The Masked Singer White Tiger REVEALED as An NFL Super Bowl Champion

okay it's time for the audience to vote

for their favorite group a performer huh

audience choose your favorite now the

singer with the least amount of votes in

Group A who risk being on mass at the

end of the night is

white tiger

kangaroo litter no congrats to you

you're both safe for another week give

white Tigers have love


why Tiger you're in the bottom three but

there will be another vote at the end of

the show so you may just live another

day all right and the group B singer

with the least amount of votes is



but Nana




lost the panel will do one more vote at

the end of the night

he's got a smile and he still looks sad

banana we love you we the one with the

least amount of votes would join white

tiger and banana in our bottom three the

votes are in the singer in the bottom

three is



Ryno you put up one heck of a fight and

it's not

my angel

Congrats to you guys

welcome back it's been an epic so full

of pranks cons and passion group a

brought the emotion group B brought the

party and we got Rick road by Group C

white tiger banana Han Rhino are in the

bottom three

these three stars is about to be

unmasked panel that decision lies with

you the panel has voted and I know it

was not an easy choice

banana you will see another day


and our final singer who gets to keep

their mask on


you will be unmasked banana rhino

head on back to your dressers the first

gear white tigers in love

the beautiful thing but let's keep it

going for mommy a white tiger

congratulations on making it to the

super 9 but sadly the road does stop

here but before you take it off panel

let's hear your final guesses well I am

a huge fan of yours on this stage and if

it's who I think it is I'm also a huge

fan of yours off this stage I watch

sports religiously and I've seen this

guy dance and celebrate in all different

formats and I'm a huge fan

I think it's Rob Gronkowski that's my

final I don't think that it's him ok

the clams made me think of Aquaman Jason

Momoa I know Jason is animated and big

right that's what I first thought then I

moved on to Magic Mike because of his

moves the guy from Magic Mike Joe

Manganiello but then I thought clams New

England New England Boston

this guy's a wrestler he also said he

delivers week after week so I'm going

with wrestler John Cena yeah

go to Cole go to Cole like I initially

thought it was John Cena first from the

clue packs just cuz the way he moved and

dance to remind me the way he hurt me on

WWE Raw but after the light bulbs and

also the brother being an athlete and

watching JJ Watt on SNL who is so funny

and this is a very young charismatic

person I'm gonna go with JJ Watt what

alright okay so I saw clams and I

thought of course Boston and then he

gave us a little bit more which was

wicked good time hello New England and

then we saw quarter well that led me to

football then you gave me a little clue

which was Donny will love this Donny my

Boston husband does love this you are

Rob Gronkowski and we miss you on the









no you were killing it

so much energy everyone loves you why

did you say yes to the math thingy oh

I've always loved dancing and my dance

moves were always one-of-a-kind I felt

like I always felt like I was never on

rhythm so when I got asked to do the

math singer I knew I was in I wanted to

do it I wanted to learn how to sing and

also I really wanted to learn how to



it's no wonder you've accomplished so

much in your life and career and why

you're so beloved because your spirit

and your personality is so infectious

and every week you were a fan favorite

and beloved it was really hard to vote I

also want to know did any of your

teammates try to contact you to say dude

are you on the rest of here one or two

of my teammates they contact me like

dude that is doubtfully you I know your

moves like those moves in the locker

room plenty of times I'm like what do

you mean they're they're new and

improved what about the what about the

butter clue that made me guess Fabio it

was a pat of butter yeah and the

Patriots are known as the pack now are

there any other clues they should have

picked up on yeah it was the easiest one

there was a cow skiing Gronkowski

a cow going skiing that's that's like

one of my jokes

well definitely considered the best

tight end of all time so it's a pleasure

thank you Robert thank you guys I

enjoyed every performance in front of

you guys I love you guys so much and

just so thankful to be here and legends

right in front of my eyes yes honey it's

a culture thing or cuddly your favorite

judge of all time you certainly gave me

some sugar

tonight yeah make sure you hit that

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I'm feeling pretty hot