Public Forum with U.S. Representative John B. Larson (August 6, 2019)

preferred for the rest of you welcome to

the Town Hall I'm sure you've been here

many times thanks all for coming I have

a couple of announcements before we

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in it's important at 7:30 tonight down

the street at the corner of formed an

Avenue and main there's a shining a

light on democracy vigil mimoto

restoring the Voting Rights Act this is

being sponsored by the League of Women

Voters of Connecticut many of us will be

walking down there at the conclusion of

the talk today so you don't have to rush

off I think pretty much this is supposed

to end at 7:30 in that starting then so

you know if people want to walk down

together it might be nice to join the

vigil it's a good night for democracy so

before I introduce congressman Larson I

would like to ask people to stand for a

moment of silence now this moment of

silence is not just for thoughts and

prayers for those murder this week and

for their communities in Ohio and Texas

but with my hope that we will consider

how we as individuals as a community and

as a nation can work to end the epidemic

of gun violence and the threat of white

supremacist terrorism

thank you very much

so I now have the great honor of

introducing our congressman John

lorrison now I work for the Federation

of Teachers and so I'd like to remind

people that before he was congressman

Larson and even before he was state

senator Larson and Board of Education

member larsson he was mr. Larson a

history teacher in East Hartford now to

be a great teacher and I have heard that

he was one takes fierce intellect and a

passion for your students for your

community of learners john has brought

those same talents to his work as our

congressman we see it every week and we

should all be proud of him

just this year certainly not resting on

past accomplishments john has worked to

pass legislation lowering health care

costs and drug costs

protecting people with pre-existing

conditions improving election security

one of the topics of the vigil tonight

establishing universal background checks

raising the minimum wage and working to

keep us in the Paris Accord so vital to

our planet in addition and to the most

interestingly this year I think is he

has introduced his landmark bill the

Social Security Act 2100 John as in his

role as subcommittee chair of Social

Security on the Ways and Means Committee

he is fighting to not only protect such

a certain security but to expand it I'm

certainly very interested in hearing

more details about that Act so I know

you'd rather hear from him than me so I

will end my statements by again

introducing congressman John Morrison

thank you

well Ben thank you very much and it's

always great to be back home can you

hear me

good it's always great to be back home

and can you hear me now a little better

how about now I got a big mouth so we'll

always great to be back home and

especially great to be back here in West

Hartford as I often like to say the

epicenter of the first congressional

district I was reflecting on the way

over here of the number of public forms

that we've had just this year but also

the it seems like any time there's a

momentous happening in the nation we

have a public forum in West Hartford we

did so during the onset of the war in

Iraq we did so before the passage of the

Affordable Care Act and here we are

today after this horrific weekend that

we've experienced yet again acts of

domestic terrorism this is our 11th Town

Hall this year and we're gonna have many

more including tella town halls but I

think it's the best way for me and Ben

mentioned and thank you again as a

former teacher not just to tell you what

we're doing down there but also to have

the opportunity to listen to you and to

hear your concerns so that I might be

further in

formed my own judgments and in the

actions that we take Dhanam Washington

DC so as Ben also mentioned and I wanted

to make sure that the mmm because I

promised the League of Women Voters I

would be prompt and try to get everybody

out by 7:30 but I commend them

tremendously for their shine a light on

democracy vigil celebrating 50 years of

the Voting Rights Act and especially in

this day in age as hard it is is to

imagine that the Voting Rights Act is

under siege as well as we see

state-by-state try to alter and make it

more difficult for people to vote so I

hope you'll join with them at the corner

of Farmington and and in Maine for their

vigil in the first 200 days Democrats in

the House have passed numerous pieces of

legislation we have handouts

I'll make sure if I were to go into all

the legislation it would consume an

awful lot of time suffice it to say that

a lot of that legislation is currently

sitting Mitch McConnell's desk most

notably as you might have heard me say

yesterday rather vociferously universal

background checks making sure that we

close what's referred to as the

Charleston loophole and also passing the

Violence Against Women Act all three of

which have passed the House of

Representatives more than a hundred and

sixty days ago make no mistake about

them when they say that oh well this is


no this isn't Congress this is the

United States Senate they could come

back tomorrow and you'll hear me say it

again and I believe the president should

implore them to do so he has said that

he will sign universal background checks

he even intimated to Diane Diane

Feinstein that he would be receptive to

a ban on assault weapons which currently

sits in the House Judiciary Committee

but will be passed over to the Senate as

will other legislation it's not about

gridlock it's about the lack of will

since when in a great democracy and what

used to be called the most deliberative

body in the world the United States

Senate do we not take votes if you

disagree with the measures at hand you

have the option to vote it down or to

amend it if you have a better idea if it

is in fact video games that's

responsible if it is in fact other

issues that you believe are more

responsible then put them forward funny

thing about that since Sandy Hook

there's been more than 2,000 mass

shootings have you read anything about

the video game legislation that was put

forward apparently that's causing this

or all the other legislations supposedly

that they're very concerned about

apparently you missed that so did we but

if you are concerned

and listen let's be honest there are

concerns about video games there are

issues both cultural and health-wise

that we should be concerned about but if

anyone any one of them been put into law

or to put into a proposal that people

would vote on the time is now to hold

people accountable if you got a better

idea put it forward and let's vote on it

that is after all what our democracy is

based on that the Congress should be a

place where the vitality of ideas is

openly debated in them voted on

elections have consequences I think all

of us appreciate and understand that I

like to point out that having served in

the Congress now this is my 11th term

only two of those terms have we been in

the majority and now being in Congress

I'm honored to represent this district

and being the majority having a gavel

makes a difference being the chairman of

the committee on Social Security on ways

and means means you get to not only

introduce legislation but you actually

get to hold public hearings on it and

what a novel thing in Congress you

actually get to vote on it which is what

you send members of Congress to do on

your behalf I often speak of regular


my family jokes with me and said say

that it sounds like I need to be on

Metamucil or something but I think this

is an important thing for people to

understand because by that I mean

returning to a process where the

vitality of ideas are discussed fully

where a bill is introduced it's taken up

by the committee there is a debate in

the committee it is then voted in the

committee as to whether it will go to

the floor or not and then upon riot

arriving on the floor its then debated

and passed on to the Senate much like

universal background checks just

happened much like closing that

Charleston loophole just happened much

like the violence against women just

happened elections matter because those

bills previously weren't voted on in

committee weren't brought up they were

discussed but never was action taken by

contrast and I know many of you have

heard me say this before by contrast we

voted a two trillion dollar tax cut

which I gladly opposed a two trillion

dollar tax cut 83% of which went to the

nation's wealthiest 1% unpaid for so

that that debt is foisted upon America

and its future and when asked how they


for it some on the other side not all

but some especially in their leadership

said we're going to do that through

entitlement reform now daniel patrick

moynihan happened to be a favorite of

mine and very eloquent speaker old irish

as we like to say and he said you know

the republicans are far better than

democrats at messaging and that branding

he was real rogers that said i don't

belong to any organized party i'm a

democrat that still holds true today i

might add but in a solid in in good way

but what Moynihan said about the

Republicans that you should all pay

attention he says what they use very

successfully as something called

semantic infiltration leave it to

Moynihan to come up with a phrase like

that semantic infiltration and he was

referring specifically to entitlements

because they plant a seed and everybody

starts talking about entitlements I'm

the chairman of the Social Security

subcommittee is Social Security and

entitlement absolutely not and easily

refuted by looking at a pay stub because

it says fight god what does that stand

for Federal Insurance contribution

emphasis on insurance and contribution

who's yours as is the case with Medicare

as well items that you have contributed

to throughout a lifetime these are

earned benefits these are not in

teittleman's nor are they the bane of

governmental existence do they need to

be actually fixed you bet they do and

we're going to do that and I'll talk a

little bit about that when I get to

Social Security but I raised this

because of the importance of getting

back to regular order regular order in

the days of social media is even more

frustrating because you get your news in

bytes sound bytes and clips and

basically on what the tweet of the day

is and also in terms of what will sell

what will be of interest to people

solving and fixing problems in regular

order let's be honest

it's not necessarily what you're gonna

pull up a chair it's your TV to the TV

and be interested in holds your

attention but it is the way that a

democracy and a republic functions and

the way that we have to continue insist

that it does lest what happens a two

trillion dollar tax cut gets passed

without ever having a public hearing cut

up in a backroom that forced the two

trillion debt on the American people

where 1% of that goes 83% of that goes

to the nation's wealthiest 1% that's

what happens when you don't have a

public hearing when there isn't open

debate but elections have consequences

and we're out to change that we're in

the majority now and there are a number

of things including the wage increase

including most notably

after the events this weekend universal

background checks

I'm making sure that there's equal pay

for equal work these are all items that

have passed the House of Representatives

they have not been taken up by the

United States Senate so I I wanted to

raise that tonight and Michelle Obama I

absolutely adore you know she has that

saying when they go low we go high well

when they go low we do the right thing

you do the right thing and the right

thing is to make sure we're doing things

in regular order and that we're

accountable and we get back to the

public we hear back from them

and as Ben pointed out we continue and

always as part of being an elected

official your responsibility is to

educate the public and I don't expect

that everyone's going to agree with me

on everything that I proposed or what I

think or what I voted on but they have a

right to know the thought process that

went into it and how I feel or why I

voted for a specific issue so tonight I

thought that I would and I'm going to

try to go through this very rapidly

because I mean it when I say I want to

get to to what you had to say so I want

to talk about four pieces of legislation

that I've introduced personally and I've

already alluded to Social Security but

we also have a big infrastructure issue

that's existed in this country for the

last eight years where there has been

nothing done nothing in terms of

stepping up to the plate and passing a

bill that will allow us to rebuild the

country and put the nation back to work

I have a bill called the American Wynn's

Act it's fully paid for and I think

that's the other thing that

like that officials have a

responsibility to do was to tell you how

they're gonna pay for it we do it by

passing a carbon tax which happens to be

also I think parallel to solving the

climate change issue that we face here

in this country and around the globe as

well it produces about two trillion

dollars in revenue by most estimates

it's widely accepted by most Republican

economists and what it does is puts a

price on carbon and then also returns

money back to the consumer back to the

displaced worker and in to a fund to

rebuild America which will put 13 to 20

million people back to work it would

allow for projects like the one we're

proposing here for Greater Hartford

in terms of fixing the number one log

jam in the state the i-80 491

interchange an interchange that has

divided North Harford an interchange

that has separated the city of Harford

from the Connecticut River a system that

also finds levies that protect both

sides of the river and for a dollar

amount that won't be that much more

significant than replacing the existing

viaduct system that is horrific we

cannot repeat the mistakes of the last

50 years it is Congress's responsibility

the state of Connecticut no state has

the wherewithal to do what our federally

designated programs so we have proposed

tunneling those taking 30 to 40 percent

of the traffic that never enters the

City of Hartford and bypassing it

underground and opening up and

