Poseidon: The God of Seas - The Olympians - Greek Mythology - See U in History


Poseidon the Lord of the Seas is one of

the most famous and revered Olympian

gods this God is also known by the name

of Neptune his Latin name in Rome after

the Titanomachy the major battle between

gods and Titans the world was shared

between the three major Olympian gods by

lottery Poseidon was given the domain of

the seas a domain that had been

controlled by the ancient deities Nereus

and ocean although he had a seat on the

Olympian Council of gods Poseidon

preferred to live in his underwater

palace the god carried his trident at

all times

a weapon that allowed him to generate

earthquakes and Cray fountains and

springs his weapon was forged by the

Cyclops during the war against the

Titans and became one of the God's

symbols the god of the Seas paraded on

the water in his chariot drawn by

dazzling animals behind him a large

procession of marine creatures and minor

deities albeit a sea deity the powers of

Poseidon extended beyond his domain his

was also the lord of the earthquakes and

the earth often trembled when the god

experienced wrathful moments therefore

although they were far from the sea the

Greek cities in the interior were not

safe from preside ins influence they

could endure his earthquake

but also severe droughts when a spring

of water dried the region interpreted it

as a sign that they no longer were

positively seen by Poseidon the god of

the Seas was quite Moody therefore those

who depended on the sea for their own

livelihoods such as sailors and

fishermen offered him plenty of things

and sacrifices so that they could sail

safely in his waters ensuring a safe

return back to their families but such

sacrifices did not mean that their

wishes were attended after all when the

God was furious he made no distinction

between those who were devoted to him

and those who weren't all those who

dared to enter his domains while the God

was experiencing a frivolous moment ran

the risk of being swallowed by the sea

Zeus noticing his brothers instability

was an obstacle to the natural ordering

of things decided that he needed a wife

Poseidon then joined a Nereid Amphitrite

who would become the queen of the Seas

conquering his wife was not easy but

Poseidon had the priceless help of the

dolphin Delphinus who persuaded

Amphitrite to marry his master with his

wife Poseidon had his son and heir

Triton like Zeus Poseidon also had

several extramarital affairs but much to

the luck of her bastard children and her

lovers and fat rightie

although jealous was not as min dicta v'

as Hera the wife of Zeus in addition to

Triton the God had several noteworthy

sons with Medusa

he had Pegasus and the giant Chris AR

and also the famous hero the god also

gave rise to a new breed of Cyclops

including the most famous full of famous

whose only I was pierced by Odysseus due

to that the god persecuted the king of

Ithaca and the hero of the Trojan War

preventing Odysseus from a turning home

after the war Poseidon is also known for

his rivalry with his niece the goddess

Athena the conflicts between the god and

goddess grew in size due to the dispute


thena and poseidon to decide who would

be the god revered in the capital of the

region of Attica Athena was the winner a

decision made by the gods the city

became known by the name of Athens in a

different episode Poseidon possessed

Medusa inside the temple consecrated to

Athena the young woman was one of the

temple priestesses and was punished for

tarnishing the sacred ground

Medusa once a beautiful young woman was

transformed into the creature we know

today Poseidon had a major role in the

rebellion against Zeus he together with

Apollo imprisons the Great God the crew

failed and both Poseidon and Apollo were

punished the two were forced to edify

the grandiose walls of Troy but due to

the ingratitude shown by the King law

maiden of Troy who refused to compensate

him for his work the god cultivated

hatred for his offspring and so the god

favored the Greeks during the Trojan War

the Isthmian games were held in Corinth

something similar to the Olympic Games

but dedicated to God Poseidon also

important there are reports of the

existence of a huge bronze Colossus

which honored the Lord of the sea

in this day and age poseidon may not be

revered as he once was but he is

undeniably one of the most renowned gods

in greek mythology