How Marcus Mariota became a wildly underrated NFL quarterback

Mariota has been the probably the

biggest bust this season as far as what

I had expectations for him I was going

to ask you about Mariota but I own him

in every dynasty League and it just

makes me so sad watching him a guy I

thought was a computer out there

Oh had this Jeunesse a qua ability that

we couldn't measure in the red zone and

have it all just crumble around me and

have reversion to the mean and

everything just just fall on my head

with Mariota it's hashtag sad man I came

into the show and after a week I thought

was fun and I was excited enthusiastic

energized and more often than not I'm

just writing down hashtag sad yeah

Mariota sad so he you've got you have


and Corey Davis like he hasn't been

efficient with his targets but then he

caught all of his targets last week but

they're only four of them and one of the

things we were so excited about Corey

Davis antowain Taylor is their big play

ability and and coupling that with Mario

Diaz you know what what like some of the

things he did at Oregon like was some of

those down the field throws and Mariota

has just been so hesitant he's been bad

and very well after the after the Titans

game against when he had four or five

interceptions I can't keep track but

after the game against the Steelers on

Thursday night on a serious XM show I

thought I would be like cute and clever

and see how many people were

overreacting so put out a poll I said

and I see League would you rather have

Carson Wentz or Mariota I honestly

thought it would be maybe so close but I

thought Carson Wentz would win I Makaha

90/10 Carson Wentz idiots yeah it didn't

even hit ten percent it was like

ninety-two it was the most lopsided poll

we've ever had any history of questions

and that's just crazy considering all

that Peter King before the season saying

that he was gonna be an MVP everybody on

the Mariota train he's got a great

offense got new weapons there Corey

Davis t1 tailoring Decker got a amazing

offensive line

he just has been so bad you can't

explain it with numbers you just can't

like with Devante Parker sometimes you

have to jump into the players head with

Mariota I think that his confidence

was shaking mm-hmm yeah he's gone

through his career in the NFL having not

thrown interceptions period you just

hasn't thrown interceptions partly

that's because he has to see throws

before he makes them that's how he's

wired but also random chance some

intercepting passes have not been

intercepted this year they are being

intercepted and he's feeling that right

you have a few deflections he's

pressuring he's trying to do you know

we're probably putting too much pressure

on himself and to be honest yeah like

Terrell Piske has their offensive

coordinator for the Titans had just has

been bad no that's not you can tell the

plays are calling are not sophisticated

at all

I mean if Tony Romo is going to call a

game and get them all right yeah it's

when he's broadcasting the Titans games

even Benjamin Albright can guess what

plays the Titans will run that's when

they you'll run run pass like it's just

they should be throwing more they've had

a few it's not just the Colts the Browns

where they eat out an overtime win with

punts and field goals like it's just

this this Titans offense has not been

what we thought it was just like we were

really excited to see the Titans offense

that Bengals offense with some of the

new weapons that they got right and on a

large scale it's been very disappointing

but the Titans are number one in their

division their first and the AFC South

so it's crazy the coaches will get

rewarded like they think they're doing a

good job Dave they think they're doing a

good job calling these plays this is

what's driving me crazy

this is what's so maddening is hashtag


the best part was last week Corey Davis

catches all four all four passes and

malarkey comes out and says he needs to

be a better run blocker throw the ball

20 yards downfield to him please who

cares about his run blocking ability are

you talking about exotic smashmouth

here's what I'll say acquire Marcus

Mariota in dynasty if you can especially

in a super flex context to quarterback

context go get Marcus Mariota in dynasty

he is a

very good quarterback we will see it

sooner rather than later

partly because I love those weapons in

Taiwan Taylor and Corey Davis and Johnny