recapturing our River repurposing our

bridge bridges

capturing not only the river but

creating a livable community on both

sides of the river that will expand

economic growth and I dare say pay for

itself some of the tunneling experts

have told me that maintenance costs

alone the savings on tunnels will pay

for itself over a 25-year period the

issue is this a you have to have an

infrastructure bill be the money has to

come from the federal government and si

you have to have a vision that's

connected to both economic development

livable communities and an intermodal

transportation that is interconnected we

can't go into these infrastructure

programs thinking about the past we have

to go in thinking and projecting about

the future and what it will mean for

economic growth

that's the American wins Act we have a

we have something that here for that we

all you're all familiar with the an

enormous student loan debt that people

are burdened with I'd say people because

not only your students burdened with

this it might come as a surprise to many

of you though maybe not all because some

of you I suspect are in the same

situation that I am that baby boomers

are actually bear more debt than

Millennials in terms of college tuition

because they're helping pay for their

children's tuition bottom line is this

President Kennedy said long ago when he

encouraged people to serve their country

when he established the Peace Corps that

that is the most important thing that

you can do is to be about the service of

your country so if that's the case why

don't we have a GI Bill for people that

serve in the Peace Corps or Vista or

teach America or Senior Corps or serve

in any function

that the Corporation for National and

Community Service has designated one

that will bring value back to a

community so that for every year that

you serve your country in a designated

program we'll give you two years of

in-state college tuition or the

equivalent to lower the debt that you

have occurred not if nothing's free

you've got to work and you got to earn

it in what better way than to work in

the service of your country and

economists again have looked at this and

said that there is a pay back value to

this because of the service that is

rendered it becomes a value-added

service that ultimately continues to pay

for itself by the service that people

are providing we also have health care

remains and the number one issue for the

country to solve as I remember fondly

coming up of a hospital bed and being

here as we talked about the Affordable

Care Act back in 2009 it wasn't a

perfect solution but 20 million more

Americans got health care insurance

pre-existing conditions which are now

under assault by the current

administration were resolved and we were

well on our way to coming up with making

sure that there was universal access to

health care not a perfect solution but a

step in the right direction well we've

come up with a proposal and at being

back in the majority this is top on our

agenda you hear this being debated out

there in the presidential campaign as

well but no one has picked up quite yet

on our proposal that they but they've

alluded to it through a public option

and a way to make the system work

what we're proposing is a Medicare

buy-in program Medicare is the gold

standard for health care we're proposing

Joe Courtney Brian Higgins and myself

and close to a hundred co-sponsors that

you ought to have the opportunity if

you're age 50 to 64 to buy into the

Medicare program even with your

employer's assistance why do we say that

well for a number of employers small and

large as they look at their sheets in

the green shades go down and look at the

cost of insurance and they're looking at

what it costs a sixty four-year-old

versus a twenty seven-year-old there's

an inclination to want to have that

older person move on it's not stated

there's no nuts unwritten but all of you

know that it happens and it's true but

what if they could buy into Medicare and

what if as an employer you decided to

help out the Kaiser Family Foundation

did a study and you know what they found

a 60 year old could buy into so they

took the equivalent of what the gold

plan is under the Affordable Care Act

and found that you could buy into

Medicare for 40% less the other issue is

that if 50 to 64 year olds were to buy

in well we live in one of the great

insurance arenas of the world what

happens when younger people join into it

another group the rates go down Owen

speaking of younger people what would

happen if the major group that we were

looking to insure was 27

2:49 it would dramatically lower the

costs for employers employees and

individuals to receive insurance we live

in a system currently where are

approximately a hundred and eighty

million people have private insurance

okay I embraced the concept of Medicare

for all it's a it's we're headed in that

direction how do you get there you're

gonna get there I think by taking

incremental steps that are responsible

and that are rational and can be

achieved and oh by the way revenue

neutral because they're paid for so

that's a an idea that's being debated

currently in Congress with health care

that I'm a sponsor of and as someone was

criticizing me today saying he doesn't

go to a forum where he doesn't talk

about Social Security I go well you know

I am the chairman of the Social Security

subcommittee so I would hope that and I

want to say this because oftentimes

people forget that Social Security is

more than a pension

one in five recipients of Social

Security is under the age of 62 because

as many of you in this room know Social

Security also is spousal and dependent

coverage a death benefit and disability

coverage as well it is the nation's

number one insurance plan it is the

nation's number one anti-poverty plan

how about this the last time Congress

did anything

to fix Social Security was in 1983 right

1983 so Ronald Reagan was president Tip

O'Neill was Speaker of the House people

say well it's easier they work together

to get it done they did and actually

Ronald Reagan was ideologically opposed

to Social Security and what other people

forget is oh by the way who was the

Suzan control of the Senate the

Republicans Howard Baker in fact

Republicans throughout history I mean

obviously Roosevelt deserves the credit

but if you look at what Dwight David

Eisenhower did coming home and

understanding even though he was an

avowed against the New Deal and his

brother wrote him one time and said I

can't believe you've turned into a

socialist they even used it back then

and he said anyone who's witnessed what

Social Security does and what it's doing

specifically for the men and women who

served under me if you don't support

this plan you're stupid that was Dwight

David Eisenhower but they expanded the

programs Social Security hasn't been

expanded in 50 years now it's an

insurance program so let me see a show

of hands here have any of your insurance

premiums gone up since 1983

oh yeah yeah you know but you know I any

of them you know if any of them go on

down let me yeah okay and so because you

have to make actuarial adjustments who

were the actual who's in charge actually

of Social Security the United States

Congress and so in order to make the


what if actuaries would say is

sustainably solvent that means that

solvent beyond 75 years ergo we call it

Social Security 2100 that is the

responsibility of Congress and shouldn't

we enhance it have things changed since

1983 so how about we give everybody a

two percent across-the-board increase

all right two percent by the way does

anyone hoard their Social Security


this money goes right back into the

economy I'll get to that hold that

thought but two percent across-the-board

increase and then nobody should be

allowed to retire into poverty

ladies listen closely as if you didn't

know this already but it doesn't come as

a surprise to anyone to find out that

women who have worked the lifetime and

paid in all their quarters can retire

and get a check from Social Security

that's below the poverty level why

well a they were caregivers and so they

didn't put in the quarters all the time

that their husbands or male counterparts

did but as importantly they didn't

receive the same amount of money white

woman got 80 cents black woman got 56


Hispanic woman got 43 cents to every

dollar their male counterparts did so

doesn't it make sense to say that the

new floor for Social Security will

become a hundred and twenty five percent

of what the poverty level is as

determined by the federal government so

that we equalize this in a manner that

makes sense two percent across-the-board

increase nobody can retire into poverty

a cola that's based on what your actual

expenses are not on the CPI but at what

the AARP refers to as a CPI II he

standing for elderly those costs being

doctors visits pharmaceuticals physical

therapy heating and cooling your home

the basic essentials of life and then

making sure that the program is

sustainably solvent by making sure that

that money is going to be there and oh

by the way speaking of sustainably

solvent for those who continue to work a

out of necessity or be because they feel

more purpose in their lives

should you be paying a tax on that

Social Security well back in 1983 it was

an index so that if you're single and

making more than $24,000 you're taxed if

you're a married couple and making more

than 32 thousand your text so we changed

that to fifty thousand per individual

$100,000 per couple and index it into

the future more than twelve million

Americans will get a tax cut as well and

the system will become solvent and oh by

the way if you're going to do something

like that you need to do two things it

needs to be paid for and to be paid for

and to say well arson that sounds

but have you had this checked out this

is the notice from the Social Security

actuary saying that everything that I

just said is not only paid for but is

solvent beyond 75 years how is it paid

for all right I'm gonna get there no way

so everywhere I go I bring this

Starbucks and usually I there isn't too

many senior centers that I haven't

visited in the first District but I

enjoy saying this because I say how much

is this Starbucks and usually the

seniors will say is it a latte to which

I respond yes they go four dollars and

fifty cents I go you're right or this

represents under our proposal nine weeks

of Social Security payments so what

we've done is say the contribution since

there hasn't been a contribution an

increase to the program since 1983 so he

said we're gonna increase the

contribution by one percent okay and as

you know when you increase that you pay

one percent the employer pays 1% the

employer gets a pre tax write-off for

his contribution you get the benefits of

Social Security including the new

enhanced benefits if you were making

$50,000 a year it would cost you 50

cents a week or you know for this one

latte that's nine weeks of Social

Security payments we also lift the cap

on people making over $400,000 raise

your hand if you're making over $400,000

right now well because I'll get there

well that's six tenths of 1% of the

country who do that there is every year

the Social Security amount

increase when I first introduced this

bill seven years ago when we were not in

the majority and couldn't get a hearing

the cap on Social Security was a hundred

and twelve thousand dollars it's now a

hundred and thirty two nine it will

continue to grow but we lift the cap it

creates a doughnut hole it'll be reached

by twenty fifty four but allows us to

space what that does is help us with the

more than 10,000 baby boomers a day who

become eligible for Social Security and

that's why we put it in there and not to

burden Millennials in the future and the

Republicans have gone from saying well

this is a entitlement well we pretty

much push back on that and so I could

see all the heads not not here today

largely because the American people are

not fools they know that it's not an

entitlement they know it's the insurance

they paid for they then said well you're

over burdening the Millennials we said

no as a matter of fact Millennials are

going to need Social Security more than

baby boomers and they're gonna need it

more because a they're making less maybe

the first generation that makes less

than their parents did be because they

are burdened as we talked before with

college loan debt see because they live

in a gig economy that people have

written about extensively and D because

they're having a harder time getting

mortgages than any other generation they

need the guarantee of Social Security

how do we know this we don't have to go

back to the Great Depression we only

have to go back to 2008 when people's

401ks became 101 case the Fed issued a

report late November early December of

last year in that report here's what it

said there may be a few of us

Rome that are impacted 90% of all

Americans have not recovered their

wealth and assets from the great crash

of 2008 90% so now let's put these

things together 90% of America hasn't

recovered their wealth in essence for

the 2008 during 2008 and every year

before and present Social Security never

missed a payment during that time it is

the Full Faith and Credit of the United

States government it is an absolute

guarantee it's not subject to what

happens in the marketplace so at that

same time there was a tax cut

everybody likes tax cuts don't get me

wrong and you were all told that you

were getting a huge tax cut except as it

turns out that 83% of it went to 1% of

the nation and oh yeah you get burdened

with the debt because it wasn't paid for

and now we have people on the other side

saying Social Security is too expensive

we can't afford to do this are you

kidding me in every single polling by

every single independent organization

Democrats independents and Republicans

all say we'll pay a little more we'll

pay that 50 cents a week so that we have

the guarantee and the enhanced benefits

we've had five hearings on this bill

most recently in late July before

the August recess and we're gonna mark

that bill up

that's a committee term for passing it

in the committee in September and pass

it in the House of Representatives this

fall elections do matter and they do

make a difference we have some pretty

remarkable people that are in the

