Top Ten MOST POWERFUL Characters | Hunter X Hunter

hello and welcome to the new world

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and manga and today it's hunter hunter

centric once more as we are going to

delve into some of the most powerful

characters that this series has to offer

however right at the outset I do have to

say that this isn't necessarily a

straightforward discussion because one

of the beautiful things about hunter

hunter is that it's not always easy to

distinguish if an individual is more

quote-unquote powerful than another

because the dynamics of known combat

allow for factors such as intelligence

creativity and analytics to come into

play at a significantly more effective

rate than most other Shonen series in

the genre with that said we'll be doing

our best here today and I'll be looking

primarily at candidates through an

all-rounder perspective meaning that

just because one character may have an

incredibly powerful ability that does

not necessarily equate to the most

powerful overall character furthermore I

also won't be ranking characters who

have not adequately displayed their

prowess so don't expect to see

characters like Jing on this list

because even though there is rampant

speculation that he is one of the

strongest individuals in series we

really have no solid evidence to go on

but with all of those disclaimers out of

the way let's begin welcome to the top

10 most powerful characters in Hunter

hunter number 10 Hisoka we will be

commencing this list with everyone's

favorite morally questionable magician

and really one of the finest men uses

that hunter hunter has ever seen let

alone one of the most powerful

characters since the very beginning he

Sokka has been like a plateau strength

that has seemed all but impossible to

reach from the perspective of our other

four protagonists every time he appears

a powerful aura of danger surrounds him

because we as audience members know that

if he soccer is feeling we know

particularly murderous that day then

there is very little that is going to

stop a beloved character from fighting

the dust and T accomplishes all of this

with a surprisingly simple yet non

invincible known ability being Bungie

gun and wielding both the power of

rubber and gum

Hisoka possesses something of an

ultimate defense as well as an

incredibly deadly offense and for a bit

of hard data

Hisoka has a record of 11 wins and 4

losses within Heaven's Arena one of

those wins being against a floor master

and three of the four losses was simply

because he Sokka just didn't show up for

the match and of course the one true

loss he did earn was in a fight against

someone else on this list and even then

after losing he soaked her engaged him

postmortem nen and was able to revive

himself from death

so really the true potential of Hisoka I

think has yet to be seen however even


we have so far there is no doubt in my

mind that he soccer is one of the most

powerful individuals hunter hunter has

to offer

number 9 Z no zoldak so granddaddy's old

ik steps into the fray is one of the

true masters of the series Zeno is wise

experienced and has a wealth of training

and precision under his belt having

spent 67 or so years of life being

raised and performing his role as one of

the greatest assassins that this world

has to offer and of course this wealth

of experience directly correlates to the

world of men with Xena being a

transmuter of the highest order as well

as possessing a solid mastery of his

adjacent categories resulting in

breathtaking Honsou such as the dragon

head and dragon dive techniques whereby

Xena was able to craft and emit an

entire dragon out of pure aura although

another quantifiable aspect can be found

in xenos use of n as it is said that an

N master can produce an end of a roughly

50 meter radius meanwhile Xena has been

said to be capable of crafting an end

with a 300 meter radius although I

suppose the Dino himself did grumpily

complain that doing so was you know a

little bit tiring but that really should

give you a solid idea of just how far

and above Zeno is in the grand scheme of

things he along with everyone else on

this list represents an unimaginably

high tier of individuals in this world

and things are only going to get more

insane from here number 8 Rolo Lucifer

now Carlo is still something of an

enigma tanto hunter

despite his rich history within the

series I will say that what initially

puts him into consideration for

discussions like this is his bandit

secret ability which allows him to quite

literally steal the ninh abilities of

others and while that may sound

incredibly overpowered I do need to

point out that it does come with a

ridiculous set of conditions to Filth

before activating it and the general

success of chrono has seen certainly

makes him one of the most intelligent

characters we've ever seen the crow lo

is able to back that up with raw power

as well having fought not only the

number nine place on this list Dino

