this is me right here I'm ranked number

two for the richest account on roblox

strat has sent me his Dominus for Judas

Dominus imperious and Winwood antlers

for mite ex-plosion this is insane trade

and once I accept it I'm gonna be richer

than the roblox account itself up

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of crazy them filming a video right now

because it's actually 2 a.m. but this is

the only time that me and strat could

meet up through this deal and set this

world record this site right here has a

leaderboard of the richest roblox users

and Italia the total value of every

accounts limited while I do say right

now I'm the richest player because

roblox isn't a player roblox is still

rich or as in that account however in

this video we're going to be setting a

world record where I actually passed the

roblox account and have the most value

on the entire site as you can see my

value is seventy nine point 1 million

Robox and this is all the items on my

account combined roblox's is ninety five

point seven million which is in a

singing amount we're gonna pass it with

the help of my friend strap as you can

see right here strat has sixteen point

six million roebucks worth of value he's

gonna be lending me his Damas rigidus

Thomas and pyrius and William wood

antlers which are three items I actually

already have but he's gonna add those to

mine and basically adding those to my

value will bring me over roblox's value

by a mere 7,000 Robox if you do the math

seventy nine point one four four million

plus sixteen point six million equals

ninety five point seven four four

million which basically

only 7,000 more than what roblox has

right now which is kind of crazy and so

we're going to do that right now three

two one boom all right guys we just

accepted a trade it's completed with

strat I now have who Dominus four do

this to domina some periods and to

Winwood antlers I'm super hyped right

now because as you can see I just hit 42

million rap which is over 5 million more

than I've ever had is this kind of

insane right now I'm losing the mind if

we go to our bx stocks and we look at my

page so the numbers on my page just

updated as you can see my values ninety

five point seven one nine million in

roll boxes is ninety five point seven

one three million so as you can see here

i have about six thousand more and my

rap is actually lower but as you guys

know rap is not value and the

leaderboard is sorted by value not rap

because as you can see here stick master

luke has more rap than son of seven list

but son of seven list is ranked higher

because value is the accurate

calculation you guys want to learn more

about value verse rap look at my video

below and i made it a while ago and

explains it pretty well okay guys so

basically i don't think the numbers are

updating right now in terms of my rank

it still says number two because it

takes a little bit but we're in a going

game and i will show you me compared to

roblox intrigue hanging out so a big

shout-out to strat again because he

helped me break this world record on

roblox and it's pretty insane so he's

gonna be following me into trade hangout

and we're gonna show off this insane

thing and compared to roblox so as you

can see my rap is 42 million right now

and as you can see i also have two

dominance and Pearce's to dominance for

Judas and well two times dominance rex

that doesn't count though i already had

that and then also two times of the win

would crown and it's pretty crazy guys

now if here's my inventory and we can

also look at role boxes so as you can

see roblox's rap as higher as i already

said but again rap is not value i in

have more value than roblox right now

ranking my account as the number-one

account on roblox alright guys so

basically we're gonna go in the hundred

thousand rap lounge and basically we are

the richest account to ever enter this

rap room in the history of roblox even

when merely had more items than roblox

back a few years ago his rap was not

this high because I actually had more

items than merely had back then because

there was less limited on roblox back

when he was the richest player and not

only that but everything was cheaper so

42 million this is the new record for a

player's account and rap of all time

right here 42 million in fact I'm the

only user to ever crossed 40 million rap

on robots whoa but not only that since

merely I'm the first person to pass

roblox in value right here guys you

might see strats so if you want to

follow him on roblox free he just said

join the link mob today make sure you

guys join the link mob group on roblox

it's a wild group it's pretty awesome

and yeah he's he's a pretty awesome dude

for helping me to do this it's crazy a

sad world record and I never thought it

said on roblox well you know we did so

smash that like button if you guys want

me to set more world record somehow

because no all right guys the

leaderboard just updated as you can see

I officially have more value than roblox

by the slightest margin as you can see

it's less than 6000 difference well I do

have more even though roblox has more

rap I do have them be out on one value

thanks to strap so it's official I'm

number one on the leaderboard right now

327 am and I'm so tired but guys I did

it thank you so much for all the support

and it's awesome to see that I finally

passed roblox but here we are guys we

did it we reach rank number one on the

leaderboard thanks to strats help head

roll boxes now number two right now so

if you guys see my inventory right here

the main difference between me and PO

box is that I

two of the downest ridges to the

Imperius it's two of several other

things I also have bread domino crown

which for some reason the roblox account

doesn't own roblox with slightly less

value and more rap has a lot more small

items to me right now they also have a

couple big items I don't have those

items being the Clio's although it's not

the rap is not here because that's zero

rap they also have lady of the

Federation they have dark assassin

blowing boys raiment and a few other

rare things that I don't have I also

don't have a bunch of smaller items

roblox has mostly items worth under

10,000 because I just don't think

they're that cool I focused on getting

the bigger items instead so anyways

that's our major differences here and as

you can see kind of prefer my inventory

I rather have two of the white Dominus

hats then some random small stuff leave

a comment down below what do you guys

think is the best item on roblox that I

have and what do you guys think is the

best item I don't have that I should get

next because I'm definitely interested

and trying to get everything I can as

you guys can see right here I have the

top hat I am one of maybe like 50 or 60

people that have it on roblox here they

all are and they're all awesome

youtubers and I've even started selling

a really cool outfit for as you can see

right here I actually made this outfit

here's the outfit guys it's really sick

alright guys I have my tiny red balloon

right now as you oh it popped oh my gosh

the blue balloon might work better

although this is my outfit guys it's I

really like it Preston have my rainbow

shaggy but he actually gave it back for

this video and as you can see it matches

pretty well so don't tell them that or

they'll get triggered anyways guys thank

you so much for watching I hope you guys

enjoyed seeing a real world record set

on roblox and for all those people who

said I would never pass roblox well

technically I did even if it was for the

briefest moment I did in fact pass


and have set the record for the richest

account so even if I died today I did it

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