audience tonight too who have a couple

of them might have left but they were

they were there yesterday at the the

press conference that we had at the at

the Capitol and you know Connecticut

against gun violence Newtown action

mothers united against violence and

Sandy Hook promise and they spoke far

more eloquently than any elected

official but this can't go on and the

only way to stop it is to vote I have

called upon

I think Democratic candidates for

president should suspend the campaign

and go sit on the steps of the Senate

until Mitch McConnell comes back and

they are forced to vote


and again if you got a better plan if

he's got a better idea but how can it be

that you can't in America have a vote on

an issue that has been with us and has

plagued the nation what kind of a nation

what kind of a republic are we if we

can't vote if you disagree well this is

the nation where you get to have your

disagreements in public out in the open

on the floor of the House and the Senate

and if and where the vitality of ideas

ultimately determine what becomes the

law of the nation or the public will

have a say in terms of who's going to be

representing them in 2020 can you

imagine that the president of New

Zealand after she witnesses the horrific

gun violence there says that she's going

to follow through with an executive

order but the New Zealand legislature

convenes and passes a ban on assault

weapons out of response to the tragedy

in 2019 alone there's been 251 someone

said one of the women's groups said no

it's 255 mass shootings there's been

over 2,000 since Sandy Hook come on this

cannot allow him and Mayor Brougham was

there talking also about the other kind

of gun violence too that plagues our

cities you picked up the paper this

weekend and you saw

harford New Haven in Bridgeport all with

shootings that took place as well it's

epidemic proportion and in Congress we

pretend like it doesn't exist in that

there can't be a vote on it

you're right there I don't I don't

disagree at all with what you


and I've called for months to get a

statement from you about impeachment

that has not happened and waiting for

you to treat the situation with the

attention it deserves why are we

standing here sitting here waiting for

you to say the truth to power when you

have the platform to do that and none of

us do to stand up to this president and

and at least defend an opening of an

impeachment inquiry and you've not done


there there will be there there there

will be a time for you to speak and

there will be please

I listen I honestly appreciate your

frustration I appreciate and have

listened intently to what so many people

have said about the president and about

impeachment there is something called

the rule of law there is there is it is

our job if I'm allowed to it is our job

to do as I've suggested in regular order

as is being done in seven separate

committees all undertaking in going

through the process that is a

frustrating process I readily understand

how you feel it's a frustrating process

and you want it to happen tomorrow

okay okay hold on listen I understand

the frustration that individuals have

and many people have written us with

respect to this my opinion is that what

we need to do is constructively go

through fact by fact case by case on the


the Judiciary Committee is currently

going through that process but it is a

process our job is to get to the truth

is not to impeach it's to get to the

truth there

I respect I respect I respect what your

feelings are with yes there's a lot of

respect in this room there's a lot of

respect in the state for you and that's

not going away right now what you're

hearing right now is anger and

frustrations doing that in the way

things are being done in Washington

there's always been that angry there's

always been that frustration about the

way that things have done Washington's

but this is different you know why it's

different it's different because the

methods have changed now you spoke of

your friend 1:10 and he said the

Republicans are ready it better at

rebranding well you better believe

they're better rebranding and

conservatives may not be good at change

but their handlers and their leaders are

really good at changing their tactics

and they're really good at breaking the


they're worth a good effort so it's not

your call for business as usual in the

government your call to educate us we

don't need to be educated we mean we

need somebody to stand up and do

something and

and I promise right now is on my father

I just became father he's two years old


and I think about these children that

are Joe's cans which can only be

described as a concentration camps

that's the only term and as a father I

don't even understand how people can

cannot think about this every night that

these kids they don't know they don't

know why you know we talk about

innocence you know we talk about

innocence being locked up it's not

because they're innocent of a crime no

it's not because they're innocent of a

mine they're innocent of knowledge their

innocence of I understand what you're

saying I'm not protesting I'm talking

about congressman

we've listened to the congressman we

gave them an hour and now he's let me

finish please because I have a point

here my point is if what he did whatever

answer I have a question why are you I

have a question why are you not jail

that's my question because I wasn't

congressman I'd be sitting in that jail

with those right now


it's going and sitting on the steps of

Washington become president yet you are

there you are a person of immense power

immense power but your power is being


and it's it's you talk about these

things you've passed my question is my

question is why don't you do something

my question is why don't you do

something real


err about regular order he has not as

long as I have been alive and I do not

have any expectation that he and the

Republicans in Congress are Democrats in

Congress then we are going to lose the

Republic that I love and I'm watching as

people like yourself with this enormous

platform have chosen to do nothing

because it's politically expedient to do

so not difficult at all

not difficult excuse me excuse me but

you know as a matter of fact as I said

before as frustrating as it is the rule

of law needs to be followed all the more


if someone doesn't follow the law the

old two wrongs don't make it right this

is if we're going to preserve a

democracy if we're going to do things in

the way that they need to be done then

you have to make the point we have won

numerous cases within the courts already

we have been advised by legal counsel in

terms of how we should proceed of course

if the goal is just to create a

mentality that says impeachment but

doesn't follow the rule of law you hold

him accountable by going through the

process in every single committee in

painstaking detail in every single


you have for not starting impeachment is

because we quote know that if the Senate

will not act on it that does not seem

like a reason to back off moral

responsibility that isn't the case the

case is that there are seven committees

including the Judiciary Committee that

has primary responsibility and is

currently undertaking the inquiry but

even chairman Nadler said in his paper

that they are going through in great

detail the

he said he was going through in great

detail to gather the data to make his

case for the inquiry that's the way it

has to be done anything prevents an

impeachment process from beginning now

along with the other inquiries you know

I don't think there is and we as your

constituents are asking you to be a part

of that well I think that it's important

that you begin a process with the data

from all the committees that are

currently working on it the Judiciary

Committee will arise at that decision

and they will present that to the body

as a whole and then the body will make

that determination but I think it's

important and I don't want to make light

of this at all because of the gravity of

the situation since I've been in

Congress every single president has had

impeachment proceedings brought against

them and if you end up weaponizing a

democracy and a republic so that so that

every time someone's elected that the

resolution is impeachment then you're

not doing your job in terms of the

collection of data and information I

feel as strongly as you do about the

president and his behavior but even the

president of the United States is

entitled to the process that we go

through there is but you have to get you

have to get there and it's not as though

there hasn't been a full report that's

been issued already it's not as though

action isn't taking place is not as

though you know Mullard wasn't called

back it's not as though my

Kian isn't being asked to come before

this is the process it's like the old

saying you know we're gonna have a fair

trial and hang them you can't it's not a

matter of just saying impeach it's a

matter of collecting the data and making

the case I know that that's frustrating

but that is the wool of law I am

horrified horrified by the tone and the

demeanor that you have today in this

session and I'll tell you what okay I'll

tell you why because we are we the house

is burning down

we have children being caged we are

being murdered by out-of-control guns

and no one is doing anything about it

our world is on fire our world is

becoming unlivable and I hear no outrage

and you know since you're talking data

and protecting the rule of law no one

here is disputing the rule of law that's

not what this is about this is about the

need to be bold this is a time for bold


Democrats we must bomb rustic we're

ready to stand up and say this is wrong

to go to the frontlines to stand with

people and what are you doing you're

talking about protecting this and that

in the rule of law but that is not the

issue you're hiding behind that and so

you're seeing so complacent and you know

maybe we do have to elect new people in

or young it's time for you to stand up

and be more bold

go ahead sir hey John Dennis Moynihan

from grizzly from Selfridge I live in

Hartford now good to see you I guess I

first of all I read your informational

on impeachment I encourage everybody to

get this pamphlet the congressman handed

out your on the house and the tax

returns we have to get the bay breads we

have to get all of those that requires a

lot of work otherwise right otherwise we

know what's going to happen we have to

get that to convince the Senate I

understand that sex just a quick point

secondly you spoke on health care

earlier my mother my mother was 35 years

old divorced unfortunately she's retired

she's retired into poverty now I support

her I'm a Hartford teacher as you were a

teacher you know Medicare is just not

the gold standard she has to pay $250 a

month extra on top of her health

insurance we need answers for our health

insurance now later I also want to ask

you to support a constitutional

amendment to repeal Citizens United


you know the reality is that no one here

is truly represented in our Congress the

large corporations and companies are

truly the ones running it that's a

system you inherited and I understand is

money but I'm asking you to be part of

that change collectively together I also

teach at McDonough middle school in

Hartford Connecticut and I'm proud of

the students that I teach and the

families I'm advocating for they are

living under compression from mass

incarceration no healthcare no pay

increases unaffordable college and the

opioid drug crisis that were started

created when the United States Congress

allowed Big Pharma to do whatever they

want and I'm urging you to join our rep

our political revolution and adopt more

aggressive policies lastly and I have a

question for you I believe in your

vision proper fruit in the i-84 a91 plan

it must happen however I don't ever I

don't think it will happen unless you

have the federal government

infrastructure pill as you mentioned and

unless we elect a real progressive as

president that won't get supported so

what can we do John today to make that

plan happenin to to bring Hartford into

the next generation thank you well again

we need a massive infrastructure plan

but also on and you make a good point on

the Medicare buy-in program that we have

we also have direct negotiation for

prescription drugs and to lower the

prices across the board that's exactly

what we're going to need to do and

Medicare ought to be able to be part of

that negotiations to drive those costs

down and providing public options for

people and for people that can't afford

it to be able to open and expand

Medicaid as well that's the way I

believe that we're going to get to the

goal and to do it in a very systematic

logical and practical manner

question yes first of all thank you very

much for the tour of Annapolis at my

cousin's wedding several years ago I

still appreciate it

the question I have this I've studied

Social Security for many years and I

thought we were supposed to be raising

our hands but there they're actually

right then they stood in mind I know we

should have done that but some people

got up and started speaking and that's

my fault I should have we should have

said you know get in line and we'll take

people as they as they come through so

I'll wait and take all the questions but

go ahead ma'am you should be recognized


Marie and I've worked in 20 in insurance

for 25 years and I urge you strongly to

co-sponsor HB 1384 the Medicare for all

bill it was ten years ago that I was in

your office asking for a and you had no

time no no way you were going to discuss

that as part of the lead-up to the ACA

it is ten years too late and too little

in the eight years it included in the

House version of the ACA that's great

but when I talked to you you said it

wasn't gonna see the light of day and

you basically I felt didn't fight for it

then this is what I want to say is eight

years since then eight to ten years

since then have been rocky years for me

okay it was it's been a time of

exorbitant premiums cancellation notices

shifting networks claims denied that

have caused me to enlist the aid of the

Connecticut insurance Department on four

separate occasions to get the benefits

that were due me

I was lucky that I understand insurance

and where to go to get relief in a

