Clean Energy EXPO 2019: U.S. Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers (WA)

great to see you I mean I'm excited to

be able to join you today and I'm proud

of the innovative work that you were

to promote clean sustainable energy

solutions coming from the Pacific

Northwest we're proud to be unli Turin

many of the clean energy solutions part

of the Washington state is one of the

cleanest greenest States in the country

when you look at America right now

America is leading the world in those

clean technologies the solutions and at

a time when our economy is booming I

think this is the ideal time for us to

be promoting and encouraging even more

innovative solutions we are leading the

world in bringing down carbon emissions

let's continue to show the world how

this can be done and in a way that will

continue to allow us to grow our economy

in the Pacific Northwest we are largely

have largely been dependent upon

hydropower it has been a source of clean

renewable reliable and affordable energy

we have some of the lowest electricity

rates in the country and I'm excited to

see my friends from the National

hydropower Association here today they

recently did a study on the potential of

hydro power moving forward for a lot of

people I think they think of it as

something that we did in the past but

there's there's huge potential for

hydropower moving forward we could

double hydro power in America which is

the largest renewable without building a

new dam simply by investing in the

latest technology and upgrades add the

dams only 3% of the dams produce

electricity so that is exciting and I

think we need to make sure that we're

also promoting hydropower you look at

everything from

to solar to biomass to hydrogen fuel

cells nuclear there's there's a lot of

solutions in my district I'm especially

excited right now with solutions around

biomass and cross laminated timber so in

in in my district as well as the east

are the West Coast the West Coast we are

seeing larger and larger catastrophic

wildfires many of our national forests

and the results of that is that very

many a lot of toxic emissions with those

forest fires the cross laminated timber

is a new building material and I have

two plans right now in my district we're

leading the country in cross laminated

timber the CLT plants one just got

started in May in Colville and there's

another one in Spokane Valley as you

think about enter Energy Solutions cross

laminated timber is a it's a it's an

energy solution it's a rural job

solution it's a carbon solution and it's

a healthy forest solution and I really

believe that it is part of our future so

I'm especially excited about what the

CLT plants mean he's building the cross

laminated timber is a

it's a it's a building material that is

as strong as steel and cement but could

withstand earthquakes is more flexible

it's it's really part of the building

material of the future so I'm excited

about that it's really great to see all

of the ideas that are represented here

it's not it's not it's going to take the

combination of all of these innovative

ideas to really get us to that clean

energy future that we all seek as

Americans and also around the world so

thank you for inviting me to be with you

and keep in touch let me know how I can

be helpful I'm proud to be on the Energy

and Commerce Committee where we're

working on these issues every day I'm on

the energy subcommittee and the

environment subcommittee so there's this

is a this is an exciting time so thank

you very much not a shy group