zoldak but also his son Silva Tzadik in

a two-on-one battle in which crawler

performed phenomenally against two

Master assassins and 20 are more hyped

to the croa train after the battle was

halted Zeno claims that how crawler

actually been fighting with the intent

to kill then he may very well have lost

even wid Silva as backup that is the

kind of ridiculous beast the crawler

represents and of course as mentioned

previously CRO Lo is the one responsible

for to live

sokka's one and only true lost in

Heaven's arena managing to go so far as

to even kill the twisted magician and

just like he salka hurrahs true

potential still has yet to be displayed

number seven Shia poof breaking into the

board of chimera ants now we have one of

the Royal Guards and a figure whose mere

n Faust a veteran hunter to have a

mental breakdown out of sheer terror in

fact based on analysis conducted by cult

he believed that Shia poof would have

been capable of defeating chairman Metro

and although I certainly do not believe

that myself

the mid comparison certainly propels

Shia poof into the upper echelon of

power within the series so due to his

status as a rural guard who fall so

naturally possesses a Nayan

inexhaustible quantity of aura and a

vast array of hearts who to engage in

with it being a natural manipulator

although it should be said that proofs

abilities are heavily structured to take

advantage of his strategic prowess and

physically he can certainly be overcome

in terms of both strength and speed but

what you're probably not going to be

able to overcome is the aforementioned

aura as well as his incredible

durability making proof a very dangerous

combination he is someone that you need

to beat instantly

well his intellect will swiftly overtake

you but like I said that's very

difficult to do because of his

incredible natural defense he is an

incredibly for middle opponent and

somehow not even the finest specimen the

chimera ants have to offer

number six men through the yupi so a

Shia proof represented the incredible

intelligence of the Chimera ant Royal

Guard their new P is the embodiment of

their raw power his strength speed and

ability to take any form of punishment

are in a whole new league of their own

and in terms of Nan rather rarely we

actually have an estimate of UPI's or

output which is at least 700,000 units

according to knuckle and for some

perspective that is around 10 times the

amount of knuckles master and all-around

called dudebro morale who is nothing to

scoff at that you be comfortably our

classes him and not only him but any of

the extermination team and do you know

most of the known world

the thing about ub though is that he

isn't simple brawn because he also makes

fantastic use of nan to pursue constant

evolution of his body and create

increasingly impossible to defeat forms

always improving on his power and

removing for weaknesses it's actually

quite maddening to think about the power

it would take to overcome an existence

like ub

however it's certainly not

possible number five Nephi Peto rounding

out the world gods we have a

gender-fluid cat aunt who made the first

appearance in the series virtually

murdering kite a character who I would

consider to be one of the more powerful

within series although I guess not quite

powerful enough to make a better

appearance here today regardless like

the two other row gods Peter shares the

standard qualities of unfathomable

strength speed and durability however

Peter comes with one massive massive

bonus being that they are a specialist

in the field of nen and that is

particularly terrifying because

specialists have the ability to break

the rules of this world according to

whatever fanciful desires they may have

and generally the only thing that stops

them from going too far on their own or

reserves but with what seems like an

endless well of aura Peter presents one

of the most incredible dangers that

hunter hunter has ever showcased in fact

it has been stated that neither Ilima

zoldak or Hisoka

would be anywhere near close to

producing an aura comparable to that of

peter alumi also went on to state that

Peter was the King's top soldier which

is one reason why of place than above

yupi but the primary reason really is

that specialist angle it gives Beto the

much-needed versatility and potential

that a simple and hansel iqp just

doesn't have number 4

Isaac nattara getting a bit serious now

we have the former chairman of the

hunter Association and quite possibly

the most consistently powerful human

that this series has ever seen don't let

the old man exterior fool you

natural wood almost certainly wipe the

floor with any of the contenders we've

examined here thus far but to get

straight to the point

his crowning achievement and the thing

that makes him most dangerous is the 100

type guanyin bodhisattva which gives

natural access to a devastatingly

powerful giant statue of quan yin from

which he can unleash a near infinite

array of attacks and a speed unmatched

