U.S. Representative Van Taylor at the 2019 NALEO Edward R. Roybal Legacy Gala

thank you all I am van Taylor I am the

newly elected congressman of Texas's

third congressional district and Sylvia

and I share an interesting honor we are

the first two members of the Texas

Senate to come to Congress since 1994

and when I was think about running for

Congress it was during the legislative

session and I got lectured over and over

again why would you take into motion and

I didn't take that advice and neither

did Sylvia and I was so excited that she

came here to join to join me in Congress

and in my first session in the Texas

Senate in 2015

Sylvia and I were actually placed seated

next to each other in the education

committee the Texas Senate's a little

different than it is here in Congress we

worked together on a bipartisan basis to

get things done together and we also get

to sit next to each other and so I had

the great pleasure sitting with her day

after day and the Senate Education

Committee actually has a hundred and

fifty hours of hearings and the members

actually go to most all the hearings and

so I had a lot of chance to listen to

Sylvia and let me tell you what she may

not say is publicly what I can tell you

because I've talked to her personally so

many times for so many years she's never

forgotten where she's from she's never


the people that she works for and she

has them in her heart and you could see

it and how she votes and how she works

and I'll give you an example in in the

last legislative session she was very

concerned about sex trafficking and she

wanted to work on that issue and she

realized that truckers saw Drive the

roads of Texas and so she came up with

the idea of Senate bill 128 which asked

for truckers to get special training to

identify human trafficking and I was

proud to stand with Sylvia to vote for

Senate bill 128 which passed unanimously

from the Texas Senate

and this is a great example of Sylvia

standing up for people who cannot stand

up for themselves and that's the kind of

person she is that who that is who she

is in her heart and although I am one of

the more conservative Republicans from

Texas and Sylvia's one of more Liberal

Democrats from Texas we are friends and

if I might say a esta mi amiga so thank

you for being my friend thank you for

being my mentor it is a distinct honor

to work with you and congratulations on

this ward it is enormous ly

well-deserved congratulations my friend