dispute I suspect that most insurers do

not in are being robbed of benefits

excuse me and are being robbed of

benefits do them on a regular basis

while their health and finances suffer

your plan will undermine Medicare by

driving the sickest people to Medicare

while still leaving millions uninsured

it is really too little too late I urge

bold action I urge you to vote for

excuse me to support the House bill 1384

Medicare for all time for bold action

people are dying first I want to thank

you for coming to speak with us and also

for all the legislation you're pushing

for I guess the reason a lot of us are

reacting this way is we would love for

you to do all of these great things but

we are all very aware of the fact that

none of this will happen if Mitch

McConnell is in charge of the Senate and

you're telling us to vote I have a vote

find everyone I know to vote I donate to

campaigns I phone back I canvassed I'm

doing everything and I'm exhausted and

what I want to hear is will elections be

fair do we have a shot do we have a shot

at getting the Senate back and getting

any of this legislation addressed do we

have a shot at getting the presidency

away from this criminal and I want to

know two things first

have you read the Moller report and

secondly if you have how can you justify

not having impeachment hearings


my first question is what can you do to

assure us that our elections will be

fair and that the Russians will not take

this one from us thank you thank you

those are all very good questions good

let's wait a second we're all we're all

here together this evening we're all

Americans concerned about the future of

the nation on several different levels

let's start with all being respectful of

one another

so but let me finish because well she

asked a multiple of a series of

questions but yes I think you know we're

deeply concerned about the ability of

the Russians the Chinese and other

people who can manipulate elections and

that was clear in the Muller report yes

we did read it not only did we read it

we went through it in our caucuses as

well and every part of it and we also

sat down with attorneys who were

advising us legally in terms of where

this goes and how you should conduct

yourself as a committee so that you're

not your case isn't thrown out of court

because it was politically driven

instead of following the facts and the

data and the information and that takes

a long time and that tali takes

gathering evidence excuse me excuse me

Congress my name is Ray Shea I'm not

from Glastonbury and from West Hartford

Connecticut and they vote here and I

never known that this microphone was

opened for public opinions if they had

them take him someplace else

the newspaper had you listed for 6:30 to

seven seven thirty it's 7:15 now and it

doesn't end in 15 minutes you're gonna

have to break away because you're

entitled to what we did to go to the


I'm gonna stay in look I'm gonna stay

and listen to these people they've stood

here I'm gonna stay and listen to them

that's thank you yes ma'am

John I just want to say thank you for

your patience and my question to you is

we just passed the biggest military

budget in history and I would like the

Democrats to pursue a peace economy

because every penny that goes to weapons

of war it's taken out of all the things

that people need to hear about care

about today and my big concern is UTC

and Raytheon are looking to merge and

Raytheon produces weapons of mass

destruction and they are the weapons

that of destroying Yemen and killing

Yemen stolen so my concern is I know

this is our economy I know that we are a

defense contracting economy but I would

like to see the Democrats really looking

for more progressive solutions and

channeling our money not so much into

defense because we cannot extricate the

fact that ar-15s our weapons of mass

destruction and these are weapons being

used on our own citizens

so the weapons we are producing are

ending up in our own streets and they're

killing our own families so so for today

the idea of a peace economy is something

I hope our next president is going to

pursue and the house and the Senate

thank you for your

thank you Thank You congressman

Don Larson for being here I'm Madeline

Hexter I live in West Hartford

Connecticut I along with I think

everybody in this room including you

very upset about what's happening

because of the current president and the

Republican administration I'm a I'm part

of a group called war which is grown out

of the women's March and we we do things

little like writing postcards to support

Democratic candidates we go out on the

corner of our Main Street and Farmington

like we will tonight for various causes

tonight well yes tonight is to restore

the voting right Act and I want to thank

you for supporting that bill HR because

as I'm wearing white to represent the

women suffragists who fought for women's

vote and the vote for all people in the

United States without being able to vote

we won't be able to change what's

happening in our government there's one

one issue that hasn't come up there are

so many issues I'm upset about the one

is climate change and respective science

I urge anybody in this room who would

like to do something tonight to come

with us and join us on the corner

Farmington and Maine and I have flyers

for that thank you

thank you thank you for your dedication

and work as well hi congressman I'll

make this quick you said that the rule

of law some foods an impeachment inquiry

at this time does include it at all

that's not what I said I said that we're

following the rule of law which means

that every committee is doing what their

committee is assigned to do and collect

the inquiry has already begun it's begun

in the Judiciary Committee where it


and the Ways and Means Committee on

which I serve we have gone after the

financial records on the Financial

Services Committee there are other

aspects of it on the Intelligence

Committee they're going after the

foreign policy side of it there are

different committees that have different

areas of cognizance that they are

pursuing on every level several

different separate committees are all

involved in the matter is going forward

there's no stopping this it's the matter

of collecting the data and information

and doing it through the committee

process under the rule of law the the

oversight and review under the

Constitution is the responsibility of

the government of the of the Congress we

are carrying out that responsibility on

Elijah Cummings committee which is

oversight and review and we have found

many people there are many members of

Congress already a hundred and eighteen

who have called for impeachment

I I believe I have an obligation to

review the facts first I believe that

people now please the gentleman has

could the gentleman has the yes I did

and that's not enough to just beginning

the inquiry where does the inquiry begin

it should begin what committee doesn't

begin yes but what could what committee

does it begin in Judiciary Committee is

the Judiciary Committee beginning the

inquiry yes they are speak they I'm I am

I am NOT on the Judiciary Committee but

as they go through their process and as

they collect data and as they go through

this they will present in regular order

to the Congress what their findings are

thank you for coming tonight I

appreciate I'm honored to be here taking

on our questions and listening to our

concerns I understand people's

frustration I really do and I understand

your anger and and I don't know how

people can't be angry and frustrated at

this time but when you're when you're

angry and frustrated and I think

everybody understands this that's the

time especially when your emotions can

get the better of you and that's why

even though it sounds mundane when I say

the rule of law what we've been advised

by every legal counsel following us is

to make sure that we're circumspect in

the way that we go about this

prosecutorial effort that we're

undertaking and seven committees I think

you can start impeachment inquiry and

still have those things happening is the

crime against humanity that's happening

in our name and with our money at the

south of the border I think that the

child can detention camps should be

closed I couldn't agree with you more

what I've done during the civil rights

movement and I don't think a good way to

do that I say I think what we should try

to think about is how we can disrupt the

evil that is being done in our name and

get into that good trouble that you're

honorable colleague John Lewis talks


and transactions are only going to

continue to get worse the longer he's

not held accountable for what his

previous actions that we know that are

clearly stated in the old report have

not had anything happened with but I

thank you for your time

and I and like I know you have

colleagues on the other side who don't

even take the time to listen to their

constituents so I appreciate that thank


John Lewis is one of my dear friends and

one of my dear colleagues who I sit on

the same committee with who we have had

long discussions about this long

discussions I don't want anyone in this

audience to go away this evening and

think that we aren't deeply offended and

upset about the caging of children above

but you say you say what actions and it

is frustrating that we're not in charge

you have more power than I do I know we

don't actually you have an awful lot of

power people have people have an awful

lot of power but and that's what you

with your power you enact legislation

you take positions and you come to those

conclusions as John Lewis has on many

many occasions and I hope to have him

back up here as well in fact I wish she

was with me here tonight

yeah congressman thank you for coming up

here and doing this and we all you might

have to talk into the mic a little bit

we all we all respect you and we're

thankful for you coming I know you knew

this nation's heated and we just we're

just calling for you to take action

that's all we're asking we just we need

leadership desperately desperately the

the penalty for doing nothing is too

severe and I know that we're all hurting

and we just want to be united and we

just want to love each other we want a

compassionate nation that's united

behind strong leadership and good smart

policy and we need that we desperately

need that if we're gonna beat Donald

Trump in this in the next election and

that's what exactly what we need to do

and I know everybody's talking about

impeachment the reality is he's not

gonna be impeached she's not gonna be

removed from office not this not this

election cycle and that's right we we do

need to have an inquiry we we do we do

we do need we need we do need you to

support having an inquiry of impeachment

but what we need more than that is to

unite we need to defeat Donald Trump in

this next election

and knew that we have to write when we

have the right leadership and we have

the right people at the top I'm in our

revolution Central Connecticut I've been

a big supporter of Bernie Sanders but we

also we also need to support every

Democrat that we can because that's how

we're gonna win okay

and we need to not turn our backs on

each other when you did not turn our

backs on Republicans we need to not turn

our backs on independence we're all in

this country together and we need to

protect each other that's the main

policy that I tried to add the main

policy I'm trying to pay for is this

Medicare for all reason the reason to do

that is because everybody regardless of

whether they're old or young or rich or

poor they all deserve to receive health

care in this country that has health

care technology the best doctors or the

best drugs yet we still die we die at

rates that are as high as Cuba's okay so

we all talk about how bad Cuba's

healthcare system is but the reality is

our life expectancy is about the same as

theirs so are we live as long and look I

mean if we're gonna beat Donald Trump

we need to ruin it we need to win in the

Rust Belt we need to we need to win on

big idea

support Medicare for all why haven't you

come out why haven't you come out and

support well I told you I believe in it

as even as believing in health care as

right I know you do I do but we're not

going to win we're not going to win off

these incremental changes that you that

you bring up well I would I would

respectfully disagree and here's why and

I think it's pretty fundamental and we

went through this in the last election

as well people like their health care

all right

all right people who have health care or

180 million people who haven't a number

of them feel very strongly about it a

number of unions that collectively

bargained for extra health care in a

position that maintain control over you

know very strongly about it what I'm

saying is that I think that there is a

way to get there and I think we can do

it in steps and I think the first step

is a very logical one which is to say

allow people 50 to 64 year old to buy

into the Medicare system so that

everybody gets to see that yes this can

work and yes that it's affordable if you

ask a hundred and eighty million people

to give up what they have without being

clear in concrete we saw what they were

able to do with the Affordable Care Act

when the president said if you like your

insurance you can keep it and when they

find out that they can't or they find

out that that's not the case we saw what

happened and so we lost the majority

over that in the House of

Representatives so listen I commend

Bernie Sanders for the what he's done in

terms of raising this whole issue to a

whole other level where people talk

about Medicare for all and talk about

what we need to do is health care as a

right it's elevate

the discussion now we're at the level of

okay we're at this point where we

understand that health care is a right

how do we make it happen what is it



excuse me sir there there are other

people here there now the microphone if

you want to stand in line with the other

people you're welcome to do I have ma'am

you have the phone



go ahead ma'am young lady thank you

thank you for your patience I have an

immense amount of respect for you for

being here and for listening to this


there's a lot of anger that maybe she

doesn't need to be directed at you but

everyone is angry and I have a few

