Sean Payton's book Home Team about Saints to Super Bowl (Part 1)

thank you Greg hey thank you all first

of all everybody for coming at it we

appreciate your interest in the book

we're excited about the content of and

obviously we're trying to sell some

books and we were genuinely grateful for

all of your efforts um I had never met

Sean Payton until the victory in the NFC

game and was introduced to him and this

and talk about the writing a book

sambhal maybe this team is doing well

maybe we should think about writing a

book here maybe somebody would would

actually care about this story and I

went into Sean's office out an airline

drive and he was as you might imagine he

was a little busy and he was like what

what book what's this I got like a super

bowl to prepare for I've got pissed off

relatives of players who want football

tickets I've got to come up with some

kind of a play that's gonna it's gonna

scare the bejesus out of the other team

and the last thing on his mind was

writing a book i gotta tell you he was

very laser focus on one huge game that

was coming but if we were going to do

this we had to get rolling we had to

convince a publisher that it was a great

story we had to figure out what that

story was and in a very short visit in

that office first of all we decided we

liked each other enough to work together

and I hope you don't regret that okay

and we figured out that what this was

was not in X's and O's football ball

this was not the place to learn how do

you become a football coach this was the

inspirational story about a city that

was in terrible condition and an

underachieving football team and how

they inspired each other to the ultimate

greatness and anybody who was along for

that ride I know all of you guys were

know that it was impossible to follow

impossible to be involved in or even

like me impossible to watch and not feel

something locally emotional about it

it's a huge honor for me to be part of

this book I think you'll find yourself

in as you go through the pages of this

book you will relive this in a way that

will really make you feel the great

human story of that beleaguered City of

that underachieving team and that bold

young risk-taking aggressive some might

even say occasionally pushing the

envelope football coach Sean Payton

first off I want to thank Ellis and he's

completely right on in regards to when

we met it was the week after the NFC

Championship game and you know

everyone's got a spiel you know they got

their their story or their their cell

and very quickly I saw from Ellis his

passion about wanting to be a part of

this project and look we were just

talking about this a few minutes ago

having never really done something like

this in my life I think it's oftentimes

easy to say yeah yeah listen we'll do it

and I'll see you after we win the Super

Bowl that type of thing and then all of

a sudden lo and behold it's the

wednesday after the superbowl and

saundra says hey you've got a message

here from ellis hanna kim and coach

Ellis's emailed you you still haven't

returned his calls coach ellis needs to

get going on this project and you begin

to understand and appreciate the journey

you're getting ready to go on to do

something like this and you don't take

it for granted and yet I appreciate his

passion to really kick start this

project and to get me inspired to do it

because it sounds easy as a coach to say

yeah I'll write a book and and what does

that mean we're just on the phone for

about five conversations and then off we

go and it's not that before I get into

this a little bit more though I want to

thank every one of you each and every

one of you for being here and some of

you many of you know I know more than

some of the others but i want to thank

you most importantly for caring for

caring about this team and about this

city and

you know the relationship that we're

going to talk about a little bit in home

team I think exists a lot in regards to

our local media here and I've shared

this with some of you before I've had a

chance to work in Dallas I've had a

chance to work in New York and in

Philadelphia and there's just something

unique here that's different there's

something uniquely different about our

team there's there's something uniquely

different about the fan base and there's

something uniquely different about those

people whose job it is to cover this

team and to cover the news for this

region and I say that because all of us

at different times get faced with

challenges to do our jobs and prior to

me ever arriving here many of you had to

make decisions in regards to your

professional careers right after Katrina

and I thank you for for choosing to stay

or choosing to come because anyone who's

got family or or just simply anyone

who's got a career they're concerned

about has to buy in has to step in and

say it's going to be all right and very

early in this book we have a chance

really to reference the beginning of the

journey that you know the coming to New

Orleans for not just myself and my

family but for so many other coaches for

for the beginning of so many players

drew brees Reggie Bush Scott Fujita the

players we draft and so it wasn't just

norland saints that we're coming after

Katrina it was one by one you it was one

by one members of our community people

who said this is where we choose to be

and we're going to have to we're going

to have to do some some tough work and

we're going to have to overcome some of

the challenges and I try and we try as

best we can

this book to really talk about some of

the unique stories that take that really

have taken place and I said this to

Alice early on in the process I said you

know when we're finished with this I

really want to make sure that someone

that's finished reading it feels like

they had five hours with me at an

airport bar when our planes got delayed

and because there is a story here

there's a series of stories and many of

you have covered many of you have

covered us well before 2006 many of you

came at some point during that process

some of you came later and a lot of

these stories you're familiar with and I

think some of them are new but I was

hoping to his best we could really

recall the beginning at that time right

after Katrina taking us all the way to

the championship in Miami and I wanted

it to make people feel good I wanted it

to inspire the fans and let them know

how much how much we truly appreciate

being the home team and how important it

is to be the home team ironically in

2006 we went to the NFC Championship

game that first year and when we played

in that game we were not the home team

we played that game on the road and I

know I practiced indoors the whole week

and it's snowed and we had trouble with

the football and looking back I made

some mistakes certainly in our

preparation for a cold game but the one

thing that stood out leaving soldiers

field in 2006 is we've got to find a way

to be the home team we've got to find a

way to secure our home field advantage

because we truly believe all of us and

those of you that that that have been at

our games most of you have we truly

believe we've got the best home field

advantage in football and and that's

what 2009 provided us it provided us a

chance for us to take advantage of our

fan base

it's kind of interesting sometimes what

that adversity in 06 the adversity that

many of us are going through many of the

people in the southern part of our state

is our going through right now it's kind

of interesting how sometimes that

uniquely bonds people may be closer

together than they normally would be and

yeah there's a storied past with this

with this organization and I don't know

that we will ever get tired of a happy

ending though and this is a book about a

happy ending this is a book about the

fans that have waited for this ending

and so there's not a lot of fancy

forwards to it hopefully hopefully it

provides you three or four days a week

ever quickly you want to read it

hopefully it provides you with some

insight as to how we saw this process

and again I thank you guys for being

here I thank you for the jobs you do