DR. STRANGE 2 VILLAIN REVEALED Marvel Phase 4 Multiverse Baron Mordo Confirmed

what's going on guys welcome to

everything always my name's michael

roman now ever since it was revealed

that doctor strange 2 would indeed be

titled in the multiverse of madness

there's been a ton of conjecture about

who the main antagonist and protagonists

of the film would be

maybe even one in the same in scarlet

witch as we know a

that will be a direct lead in and b we

know what happens when scarlet witch

sort of loses it

opening the door almost allegorically

for a villain like nightmare to actually

be behind the scenes or as most

conjectured recently

even mephisto which we know marvel

studios in the mcu

have been looking to use as a villain

since the earliest parts of the avengers

but of course there's one villain in


that hasn't been seen in the mcu since

doctors change one

and now recently that actors not only

confirmed his involvement in

reappearance in doctor strange too

but given some other details of that

we're going to break down what chewie

tell edu4 said in his most recent


about the upcoming doctor strange sequel

and any other small detail he revealed

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again there

so in an interview with

about an upcoming different comic book

series that's the old guard it'll be on

netflix this summer actually next

month it was originally published by

image comics the same actor who plays

baron mordo

chubby hotel eg04 has a role in that but

of course

while in an interview with

they had to ask about doctor strange too

now interestingly enough

one of the first questions they asked

and led off with was where was baron

mordo during the events of avengers

infinity war

and endgame as last we saw him in doctor

strange one

he was intent on wiping all of the

sorcerers off the face of the earth

to which he replied all will be revealed

meaning we might get to see some


some fill in during the avengers

infinity saga to see what was going on

with him before we see him in doctor

strange too

then he went on to talk about the

involvement of sam raimi now as the


with the film quote he's coming on and

i'm very very excited about that

obviously we've been sort of interrupted

as the whole world has been in the

pandemic but hopefully

we are back on track with that and

continuing quite soon

so i'm very excited about it and this is

great news considering that film would

have been in production

this month and now we've heard rumors

coming from just a couple of days ago

bruce campbell who will most likely have

a cameo in that film as he does in most

of sam raimi's film saying that they

might not be back to production until


either way there's some implications

here if bear mordo is back

as a villain in any capacity to continue

the narrative and through line

from doctor strange one he's probably

not gonna be there in a fringe capacity

think about what i just said his whole

bend if you remember from doctor strange


was eradicating sorceress from earth and

his scarlet witch

becomes more powerful more in tune with

her powers

and of course starts to learn the scope

of everything she can do

it would make sense that she would be

raised on his list almost to number one

as someone he wanted to take out but if

in the meantime she's already started to

open doors in the multiverse of madness

to let someone like mephisto through

then there could obviously be an even

bigger problem at hand

either way i think a lot of us

overlooked baron mordo and we hadn't

heard any confirmation

that he would be back in the film

actually quite to the contrary some

reports had

chewie tell edgar for departing from the

franchise and had no idea what was going

to happen with his character in lieu of


it seems as though that was never the

case he's been involved the entire time

and we are very looking forward to here

at the channel

continuing his storyline as baron mordo

is one of those deeper villains from the


whose story has definitely not been told

yet in the mcu

and as we've been focused on bigger

villains for this next installment

of doctor strange and the multiverse of

madness it could be the case

that bear mordo was the obvious villain

the entire time guys let me know all

your thoughts down below in the comments

who would you like to see as the villain

mephisto would you want nightmare and or

is bear mordo enough for you

if they use him to his full capacity i'm

all ears let me know your thoughts down


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