by literally anyone even the characters

who we have yet to examine on the cysts

actually but netware as legend goes

quite far back and he is a man who has

even managed to not only visit but more

importantly survive two separate trips

to the Dark Continent

in fact del Toro is such a profound

figure that he has had a huge impact on

the majority of characters in the series

being the founder of the Shingen REO

school of kung-fu that all but

revolutionized Nan education as well as

cultivated many of the world's most

influential figures all of that because

of this one man who was revered and

respected by each and every single one

of them

number three adult who gone so he is an

intriguing situation because that all

gone is a temporary existence that went

on to show us the full potential of our

series protagonist by making a vowel

gone was able to summon all of the power

he would ever have which caused his body

to morph into an adult form and granted

him instant access to one of the most

fearsome powers ever brought into

existence in fact remember Pete oh well

they even claims that gone in this form

could be capable of posing a threat to

the Chimera ant king himself which as

you will see is nothing short of

overwhelming and as for Beto well

Adolphe gone went on to completely crush

them in combat with peter being entirely

outclassed and incapable of fighting

back the thing about this transformation

though is that it did come at an

exceptional cost and despite the fact

that kilowatt was able to revive gone to

a somewhat normal state gone has lost

access to his aura and he may never be

able to recover it thus effectively

ending his story in hunter hunter and

it's pretty crazy to think that had gone

developed naturally then he may very

well have become one of the most

powerful characters in the series but

I'm afraid that this brief glimpse is

more than likely all that were ever

going to get number two marrow em

finally we arrived at the chimera ant

king himself and it's hard to know where

to begin with marijuana he is wildly

overpowered in every aspect be a combat

nen intellect whatever there is no

single combatant in existence that can

force marijuana to fight seriously much

less actually defeat him and let's take

Network for example this was the closest

we actually got to a proper fight with

marijuana and even with everything

Natura had at his natural disposal when

it was all said and done

marijuana is only just beginning to feel

the dullest aches of pain meanwhile

humanity strongest warrior was reduced

to a state of utter defeat i have to say

though what makes marijuana the most

overpowered character is actually his

genius-level intellect it's the fact

that he can think on a level far beyond

that of any other living being unless

he's been gungi in which case Kaimuki

whoops his ass but in any other

circumstance marijuana is frustratingly

god-like and he is a being that would

ruin any other series he was in however

with some brilliant writing from Takashi

he is a highlight of storytelling in

general and to think that he only ever

got to the age of 40 days old and can't

even begin to imagine how Marwan would

have grown if he'd lived even a year a

completely ridiculous existence in the

best possible way however you may have

noticed that we aren't quiet at the end

of our list yet so who could possibly

trump Mara well number one a Lucca well

perhaps I should more accurately say

Nanako and then again no this one really

is a team effort

a Lucca stands out on this list because

she is the only person we're going to

explore whose power does not relate to

combat but it is more than formidable

and goes so far as to completely eclipse

anything else we've seen in hunter

hunter to be perfectly frank a Lucca

essentially has the power to do anything

through the mechanism of wish granting

fire Annika basically what someone needs

to do is fulfill three of all occurs

requests and then Nanticoke will emerge

at which point a person can ask for

anything they want and Eiko will grant

it meaning that a locket does possess

effectively godlike power however there

is a bit of a balancing act because the

bigger the wish was the bigger alko's

demands will be the next time around

which can lead her to ask things like

give me your brain and when an

individual refuses forfeit demands end

day as well as a certain number of other

individuals who have spent the most time

with them are instantly killed and of

course the number of extra people killed

depends on the severity of the wish but

with this in mind aleca has the power to

threaten not only the lives of literally

anyone she comes into contact with but

the entire world and perhaps even the

entirety of existence itself and with

that sheer insanity in mind it is very

difficult to deny that a Lucca is by far

the most powerful character in hunter

hunter but that pretty much does it for

the top 10 most powerful characters in

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