questions on that so this is like not

related to what's been talked about but

I you talked about how Mitch McConnell

is and you have it right there

how like there have been bills sitting

in the Senate not being voted on would

you be in favor of getting rid of the

filibuster absolutely well now this

intelligent young lady has

and listen to me to be honest

Democrats have favored the filibuster as

well and the cloture vote but and I can

tell you this when we were in the

majority and we control both houses

narrowly in the Senate 547 bills passed

in the house were never taken up in the

Senate the bill and I think probably the

most educated thing said tonight is what

you have said about the filibuster and

the cloture vote in the Senate

it has to end it's not democratic it

doesn't help the process out I fully

agree and support you you're pretty good

you're on a roll go ahead

would you be in favor of completely

decriminalize I think coming across the

border and repealing section I think

it's I think we have to go to

comprehensive immigration reform which

actually passed the Senate in 2013 in a

bipartisan manner and was sent to the

House then controlled by the Republicans

and it wasn't taken up I don't think the

people that are fleeing their countries

and coming to the United States from

asylum ought to be criminalized but by

the same token we do have to have laws

on the border so that for the illicit

people which there are and those that

would do harm to the nation there has to

be laws for everyone but by and large

with comprehensive immigration reform we

solve the

problems so I was at the rally yesterday

morning at the Capitol I think people

talked a lot about universal background

checks down on semi-automatic assault

rifles things like that and then well I

know mayor Brennan did this she threw in

urban gun violence he talked about gun

violence and he said it has to stop he

says we're working for it to stop but I

haven't really seen space like specific

thing and I'm just wondering what do you

think we can do because I go to these

vigils and I see like kids my age like

people who are in high well I think

there's a number of things that could be

done and I think the mayor also way then

come out with specific proposals he him

he talked about the licensing of

manufacturers and also you might have

heard him he used the I forget whether

it was him or another speaker who used

Rahm Emanuel the mayor of Chicago saying

why Chicago's rates are far different

than New York she said because they're

next to Connecticut in New Jersey where

they enforce laws you need national laws

across all 50 states that prevent the

trafficking of the of these of guns it's

a pervasive a problem that it's going to

need a comprehensive solution there will

and we'd be happy to share with you all

the proposals that are out there and

exist in the House of Representatives we

only I talked about three yesterday

because those are the three that have

passed in our sitting Mitch McConnell's

desk but there are several others still

going through the process that are in

the respective committees that have to

be voted on and then

taken up but thank you for both

attending the rally yesterday and for

coming here tonight what grade are you


this is this is the future of the

country and this is why anytime anytime

that we have a forum like this and

listen I forget one of the people came

up and said you know we're not

necessarily angry at you but people are

angry and frustrated then you know what

I'm their representative so they have

every right to be as angry at me as as

anyone else and they're frustrated

because they want to see things happen

they want to see something done and it

is thoroughly frustrating and yet no

matter who's in the position you have to

you're gonna go through the rule of law

and the end the process so I'm glad and

the way the change comes about is

through the persistence of citizens who

come out and attend this the gun

violence changes etc we all thought that

things would change dramatically after

they murdered our children in Sandy Hook

and nothing changed you know how

frustrating that is to people seven

years later the house finally passes

universal background checks which in and

of itself isn't a panacea but at least

it shows that people who are listening

and at least it's a step in the right

direction and Congress had to vote so

that's why I continue to put the

pressure on the other body in this case

the Senate but specifically a Mitch

McConnell and you're right about their

arcane rules I'm sure that Senator

Murphy and senator Blumenthal would

agree with me and agree with you on

those rules as well because these are

the kinds of things that have to that

have to take place and when you know

when you see people be is it any wonder

why people are upset when you see kids

and cages and you know that's

the action of the president the United

States yeah I said earlier elections

have consequences they do and so now

there's going to be another election as

well and there's ongoing investigations

and there's ongoing inquiries and

they're happening at multiple levels are

they happening at the pace and the speed

of social media in the nightly news no

they never have and that's not the way

that the process works that is

frustrating - I get that but it is what

we're working with and in the end

justice will prevail thank you so really

just like work harder to get things done

but but you have said that on health

care you would want to pass small

incremental changes like Medicare for

America even though 72 percent of

Americans or 70 percent of Americans say

they support Medicare for all and a new

poll said that 52 percent of Republican

support Medicare for all and almost

every other developed country yes they

do they support the concept and then you

ask them they yet you ask them how it

will be carried out and how and once you

get into the details of it because the

same thing I support the concept of

Medicare for all

I support the fact that health care is a

right I believe that the question is

then well how do you get there meaning

how do you put that into law how does

that actually work and that's a little

bit more difficult and once you do that

and I think in all the polls they would

also show that woo

then it's a little bit it becomes a

little bit different in terms of they

also say a lot of people don't want to

give up their own insurance they want to

maintain their docks in their hospitals

used to speak let the let let I'm sorry

I'm sorry I'm sorry this gentleman is

very rude would you let the child speak

would you let this young man speak

you've had an opportunity you didn't

wait in line and get in line how about a

little respect for your fellow citizens

that are here



take your time happens to me frequently


has managed to implement some form of

universal health care they have and we

are the richest country in the history

of the world and and we have and we

somehow are not able to implement that

even um so why can't we implement so I

think you're right on all of those facts

so my question is why do you believe we

need to go through small incremental

changes to - why do you believe we need

to do small incremental changes instead

of large comprehensive policies well

incremental it it wouldn't it when I

said small it's small in comparison to

changing the complete system that you're

operating under right now and by that I

mean that you would not only be changing

the system you would have to change a

hundred and eighty million people well

well respectfully I don't think that

that's the entire picture that I don't I

don't think there's a lot of problems

with the health care system but a lot of

people like the health care they have

health insurance they like their doctors

and they want to be able to and their

doctors in their hospitals like to get

paid to so what happens is when you

break it down and say how will you pay

for this that's where the problems come

but you're you're thinking along the

right lines you're thinking clearly

you're being you're thinking broadly and

in your time and in your generation

you're gonna see this happen but there

might have to be a couple of incremental

steps first I would suggest but you know

there that's what makes a democracy

people have different of different

opinions and then you have to submit

those ideas before a body and they get

to vote on them and the good news with

Democrats in control is that there'll

also be a debate as there is currently

that we're having amongst presidential

candidates who some think that there

should be Medicare for all some don't

they all believe in universal health

care they all believe that we ought to

get there it's just there's a different

way of arriving at the same decision

does your stance on health care have

anything to do with the $75,000 you've

accepted from the insurance industry


no it doesn't I've been I've been well

I've been a I owned an insurance agency

I there's 60,000 employees in the

insurance industry in the state of

Connecticut it's a very value-added

business and so I represent those people

in the United States Congress and all

their families 60,000 of them in a

district of 750,000 people just like I

represent Pratt Whitney aircraft and yes

you they have donated to my campaigns as

well but it's fully disclosed which is

why I didn't even know that but you did

so but it should be fully disclosed so

that people can say well let's take a

look at that guy there which is why we

want Trump to disclose his records so

that we'll have an opportunity to take a

look at it and people will make up their

own minds about where citizens stand

with regard to how they're influenced or


you the house recently voted to condemn

the BDS movement against Israel what is

your stance on Israeli settlements and

Benjamin Netanyahu I'm not a big fan of

mr. Netanyahu's and I am very concerned

about the expansion of settlements but I

support but I support the State of

Israel and I support what they stand for

in the Middle East

I support how they are oftentimes all

alone and our strongest ally in the

Middle East as well yes I do it what

excuse me sir

general you have the floor doesn't mean

I agree with you I have two quick

questions one is do you know what the

carbon dioxide proportion is in the

atmosphere today

I'm sorry or Sunday Arwen dioxide in the

atmosphere today do you know what it is

parts per million do I know the what I

can't hear what you're saying can you

step up to the mic what about it do I

know what parts per million from car

carbon dioxide are emitted into the

amount off the top of my head I do not

it's 415 parts per million okay it was

405 last spring so your Social Security

Act is great 2100 but will not mean

anything if you don't address

it changed because here's why because

there are projections that are taking

with 2015 if you go and tackle this

problem today your GDP is going to start

going down because of climate related

losses do you have to address that no

matter what and we are the insurance

capital well I had the I had the

opportunity to serve with jay Inslee in

the United States Congress I had the

opportunity to work with him on

legislation in Congress I had the

opportunity to put forward a carbon tax

proposal that's not according to the

scientists and to the economists that I

talked to but you may have a different

point of view on that yes or no question

I read the mother report I listened to

it on an audiobook format while driving

doing my morning the facts are very

personally I'm not be supported let that

process go ahead that's fine no problem

there personally supports impeachment

and the second thing I want to say is

please don't take here Democratic

support for granted

please don't personally I'm only

donating to candidates who are women

so on each Bank all I wanted to know is

personally are you farted or against

them I'm sorry I had a hard time

understanding a lot of what you were

saying to begin with but I think it

boils down to impeachment are you for it

or against it I'm in favor of going

forward in the process and through the

inquiry according to the rule of law and

let the facts in the data speak for


no wait a second now wait a second

excuse me excuse me the studies are

still the studies are still ongoing in

every single committee against a subset



that is why they think is oath of office

is that not reason enough for

impeachment I think the president's

behavior on many levels and I wear this

pin and I wear proudly because it

reminds me every day of how one should

conduct themselves in the office of the

president to say that president Trump

has to mean the office does not carry on

with the decorum and with his daily

tweets is an understatement but we have

still have a rule of law that we have to

go through and abide by and I will do

that being in a safe district has

nothing to do with it being in a safe

district gives all the more reason why

you should be painstakingly making sure

that the decisions that you R I arrive

at are thoroughly vetted and

substantiated through the committee

process it's not just that why do we

have a system of Justice if you're not

going to abide by what the rules call

for you to abide by


well apparently apparently I'm just

disappointed in that response but that's

fine it's a different type of a now I


just what

let me let me say I think as I don't

know how many times that we can say that

the inquiry is ongoing and in the

committee process I don't know how many

more times I can say that go ahead sir

a couple of things first somebody

mentioned before how terrible the health

care system acutely was and how it was

far inferior that's incorrect no boy I

speak into the mic I don't think I can't

hear you let alone people somebody had

mentioned and I just want to correct the

record somebody had mentioned that

Cuba's health care system was not good

in fact it was far worse well that's


the Cuban healthcare system actually has

a better child mortality outcome than

the United States does as a matter of

fact there the age limit or how old

people get to be this far exceeding that

of the United States as male life

expectancy is declining as we speak

so I just wanted to correct the record

on that secondly you know the range plan

that we have

my house the rule of law did not go

south with him it began way before mr.

