with Higgins as

executive vp of the New York Giants he

played a big part in getting the MetLife

Stadium built as well as a state of

the art practice facility he now serves

as vice chairman of the Miami Dolphins

and acts as an advisor to the owner

Steven Ross in addition to that he's

also the CEO of RSE ventures a private

investment firm that focuses in sports

and entertainment media and marketing

food and lifestyle and technology that

he co-founded with Ross RS he helped

build the largest privately owned soccer

tournament in the world the

International Champions Cup and was an

initial investor in the multimedia

messaging app snapchat during the

appearance in shark tank Higgins decided

to invest in beyond sushi a New York

city-based kosher vegan sushi chain

along with Lori Greiner he agreed to

give Beyond sushi creator and head chef

guy Backman the 1.5 million dollars he

had asked for in exchange for a 30%

partnership in the West Coast operations

and 50% in East Coast operations Chris

Sacca was against shark during the

show's seventh and eighth seasons and he

is certainly one of the more colorful

guest inventors to appear in Shark Tank

during his college years Sachi used his

student loans to start a business

enterprise that was ultimately not

successful while easing the rest of his

money to trade on the stock market after

discovering a flaw in the software of

online trading brokers in 1998 he

managed to earn 12 million dollars from

just ten to twenty thousand in about 18

months by simply exploiting this flaw

but still ended up being four million

dollars in debt mainly due to some

miscalculations as well as the economic

downturn reluctant to file for


sacca moved to Silicon Valley where he

worked several jobs to pay off his debt

including as an associate attorney at

Fenwick and West before being laid off

in 2001 due to downsizing

after a few financially challenging

years sach established the Salinger

group and eventually secured a job at

Google as head of special initiatives by

2007 he had paid off his debts and left

Google to become an angel investor

getting involved early on with companies

such as Twitter uber Instagram and

Kickstarter by 2017 Forbes estimated his

net worth and 1.2 billion dollars and

included him on the Midas list during

his time at Shark Tank sakhaa closed a

few deals with budding entrepreneurs

including a joint investment with Mark

Cuban in Dave vases bright

and NAV geared towards early education

of toddlers that gives the parents

better information in their education

but even more memorable than his

investments are the arguments he had

with his fellow sharks in the show

especially with fellow hothead Mark

Cuban I would say Chris I agree we

disagree no you got it wrong Chris I

sometimes wonder how you made all that

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