The Smartest Man on Earth Searching for Alien Life

those images from Pluto were stunning

but now a new offer 100 million dollars

worth from one of the smartest men on

earth here Clayton Sandell there are

billions of places where intelligent

life might exist and now the world's

most famous scientist says it's time to

go find it Stephen Hawking has been

trying to unlock the secrets of the

universe since he was a young man

portrayed in the movie the theory of

everything what's the probability

reasonably low now teaming up with a

Russian tech billionaire offering a

hundred million dollars to boldly listen

for cosmic communications we are

intelligent we must know the new search

will be 50 times more sensitive than

before detecting lasers with no more

energy than a common light bulb 25

trillion miles away in 40 years we

haven't heard any real aliens calling

but that might be okay because even

Hawking warns you never know which et

might show up great to have you with us

on a Monday and I hope to see you right

back here tomorrow