Trump so I'm not a trump supporter but

the truth needs to be known the rule of

law has been denigrated ever since the

80s and certainly went into hyperdrive

in the 90s and 2000 with the bank

failures and only criminality that

initiated that engendered that outcome

and we are suffering now for it now

somebody mentioned before what her

reason for not supporting House bill

number 13 84 which is single payer

that's a really good question and I'd

like to expand on that because I'm

wondering if there's any direct

correlation in your reticence and

backing HR 1380 for based on the fact

that 54% of your total PAC money for the

two-seven 2017 2018 election cycle was

from the insurance finance and health

industries now we're not talking 75

grand here okay let's let's be clear on

that that's a good start 75,000 but

that's not the total the total is six

hundred and twenty five thousand dollars

and 50 and I'm just wondering if there's

any correlation to your reticence and

supporting a health care plan that has

proved successful throughout the world

and we spoke about this before three

years ago nothing didn't you said how

would you like have be responsible

44,000 people lose their jobs the point

is that with the HR 1380 for 2.6 million

jobs would be generated from that health

care system okay so my question to you

is is there any correlation between the

six hundred and twenty five thousand

dollars you received from health

insurance industry healthcare industry

and finance anything I think you made up

your mind already haven't you I'm asking

you I think you set up your mind already

sorry so I'll let my record of public

service stand for itself I'll let my

record of support on a number of

healthcare right not your past record

that's fine I really appreciate the work

you've got on Social Security and a

couple of other items but I'm talking

about something that's rather huge and

that's what I'm addressing right now I'm

asking you is there any correlation and

I'm saying to you as clear as I can

no thank you


I'm represented block my name is Raju

and we've had contact in the past we

have I have no questions or no comments

I don't want a thing a couple of

thoughts come to me as I sat here

tonight democracy is a process there's

no doubt about that

people sometimes seem to think that you

can impeach or you can do this so you

can do that this negotiation is required

on all levels and it doesn't always work

right and the people that have said why

don't you impeach tonight why should you

impeach if the damn jury is gonna

exonerate them and turn them loose that

doesn't make any sense at all I think my

counsel my counsel to you is like the

DRI agree with missus policies approach

go slow investigate get the facts and

get the American people to be not to

want something done that's irrational

and unthinking and done precipitously

okay I don't want as far as I'm

concerned I don't want anything from my

government anymore I have I believe that

looking around this audience tonight I'm

probably kind of unique I doubt if there

are many people that are over ninety

three and a half years old and if they

are they all left they're ready because

they don't have my energy I'm just going

to say I hope a and the other thing is I

put my line I happen to be a wit veteran

of World War two

I saw combat I saw I saw the

concentration camps I saw the smell in a

steak of what mr. Trump is done and

there's only one objective that I have

in my mind on this election is dump

Trump and anything that you do that the

that deflects from that particular point

to focus about I want more money here I

want more money here I want the

insurance companies out of my insurance

that's none of that's going to happen

you people here and the American people

are really living through the fall of

the Roman Empire thank you

sir Thank You congressman Larson for

being here tonight and speaking with all

of us

I want to shed a little bit of light on

a topic you touched upon briefly earlier

okay and that's student loan debt as you

know this I'm sorry what go ahead loan

debt please as you know it

as you know it impacts millions of

Americans and thousands here in

Connecticut the American dream for

everyone has always been to own your own

home a peaceful little place to raise

your family and put your head at night

however this dream has become

unattainable for so many Americans both

young and old because of the crushing

student loan debt we face student loan

dad's I'm sure you know has surpassed

1.6 billion and is well on its way to

1.7 trillion dollars one of the single

single biggest barriers that prevent

young adults like myself from obtaining

the ability to purchase a home is our

student loan debt recently senator

Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts

introduced the student loan debt relief

act a bill that would help millions of

struggling families achieve financial

stability if our government can find

seven hundred billion dollars for the

economic for the emergency economic

stabilization Act in 2008 an eighty

billion dollar almost eighty billion to

bail out the auto industry why can't we

do the same for everyday Americans

thank you my friends and I have worked

multiple jobs through our college days

we went to state schools we tried to

keep up with the interest that was

occurring on our student loan debt and

we watched our parents we watched our

parents sacrifice and do whatever they

could so that we didn't have to suffer

and that we think we can all make our

ends meet we did our part we are now

asking our elected officials to do the

same I applaud your commitment to

education you're a dictator I applaud

your stance on expanding the GI Bill for

public service I think public service to

our country is a great thing and I

commend to everyone who's worn the

uniform for our country here tonight my

question to you congressman largely due

to the support the student loan debt

relief act and if yes you do

yes and what what are you going to do to

make sure that that gets through

Congress I know we're experiencing

gridlock and everything in the Senate

right now but well well we can legislate

what I can do is say that I believe it

will get through the House of

Representatives I cannot guarantee you

know that Mitch McConnell will take it

up which is when we were talking earlier

about why elections matter

what matters in the Senate is making

sure that we have a Senate that would be

receptive to whether its universal

background checks or student loan debt

forgiveness or increasing the minimum

wage or making sure that there's equal

pay for equal work we pass all these

things in the House of Representatives

and then the Senate takes no action so

the young lady who got up before and was

talking about cloture and was talking

about the filibuster probably have one

of the key questions of the of the

evening because without that kind of

reform in the Senate it's going to be

very difficult to get legislation

through they do something that's called

an omnibus bill or a continuing

resolution and very little else and

welcome but thank you and that it what

what is that who is the lead sponsor in

the house of Senator Warren's belt we'll

find that out but I commend her as well

for I think it's important to run for

office but I think it's also important

to have a plan and lay out your plan as

to how that will work and what its

impact is what I was trying to explain

earlier in the night with all of our

legislation that we've offered is that

we also have a plan to pay for it as to

not to burden future generations but how

things will actually be paid for and

that sometimes escapes people but it's

vitally important to future generations

as well as current generations thank you

evening you know it pretty much I guess

people reach the consensus that we have

a president who is a racist or was a

espouse racist ideology white supremacy

but in all fairness to Donald Trump it

didn't it has to be gun with him and it

won't end with it this white supremacy

white nationalist ideology and I think

it's a country if we go back to original

sin of slavery and as a teacher also

it's something that working with

children we talk about slavery Jim Crow

racial discrimination in something that

african-americans have been catching

hell for a number of years and one of

your colleagues representative Lee in

the house normal answer to bill I think

it's HR 42 recommend the Commission to

both study and make recommendations in

terms of reparations for

african-americans I want to know if

you've signed on to I actually signed on

to the Jim Clyburn bill which I think is

a little it's he calls at ten twenty

thirty which I think first of all the I

think you said it very well the original

sin and what Jim Clyburn said in his

legislation is so how do we get back to

the original sin and how do you trace it

it does require a a study but I think

once the study is concluded then where

were those funds go and how would you

determine that wouldn't it be better to

set it up so that ten percent went to

furtherance of education or better

housing conditions and better health

care so that he labels that they may be

getting them in reverse order or

whatever but I do think that that's

that's one of the ways that would be

very constructive and I think makes


and also does require us to go through a

very thorough

study of it require a lot of work and I

think educating the public as well is

some persuasion and so you see yourself

being out there and want some

recommendations yes well I do think I

feel very strongly that you know as a

former history teacher that these are

the kinds of things that the public has

to face but then when you say okay

what's the remedy let's make sure that

we also have a very logical way where

this can go forward and help and assist

and also as people forget people forget

we were at the rally yesterday and I

asked Kevin Lynch from from Weststar for

very knowledgeable guy who follows this

keval you aware that the House of

Representatives have passed three bills

and they were sitting in the Senate most

people were not and because oftentimes

we don't that information doesn't get

out there I mean the purpose the reason

behind a town-hall like this is so that

you can educate and education is a

two-way thing you're educating me as

well as hopefully I'm passing on to you

the information and the rationale as to

why I come to the conclusions that I

have thank you welcome what do you do

again as you well know when I speak with

you and not to you I speak from the

other side of the aisle I know that I

feel blessed that I have the same kind

of relationship with you that I've had

for several years now with senators

Anwar and that's to be able to agree to


right and that comes out of a mutual

respect now to the points first of all

from the point of a sportsman a safe and

responsible gun owner

and that's in regard to universal

background checks I wholeheartedly for

the most stringent background checks we

can possibly get and will do what I can

to lobby the US senators outside the

state of Connecticut to see that they 90

percent of Americans agree trying to

understand that and as I I think I heard

you said that you think Trump's on board

with that as well I do one of the things

that you brought up the east grand

reform was that he was also on board

with your social security bill is that

still true well he because I try to be

fair at all of these these forms what he

did is he stood up the sixteen other

Republicans and said it's not an

entitlement that it's a earned benefit

and that he would not cut it and so what

that means is when you look at our

proposal there's only really two ways

that you can go to save Social Security

cut benefits or increase what people are

going to pay that's what it comes down

to at the end of the day and he took the

more difficult stand in the middle of a

in the middle of a debate so I give him

credit for that to go on a little bit

from the sportsmen side and then we tie

it into the to the military side the

veterans side of this whole thing about

arms I'm not sure that my outlawing

assault weapons how you're gonna govern

that how are you how are you going to

enforce it it's the whole thing is

mind-boggling to me because back in the

days when I was out in the woods I never

carried an ak-47 ar-15 from the military

standpoint I'm a veteran I'm a veteran's

service officer and more so than

recently a lot of my clients I'm helping

deal with help helping to try and get

help from the VA that are dealing with

PTSD the same problem exists in the

world of

terror we need and I ask you to do what

you can with whatever committee gets in

charge of it we need some big help with

the mental health wellness program

budgeted and we needed it to be enforced

and when it's budgeted we need to see

the ghosts at the right place and that's

all about the right kind of people

couldn't agree with you more


you've been very patient thank you

talking points for this evening I just

wanted to mention the environment I'm

concerned about the environment climate

change the weakening of the Endangered

Species Act the exploitation of the

national parks and I'm wondering what

the plan is for the Democrats to address

some of this and I realized that we

can't really do anything until the

Republicans and President Trump are

replaced but what is the plan because

the exploitation of the national parks

