Voice Evolution of FRED FLINTSTONE Compared & Explained - 60 Years | CARTOON EVOLUTION

in this series we have discussed the

60-year evolution and history of

everyone's favorite Stone Age family The

Flintstones but we have yet to cover is

the evolution all that the characters

voices in this video we'll be focusing

on at the head of the family Fred


Fred is a character who has had a number

of multi-generational voice artists

beginning with vaudeville radio and

television actor Alan Reed who took up

the role at the beginning of the

original series in 1960 and Boston in a

number of television spin-offs and

specials until his death in 1977 with

the Flintstones inspired by classic

1950s sitcom at the honeymooners rebased

friend's voice after series a lead

character Ralph

played by Jackie Gleason are you not

just something stayed on the 18th

amendment you mean stand on the Fifth

Amendment don't you get it we got a go

to town fall and back

Freed's famous catchphrase also drew

inspiration from a popular slogan of the

time saying in his autobiography that he

ad-libbed the phrase in place of the

scripted Yahoo at an early recording

session and supposedly based it on the

well-known Brylcreem slogan with

Brylcreem a little that'll do you

following the death of Reid in 1977

voice actor Henry Corden took over the

role though he had been supplementing

read singing voicing cartoon since 1966

Corden did so for 23 years not counting

the ten years of sporadic supplementary

work and is currently the characters

longest serving voice actor while

prolific voice artist Jeff Bergman has

been voicing the character officially

for the last 20 years in series and

specials a number of other artists have

done so on a more irregular basis in

commercials and other supplementary

material including the lights of Scott

Ennis james arnold taylor and maurice

lamarche while scott men Ville and Lenny

wine room provided his youthful voice in

at the Flintstones kids series legendary

voice artists and hanna-barbera stapled

doors butler even provided the

character's voice in an only fun stones

test or pilot which will also be spotlit

here fred has also been portrayed in

live-action by John Goodman in the 1994

film at the Flintstones and my

and II in its 2000 sequel The

Flintstones in Viva rock Vegas in this

video we will explore the voice artists

who have brought Fred to life in major

productions including television series

especial and feature films

additionally spotlighting notable

supplementary material such as

television commercials without further

comment from myself I will allow the

voice artist to guide you through Fred

Flintstone's voice evolution in this

companion edition of cartoon evolution


what are you made up for you can't lose

you'll neither Spearin or don't die

laughing Barney boy you're making it

tough to be friends what are you you

can't lose your spirit more they'll die

laughs to be good neighbors

I got a hobby it's peace and quiet on

Sunday step aside Pagliacci once the

captain warms up I'm home let's see

before mrs. Flintstone wins 10,000 bucks

she better shave this is every night for

a week now granite it's time we had a

man to Mouse talk you're so cheap you

look over the top of your glasses to

keep from wearing them out now see no

down boys now it's me the Lord

mr. embrace mr. granite you are nothing

but a short bald disagreeable old slave

driving solo

good day gentlemen I love see you in the

medical journals and going Barney

right out the front door The Flintstones

are gonna have a baby


yeah and just as fearless as we are I

sure did I'm gonna see mr. slate first

thing Tuesday and pay back the four

bucks I borrowed



you dock you should know your psychology

right mom will save 10 minutes gone home

this way are you sure it's a real

genuine imitation diamond necklace a

little louder please ender speak into

the flour what all made easy oh gee I'm


honey looks like I broke where's that

masterpiece you make well the first

thing we gotta do is tell Betty a grab

Barney and let's hop over to their house

I hope my eardrums and bamm-bamm get on

I mean mr. slate what a nice surprise

go ahead lab least when I get fired I do

it in the comfort of my own Hall yeah

yeah I think so falling asleep I dropped

by insulted a bunch of people tomorrow

it's gonna be I know you're gonna think

this is silly but I know that somewhere

when all these black rocks as a secret

and if I break enough somewhere in one

of them I'll find that sacred I can feel

it my balls do you mean if the supplies

are available everybody knows there's

more guests now than there ever was

hurry down at the station he knows the

story that is not a hat it's a reminder

for me never to put that ball on the top

shelf of the hall closet then only do

you believe in everything you hear you

believe in everything you see okay Dino

I'm gonna catch us a batch of yummy fish

while you set up camp yabba-dabba-doo

they know I left you in charge of the

food what are we gonna eat I'm starving

oh boy we got a real lunar one on hands

you know something I think I was made

for this job I know it trying to spy on

us of all the low miserable cheap butch

League tricks Ernie you're his name is

Willman Betty a trap door the lab that

frankenstone dummy it's all part of the

act like the funhouse at the amusement


Jenna changing

property right down the drain

bad news come on duck I can take it how

much time do I have left

oh yeah that's right

Mac the next one out of the ballpark

mean we want Wilma back home don't wait

up for me Wilma I have a lot of work to

do tonight yeah it's not much time left

until tomorrow's race

that's the girls find out I know what

they would have done they were to kill

this that's what they would have yeah

yeah but now I can pay for the wedding

six months hey that's practically

tomorrow pebbly-poo this is the best

thing I've heard since you said I yeah

well I got bad news the anti social

workers tell us the lack tight

took Stoney away mails awfully warm in

here crack it have you been using all my

coal again ghosts and this is nothing

but my imagination like I said nothing

but a bit of bad leftover gruel I'm

going to bed oh come now Wilma you

really don't know you are your

dim-witted skull Wilma and I are getting

along better than we ever have so

therefore we're not gonna say another

word about it

get me thanks Diego one more heck Johnny

this is pebbles my daughter who I assume

is going to have dinner waiting for me


look here Bravo you can save your life

and mine

getting out of town right now was just

an appetizer folks now it's time for the

main event now we're getting somewhere

I just need to do something about them

slacks I've had it with you kids and

your shenanigans you are both grounded

until further notice we'll miss running

errands and I need to get back to work

but I have just the thing to make sure

you to stay put well my buddy and me we

want to open a couple of small

businesses get a couple of concerns

going and we want to make sure that we

do everything real nice and legitimate

like right well I'm real disappointed to

hear that Harvey real disappointed but

it's your decision you're the one who's

gonna have to live with it I can't

understand this I'm just a regular

working guy he's supposed to be in the

kitchen all day

you see shoes on it no that's fine

what's a wife know about the things we

men do I think heavy duty how's the

reception now so tell me is it true you

do more breaks than anyone and you

guarantee all your work very funny

trust the - touch



funny is mine say Wilma have you heard

about the Michael Jackson concert I

don't get it we followed directions to

the letter uh uh no um because I already

have the best idea I've ever come up

with kids have to remind grown-ups


listen to big shots feet not Fred

Flinstone let's play golf we can

prioritize conceptualize and tenderize

executive li yours Fred now see in this

cave you have every right to know my

queen and that's another thing enough

with a dum-dum my name is Fred

Flintstone Stone I can't give her this

measly ring look at her house girl like

this is used to the best of everything

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