The Voice of "SONIC" Ben Schwartz

what are you man I'm doing awesome good

nice to meet you good to meet you your

voice little Bob Barker you get by wow

you look so young for no no no I'm like

a hundred years old

I feel you great your voice is

absolutely perfect than this oh thanks

man um how did you be so consistent in

its inflections and everything to Sonic

is um I could see myself it's so weird

to see me oh this is great okay I guess

I haven't seen myself yet okay that's

fine right you look awesome and you

sound even better oh great thank you um

yeah the way that I kind of kept it

consistent is we would do a lot of takes

until we really found it and then

because I was really passionate about

the movie and the character I would even

come back and ask Jeff is it okay if I

listen to what I've done in the past and

keep going and maybe try some other

stuff because when you're just a voice

in it it doesn't cost as much money you

don't have there are no sets I just get

in the same booth so we we doubled up

and Jeff Fowler was incredibly creative

with us so I was able to keep going and

keep trying to find stuff until we

basically locked the film since you're

so old and you played Sonic I'm a

hundred years old

yeah thank you the same and every

version you played is it a trip to a be

the voice of Sonic it's incredible and

also it's like the second I got the role

I got sonic mania I went and beat Sonic

1 and 2 on the genesis mini again it was

just fun to be like oh my goodness I get

to be a part of this like legacy history

oh and the voice-over actors that a

played sound from the past are all

classic incredible voice actors so I

felt very lucky to be a part of it oh

well the best way I tell you you know

when you play the game

it goes Sega me and Jeff Fowler recorded

my voice in ten different octaves and

did it so we had a beautiful like big

crazy say good thing but they didn't put

it in the movie maybe there'll be a

bonus feature on something like that you

know what's cool they like you for your

looks and your voice do they cuz they

just put my voice in they're great on

you bro thank you