for drilling and the weakening of the

EPA well it's the same thing from

everything from the Paris Peace Accords

and to our position in terms of standing

up to the President on that we should

have a handout for you

that will go through a list of the

things that we're currently undertaking

which includes a number of which you've

already enumerated including what's

going on in our national parks as as

well and primarily the main issue here

is the denial of science and the denial

of science as the the final arbitrator

but not only the denial of science but

also what our military has said

overwhelmingly in terms of the

number-one threat that we face because

of what it causes in terms of the

discord around the world that will

happen because of living in the

aftermath of climate change thank you

thank you

yeah good to be back are you doing good

you must have known you're gonna get

yelled no you know listen that is that's

part of the job part of the job of

representing people is that they're they

have a right to their opinions and they

have a right to their there are concerns

and they want to let their elected

representatives know them and in no

uncertain terms couple of things I know

that you're not on the committee's that

are doing the hearings my request if you

can communicate to them because I don't

have a way to do that directly make all

those hearings public when they are I

don't mean just the results I mean no no

they hear I don't want anything any non

public hearings under Democratic control

all of those hearings are public I mean

the truth of the matter is unless the

criminal in the White House gets out

there to the general public

the support for impeach was not going to

happen I understand but I understand the

reluctance to voting for impeachment

coming up even after the hearings and

sending the Senate knowing that you'd be

a lucky if Mitchell kind of want to come

to the vote at all

you know morning Joey used to be a

Republican gave him the best nickname

ever ever

Moscow Mitch I don't know if and I don't

know because you know I'm not a

practicing politician anymore I don't

know but I'm pretty sure that if we

could organize the secretary of states

in the entire country to sue Mitch

McConnell because he will not put

protection for our voting machines and

voting rights on the floor he won't even

let it come up and I'm not sure that we

can actually impeach the majority leader

in the Senate but we probably ought oh

we have two enemies we have the enemy in

the White House and the enemy this is

majority leader in the Senate but we've

been attacked by the Russians and now

the president has said he'll take it

he'll listen to anybody who wants to

help them there's no doubt in my mind as

a Marine

he's committed treason and that you know

the punishment as well as I do it's a

firing its firing squad right now I

agree with the with with your leader in

the house I'd rather see him in jail

than just impeached if he loses the

election or if he does get removed from

office he is going to end up in jail I

have a copy the relevant the malla

report I'd like to see the unredacted

parts but I have the summary as well as

appellate and I've read all of it this

is a criminal in the White House I don't

think there's any way to put it and I

don't think anybody in this room is

gonna argue with you now I'm a proud

Democrat have been for a long time I

still have this sign from your first run

for Congress in my garage I put it out

every two years I'm gonna make you spend

money on science we can do this but I

would like to say to everybody here we

are the United States of America there's

I'm a few pet piece I have not heard you

do that

people say America meaning the United

States what I loved about our former

President Obama is he talked about that

not blue states not we are the United

States of America and for anybody who

doesn't understand Mexico is in North

America Canada is in North America

America began begins at the Arctic

Circle antennas ends with tierra de

fuego and north america ends with that

tiny little country with a little thing

when we built that canal in south

america begins there and I'd like

Elliott pass it on when you made the

United States of America because it

means much more when we refer to

ourselves as the United States of

America we are one people I don't care

what your skin color is what your

ancestry is if you want to argument

accessories my first two ancestors came

in 1620 and 1630 I'm very proud that

Elliot Richardson is a distant cousin of

mine I'm not all that proud of President

Pierce because but I'm descended from

Ezekiel Richardson so we've been here a

long time yep actually Barbara Bush is

related to our family I was gonna leave

that out of that

but the truth of the matter is it

doesn't matter when we got here and my

first ancestors came without permission

they weren't nice to the people who are

here they stole from them in some cases

they kill them they intended to change

their religious ideas as a good Irishman

you understand when you came to New

England it wasn't always easy it's true

but we need to stop that we are the

United States of America and we are all

citizens if we're not citizens and we're

in line to get citizens and I thought as

you know I taught Latin American history

as well as US government and political

science people the island puerto rico

when President Trump went down there and

threw those paper towels at him fly was

down there before we got a little my

clients running back but we need to

stand up for our fellow citizens and I

know that you they're still a vote to go

as to whether move forward in the future

or not and I'm hoping you two will add

your name to that list beyond that I'll

put your sign up welcome home always

good to be back thank you take care John

good evening congressman you learned

your race to want to comment on the

social security made it a hobby the

study I've made it a hobby to study in

over a four-year period the Republican

is not even worth discussing but I'm

really dismayed and hope to educate as

to a thought process as to the proposal

on the Democrat side what it does now as

it is is it puts an even growing burden

on the lower-income worker and the lower

income workers employers which is

already very onerous you think about

what someone paid their Social Security

if you're making twenty thirty thousand

dollars a year and what I think has been

missed is rather than look at just two

ways there's a third way to look at it

and that is especially if you want to

make Social Security a benefit which is

larger and more even more irrelevant

- what someone has put it paid in

through their employer and themselves

that instead of making an ever larger

burden on those already burdened say

wait a second

given the entirety given the fact that

in fact the Social Security Fund and the

federal budget have already been

intermingling funds for many years that

instead of having all this burden being

heaped on the worker and his employer

they had to be a tax that goes on all

forms of income so that there's less

because what you have in there now what

the Democrats have in there now

especially with artificial intelligence

and robotics this destroys jobs and

undermines job creation and I get the

feeling that no one has really thought

out the unconsidered

the unconsidered consequences of having

this kind of proposal go forward well

actually they have and actually it's

been viewed as the number one civil

rights issue the number one women's

issue and the number one economic

development issue because when you look

at the amount of money that comes from

Social Security into every single

congressional district when you look at

what happens in terms of both raising

people out of poverty levels and yes it

is a progressive approach but to go to

approach of taxation where you get the

source from other sources that are

giving even though people at higher

levels are not nearly going to receive

what people at lower levels are going to

receive under Social Security the

concept of Roosevelt was to make sure

that you paid into an earned benefit

system so it could not be detailed as an

entitlement or a welfare state but as

something that people have actually paid

for congressman and I say this

respectfully but after doing a lot of

research and I don't know how much legal

research you've done but reading the

helvering decision the fleming versus


reading the Affordable Care Act Supreme

Court decision where they call what that

is a tax if you want to any objective

neutral view a person they would tell

you that Social Security is a tax and in

fact the Internal Revenue Service itself

if you look at topic 751 which is

published by the social by the Social

Security Administration this is their

word they call it a tax by any

definitional standard they could call it

that sure insurance as a title they

could call it whatever they want it is a

tax so I would and what I would ask is

that you submit this to an objective

neutral party and see what you get is

feedback from them the last thing I want

to say though because especially with

the venom that's flow today that is I

think everyone should know that in


monumental civil rights legislation was

passed it was passed in the Senate and

every senator who voted for that and who

was still in office

seven years later ruin richard russell

who adamantly led the fight against all

civil rights legislation every single

senator who voted for it they voted for

the senate office building to be named

after russell and that's because as much

as people want to be judgmental and be

vicious and defined people by any one

thing as paul newman once said in

absence of malice - sadly feels

character sometimes the truth isn't out

there just like that and when daniel

Crenshaw said in response to his being

vilified on Saturday Night Live we have

to become a people who are less easily

offended thank you

congressman my name is Pete from

Southington it's my second time coming

to your town halls and I find it very

educational and very entertaining a lot

of people are very upset and I kind of

understand that the question is and I

think a lot of people don't really

understand the process of why stuff is

kind of going on

so I'll tribe to me I'll try to explain

it to me and your teacher so kind of

think of me like a really bad student

from cities class I did read the Mullen

report if anybody who hasn't it's really

good it's like a spy novel believe it or

not but the mullah report basically said

that if he wasn't president he would be

indicted for obstruction of justice and

the penalties if he got convicted on all

ten would be 20 years in the prison

which I thought was amazing reading

breathing to report so knowing knowing

that and everybody else sort of knows

there's 10 corruption stuff the process

of the impeachment stuff cuz everybody

wants you to impede and if you have that

decision close to your chest I really

respect that because from what I am

thinking in my civics classes a long

time ago that you can't open an

impeachment hearing that's by the

Justice Department so the Justice

Department is trying to get the fact

that you want and then they're gonna

make a decision whether to open an

impeachment inquiry and so the problem

is for for me is I think a lot of people

are upset with Judiciary Committee

because they are not opening and

impeachment Acree because all the stuff

you're talking about in the courts and

whether you can get stuff when it

it's tough I think if you open the

impeachment inquiry you would the law

would allow you to get all that

information that you want and I think

the speaker the house doesn't want to do

that because one is very political and

it just rides up the 40% of the Trump

people but then if they do vote on

impeachment in the Judiciary Committee

then you have the opportunity to vote

for an impeachment and then what happens

it goes to the Senate and it sits on

Mitch McConnell's desk for now so a

question is to me is one am I correct on

that process and two is if you're

looking for more facts inquiry what

other facts are you looking for you're

looking for campaign finance laws

violation do you paying off a porn star

and a Playboy model and you're gonna

have an impeachment inquiry that has not

just an obstruction of justice but a

finance campaign finance law violation

you're gonna put them thinking about

putting them all together that way they

need more time or they're just kind of

trying to politically try to move this

where you're not trying you're trying to

get what you want but you're not trying

and then the second thing I want to say

is 160 days I didn't know that I think

the question is why don't why isn't

every Democrat that goes on press Fox

News MSNBC CNN out to any any media

outlet it should be up there Democrats

or moderate Republicans should be going

up and say you know what you talked we

talked about this tragedy what happened

how passive but you know that universal

background check yeah we passed it 160

days ago Mitch McConnell on his desk and

he's actually he has a soldier soldier

injury so he's not going back to

Washington so let me ask let me ask you

if you were the if you were the media

what would be more interesting for you

to cover this well I'm just good point

I'm trying to make is that I think what

happens in the media is that that

doesn't become that's not as exciting as

citing differences and it's better

