SHORTEST Players In NBA History

with players like Nate Robinson

dominating the dunk contest for years

Isiah Thomas becoming a nearly 30 point

per game player in Boston and even Allen

Iverson completely revolutionising the

game with his ridiculous crossovers

these players along with the rest of

this list completely stunned the league

over the years being so short yet

dominating in their own ways no coming

in at a mere 5 foot 7 is Anthony Jerome

Webb also known as spud he just so

happens to be one of the most popular

under 6-foot players to ever step on an

NBA court interestingly enough though

Anthony got the nickname spud on the day

he was born one of his dad's best

friends saw the newborn child have said

yes this kid's got a head like Sputnik

the name was shortened to spud by his

friends and it stuck with him his whole

life however it wasn't the shape of his

head - left Webb with a chip on his


it was Webb small size that caused

people to tell him he couldn't play the

game he loved after being left on the

bench for his junior high school team he

scored 20 points but he was finally able

to take the court then after years of

trying to gun the varsity team

he led the team to the playoffs and

finally given the chance and he was

named player of the year and made the

all-state team in a senior year of high

school regardless of his recent success

in high school accolades it wasn't

enough to overcome his height in the

mind of college recruiters he was

actually forced to play at Midland

junior college but again Webb proved his

worth leading his team to a junior

college national championship and

eventually earned a scholarship to NC

State there Webb took the Wolfpack to

the sweet 16 but again Scouts thought

that he couldn't translate to the next

level and he was not selected until the

fourth round of the 1985 NBA Draft with

many counting him out right from the


spud made a name for himself in the 1986

slam dunk contest where he shocked the

world throwing down alley-oops to

himself do it 360s and just overall

having an incredible vertical for a

player of his size the crowd went crazy

witnessing spud dominate the contest

including his own Hawks teammate at the

time Dominique Wilkins who was nicknamed

the human highlight film for his own

ridiculous dunking ability in his prime

spiderwebs victory is still remembered

as one of the biggest upsets in the

history of the dunk contest as many felt

he was just like a casual participant

with a limited shot at winning but he

came out doing the unthinkable and his

teammate Dominique EBIT talked about

this afterwards saying he did some

things that we didn't even know he could

do I mean the 360s off the glass the

bounce and catching it off the backboard

that stuff was incredible not throw out

the rest of his career he eventually

turned into a respected player with the

Hawks but once he joined the Kings spud

turned things to another level where he

put up his most productive numbers ever

and in 1992 had the best season of his

entire career averaging 16

seven assists 3 rebounds per game after

finishing his career bouncing around

multiple teams including the Hawks

Timberwolves and magic after his time

with Sacramento he eventually retired in

1998 after playing 814 games in his NBA

career averaging about 10 points per

game and registering 8000 72 points at

4300 42 assists total in his 12 season

pretty respectable numbers but with the

dunk contest being the biggest part of

spuds legacy 20 years after winning the

contest himself Webb actually trained

five foot nine point guard Nate Roberson

leading into the event and during that

contest Webb toss the ball to Robertson

who leapt over him and dunk to earn 50

points to the judges and Robinson went

on to win as well in 2006 making him and

spud the only two people in NBA history

under six feet tall to win a slam dunk

contest now up next we have Keith mr.