I mean it's far more interesting instead

of talking about well how are these

inquiries going forward how do they come

to a conclusion how do you gather all

the information isn't it better to talk

about the fight between Nancy Pelosi and

members of her own isn't that it isn't

that a more exciting thing to talk about

and if you were to asked the members of

the caucus they would say they're not in

a fight with her they have it people

have arrived at their own conclusions in

in large part let's be honest about it

also because their constituents are very

upset and they've been clamoring and

saying hey look we've want to see this

impeachment and they're very upset about


I understand the frustration I just

believe and maybe it's the history

teacher in me maybe it's well I believe

that you have to go through this process

and I think in going through the process

everyone is going to benefit even more

the president is entitled

he doesn't think so but he's entitled to

everybody going through this process you

opened up by saying everyone said that

were he not president right that's right

but but yes and but he is president but

this is no I just I want to make this

point I make this point because that's

what Alan Dershowitz says and when I say

legal people have advised us I'm talking


our counsel saying be careful of how you

frame these issues going forward even

members that have come out for

impeachment have been also being very

cautious I think about making sure that

we gather the information and the data

and there's nothing that's stopping

anything other than the inability to get

witnesses now the Muller testimony again

the second time not as compelling as I

think a lot of people thought it might

be in yet also very revealing and

everyone said well that's it think you

know the opinion-makers said it's dumb

it's not going to happen it's not going

anywhere that hasn't been the case at

all if anything it's sped up and

everybody's intensified and in the

meantime other committees have stepped

up because all their parts to the puzzle

are starting to fit in as I've said I

think several times tonight the

Judiciary Committee is where the

responsibility lies that committee and

their chairmen are going through this

process that inquiry is going forward

it's going to happen but it's going to

happen not at the speed of social media

but it's going to happen at the speed of

the committee process I get it that's

frustrating but that's the way I

honestly truthfully believe that I think

we're far better off by doing that and

being circumspect

that's what the legal counsel who

advises the Ways and Means Committee on

which I set has gone forward and and

said that that's how we should proceed

from like Magan but what just kind of

curious of like all the roadblocks that

the executive branches do I think that

it I think that that only makes the case

stronger against the president but the

point that I was going to make and I

disagree with Dershowitz but Dershowitz

says under Article two the president has

these authorities he's granted them

under the Constitution and all I'm

pointing out is that there are other

sides that are working counter to

intuitive to how people in this audience

might feel this evening so all the more

reason I think to make sure that we're

circumspect in going after the truth

article 1 of the Constitution for

Congress has the ability to check

investigate impeach what he does exactly

great point so you have in so now that's

a great point and I wish I have made

that this earlier so you have article 1

article 1 article 1 right you have the

responsibility of the house and the

Senate you have the responsibility of

Congress article 2 you have the

president who will be the final arbiter

the courts so what happens is as is the

case on some some instances already I

know that the Ways and Means Committee

has already prevailed in three cases

because we've listened

what our legal counsel has told us in

what they've told us specifically is

that you can't go out in its call for

impeachment when it goes before the

courts because one of the first things

that they'll say is was it politically


no what I'm saying no that's not what

I'm so what I'm saying is you can't you

shouldn't prejudge you should do you

should ask for the information we need

all the information and so that's why

that's why the Judiciary Committee has

asked for the unredacted version that's

why we've asked for his finances on the

on the Ways and Means Committee well let

me say that the process that's how that

process is working it is that's all the

process I understand everybody in this

room now she'd kind of understand why

you're not sitting here with the you

know the gavel is saying well and my

guess is probably not but

and also I really appreciate you

explaining that to me and a nice calm

manner that's our job

thank you sir I'm Gretchen from West

Hartford I'm gonna might be losing my

progressive eye as somebody who believed

that Trump was impeachable the second he

took the oath of office because of the

emoluments for us and who thinks in the

end he should be impeached even if the

Senate is not going to draw him out of

office and the sooner he's out the

better off we are

I also see that there you sometimes have

to be careful what you ask for

so if he is if he is removed from office

president Pence could no well not just

run Freight now he could he would become

the president and he could could forgive

him you know right so that that's a

possibility and that's not all right so

then he could he could be tried on the

state level the other thing is that if

you take more time to go through the

process carefully and come up with more

evidence that could even upset his

followers which kind of but it is at

least a possibility that if you follow

all of the evidence and gather enough

you might actually have enough to

convince the

that's what a number of people think yes

sir good evening sir thank you for

Stanley talking with us I was in

Congress and July for the lung cancer

summit I don't know if you were there

participating thank you sir appreciate

you staying late um I was recently

attending Congress in July there talking

with them face-to-face about the lung

cancer summit that took place with the

go-to foundation I don't know if you

were a part of that or not what I

understand you're on the lung cancer

caucus um yes yes sir I want to thank

you for that participation I had

recently lost my wife to lung cancer

I was wondering um take your time take

your time

I was wondering if you could shed some

light on wine the only 20 million for

funding in the DoD hasn't been restored

since oh nine and that's what we've been

trying to get done for many years and

with her passing I mean I'm hearing

around or trying to figure that out

do you have any idea why that hasn't

taken place why 20 million dollars

that's been appropriated within the DoD

in the cdmrp no but I'll tell you what

we'd be happy to sit down with you and

and talk this through and see what we

can do to assist you and your family and

we're bill it's the women and 1 cancer

research and preventive service act of

2019 I understand it's coming up for a

vote when you guys reconvene and if

you're not yet a co-sponsor please

consider I'd love to sit down and talk

with you maybe you're off well we we

welcome that and you certainly have our

support on that do you think it's gonna

be hard to get leadership on board to

have it passed no I don't so with regard

to the house I think it may pass but it

will pass the house I can't say that it

will pass the Senate my last question is

regards to the Affordable Care Act sure

my wife and I were married um there was

a point in our marriage when we were

facing financial difficulties with the

pressure of the cost I'm a veteran 10

years of the Navy and there was no

waiver for veterans to get out from

underneath that so we had to were lucky

to file for divorce which was

recommended by the ACA as a way to avoid

the cost so my wife had a pass on and

I'm her ex I couldn't you know ever

leave this earth as her husband um

that's something I think needs to be

looked at and it may be addressed

because there's I think many more

Americans that are facing that issue and

I'd love to be part of that process if


well we will seek your input on that and

thank you for bringing that like I said

earlier the Affordable Care Act was not

a perfect piece of legislation by any

stretch of the imagination this is one

of several things that need to be

corrected as we go forward but thank you

and thank you for bringing it to our

attention and our staff will work with

you before you leave tonight we'll sit

down and we'll set up the timer both get

on Social Security didn't hear me yep I

disagree with your solution okay okay

number of years ago we took the cap off

of Medicare why don't we do the same

thing for Social Security take the cap

off okay with the cap off and the people

who are making a lot more money than

$400,000 a year that money coming in

would easily offset the 1% increase you

would probably make or at least

mitigated secondly well can I answer

that it doesn't we looked at it and yes

it's under its 400,000 and above we lift

the cap on people 400,000 and above but

if you were to lift the cap completely

it does not make Social Security

sustainably solvent you only make Social

Security solvent until 2050 for that's

not that far away it's approximately 36

years away from now and we're in the

same situation where you haven't made a

system that by law is supposed to be

sustainably solvent meaning beyond 75

years so that's why we said listen there

hasn't been an increase since 1983

so and then we phased that in over 25


that's how we get it down to

50 cents a week how much how much in

bonds is going to be sitting there there

is there are several proposals on how to

deal with that but that's not part of

the Social Security Act well it was

actually Robert Boyle who was the head

of Social Security to do something along

those lines it is not part of this

legislation but I do think once the

system is solvent you can look at ways

to do stuff that will enhance the

ability to either lower premiums or

increased benefits

non-negotiable the lines got put in by

the US Treasury right my comment is

maybe it would be a good idea to take

the trust from Social Security and

Medicare out from under the Treasury

create a separate investment trust

that's what ball proposed he proposed

that there be within the Social Security

Administration the ability to invest

monies outside of the trust fund so we'd

go back to the trust fund button thank

you you're welcome

thank you for your ideas you do get the

last question from East Hartford

Connecticut thank you for your patience

and also being a complaint department

part of your job but it seems to me that

we have no solution for world peace

right now no one seems to have a

practical plan and we're dealing with

exactly the same situation with mass

murders there's a lot of complaints

going on everybody's being blamed but no

one is coming up with a practical

solution so I think we have I have a

practical solution it's been endorsed by

a number of people and we have some

wonderful opportunities now first of all

we have the possibility to educate

people and mass because of video

conferencing we can bring people

together and in numbers small groups

very rapidly through video conference at

virtually no cost i the group that I

have been working with for a number of

years recently was offered a a meeting

with the director of education for zoom

which is one of the major video

contouring conferencing companies and we

described our plan for world peace and

it would apply the same way to the

issues that had to do with mass

murderers that we're seeing and they

were so impressed with our program that

they immediately authorized this 50 pro

level links to start meetings around the

world and they said they would do more

for us if they like we're doing so the

bottom line here is that we do have a

method now we have a new method of

Education using this video conferencing

where we can get people to share their

ideas there is one solution that

Einstein told us the only way we'll ever

create world peace and that just that

could solve all of our problems whether

it's whether it's global warming or

pollution or whatever there's one way

that we can solve all of our problems

and that is we have to teach ourselves a

newer way of thinking where we cooperate

rather than compete and that's something

I think we can do just as we teach hate

we can teach those skills so what I'm

just suggesting here I do have written

this up in a paper and I'd like to give

it to you if that's agreeable I know

you're pretty busy but maybe morning

every year so you look at it and if a

chance I'd be happy to share the ideas

that have been accepted by a number of

people as being the answer to create

world peace and deal with this problem

okay thank you and I want to thank

everybody in the audience especially

those of you were persevere

but I also want to thank the citizens

who have showed up this evening and had

the opportunity to express themselves

you know and we're a democracy and we're

not big enough for the diversity of

opinion and then we're not a democracy

and I mean this sincerely I every time I

come out and hold one of these I learned

from the constituents I'm sworn to serve

thank you so much