Jennings who just like spud Webb came

into the league measured at 5 foot 7 and

just like most players are the size

could easily let the height be the

deciding factor of their future but the

Jennings this was not set back at all

growing up as a basketball player

Eavis said I always felt that I played

bigger than I was I actually thought it

was easier for me to play gets bigger

guys because I played his side and

didn't mind trying to battle for a


now Jennings thrived in his college

career at East Tennessee State

University leading the nation of

three-point percentage and becoming a

second team all-american in his senior


however like so many other players under

6 feet he was overlooked due to his

height and he was in fact not drafted

when he first became eligible to enter

the NBA Jennings did eventually manage

to meet the goal of state warriors in

1992 where he spent three seasons and by

a second year at the team he was a solid

contributor averaging 6 points and early

4 assists per game they played in 164

games total and his career best night

happened in 1995 where he put up 23

points and 10 assists in one of his

final games ever he was selected by the

Toronto Raptors in the 1995 expanded

draft but he never ended up playing for

them he eventually went on to play

overseas until 2004 where Jenny was

decided the call to quits for his

playing career and transition to

coaching and when his new career as a

coach began Heath admitted that some of

the players found it hard to believe

that he was in the NBA he talked about

this as said of course of my size they

kind of give me a double take he'd just

say NBA did he just say Golden State

Warriors you know kids these days when

you say that I'm going to Google you and

when they do they usually find out a

little bit more the next time I say it

they're like wow he made it I want to

make it what can I do to make it it's

definitely a way to recruit kids that's

one of the first things I'll mention to

them and hopefully they'll sway their

opinion and have them come play for us

now once again coming in at 5 foot 7 we


Klotz who actually turn out to become

legendary for reason is not done by

minnie before or after him in the NBA a

class time at the highest level of

basketball was short but he remains the

shortest person to ever play on a

championship team in the league after

the Baltimore bullets won a title in

1948 his career in the league was short

playing just on one season but after

this Redd made history playing in

another league in 1953 he played on

several all-star teams including the

Globetrotters during their first

international toys now class is actually

approached by the Globetrotters owner

Apes a pristine about having his team

tour with the Globetrotters and play

with them on a regular basis and Klotz

named his new team the Washington

Generals in honor of Dwight D Eisenhower

from 1953 until 1995 the generals played

exhibitions against the Globetrotters

winning only two Kames against them and

losing more than 14,000 games a class

play with the team as a point guard

until the age of 68 class became famous

for his improbable win against the globe

charters in 1971 where he hit the

go-ahead shot to give the New Jersey

Reds a 100 to 99 victory and fans are

just knew him as the short old man who

loses to the Globetrotter were stunned

that night after class talked about this

he said Peter the Globetrotters is like

shooting Santa Claus the crowd wanted to

kill me he had another five-foot-seven

player happened to be an influential one

at the time by the name of Greg grant

despite his height differential at a

young age grant had a hard time growing

up at a poor environment but he kept his

biggest dreams alive never giving up on

what truly meant the most to him getting

out of the struggle and doing so playing

professional ball now even though Greg

grew up playing basketball and was

really passionate about it there was

still a lack of interest in the big name

colleges after a standout high school

career and he eventually settled to

attend Morris Brown with all odds

against him at this point in time

Greg continued to play basketball

whatever he got the chance and

interestingly enough was actually

discovered through playing street ball

at a local playground by coach Kevin

Bannon he convinced Greg to come join

his team at Trenton State now though it

was a Division three school grant was

able to attract NBA scouts when he led

the division 3 in scoring with over 32

points per game

in his last season but of course he

still had his doubters due to his height

was eventually drafted in the second

round of the 1989 NBA Draft by the

Phoenix Suns and he bounced around from

team to team most years of his career

originally playing for the Knicks

Hornets and 76ers ironically enough he

played alongside the tallest player in

league history Manu bowl then he played

for the Nuggets of Wizards shortly after

and although he averages just under 3

points per game during his 7 NBA seasons

and he wasn't you know the biggest

factor in games Greg still managed to

dreams of making it professionally now

coming in at a short five-foot-five we

have a player by the name of Earl

Boykins with Earl being so short many

felt that had to be some kind of

obstacle but to boîtes himself was more

so motivation than anything they

actually talked about going up at the

size and he said if I was taller I

probably wouldn't have worked as hard or

gotten as far because of my height I

became very skilled and I always had

confidence my dad taught me the game

going up he used to take me to the gym

and I played basketball live I never lee

age he is still to me to never be afraid

and never let anyone intimidate me now

growing up Earl played high school ball

for the Cleveland Central Catholic High

where he began making a name for himself

already at a young age as a senior he

helped lead the team to a 23 - record he

didn't slow down at college either

Wiggins played college ball at Eastern

Michigan University knew a second in the

nation and division was scoring in a

senior year with nearly 27 points per

game an earl actually holds the career

record for total assists 624 at Eastern

Michigan University and even out his

jersey retired there in 2011 but because

of his high he did in fact go undrafted

back in 1998 despite all the work that

he put in previously he bounced around

the league being picked up on short term

deals by teams like the Nets Cavaliers

magic of clippers but in 2003 his

professional career changed forever when

he got to the Nuggets Wiggins became a

consistent 10 points per game player

during his time there and it became the

shortest player to ever score 30 points

in a game in 2004 and in 2006 he had the

best overall year of his career putting

up 15 points and four assists per game

now throughout the rest of Earl's career

he bounced around the league again and

with teams like the Bucks Hornets of

wizards and Rockets boîtes always felt

he had the potential to be the best on

the floor and that led him to the

success he had despite the criticism of

his height but his exact words were I

always believed that when I stepped on

the court I was the best player no

matter what level now last but certainly

not least we got the shortest player in

league history

Muggsy Bogues no Muggsy Bogues measures

in at five foot three and despite his

size he still easily overcame the odds

while he was in high school his

basketball team went 60 and o-over

mugsy's final years there when he went

to college at Wake Forest he averaged

numbers of 15 points 9 assists 4

rebounds and 2 steals per game during

his final season there where he also

went on to win a gold medal with the

u.s. national team in the 1986 FIBA

World Championship

he was originally selected with the 12th

pick of the 1987 NBA Draft by the

Washington Bullets and during the

rookie year Bogues is actually a

teammate of my new bull who stood at

seven foot seven they became the tallest

to shortest players in NBA history at

the same time and out of twenty eight

inch difference between moving on to

1988 the newly formed Charlotte Hornets

selected Boggs at an expansion draft

however throughout his time with the

Hornets Mugsy had respectable seasons

where he put up nearly a double-double

for years and he had his besties in the

1993 where he put up 11 points 10

assists and 4 rebounds per game Bo's

literally became a Hornets legend

throughout his time there and his former

teammate Rex Chapman gave him high

praise when we talked about this sang

playing with mozi I'm amazed I went from

Charlotte and played with Scott Skiles

and Kevin Johnson Steve Nash and Jason

Kidd I can absolutely say with

confidence that none of those guys were

better than Mugsy none of them yeah he's

small he's the fastest man in the world

IND in faster with the ball you just

lived to give guys sugar headed the ball

out what a leader it's one of the

thrills of my life playing with them now

books quickly became a sensation for the

Charlotte fans and happened to become

one of the most popular players in

Hornets history he's the Hornets career

leader in minutes played assists steals

turnovers and assists per 48 minutes

eventually Mowgli went on to play for

other organizations including the

Warriors of the Raptors at the Intel of

his career but eventually he retired in

2001 after suffering a devastating knee

injury that he can never recover from

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