The Winner of the Voice Season 16 Is Revealed! - The Voice Live Finale 2019

-And we are back, and this is it, everybody.

For one of these two incredible artists, Gyth and Maelyn,

their lives are about to change forever.

We'll get to the announcement here in just a second.

Let me go to their coaches. Blake, I'll start with you.

Congrats on a great season.

You had three here in the finale.

But give us some words -- possibly some final words --

here for Gyth.

-Dear God, I don't know what's gonna happen

is one of the things.

This is stressful.

Buddy, this has been a hell of a run for you.

No matter what happens, you guys both are incredible.

I couldn't be happier for either one of you.

I couldn't be. This calls for a drink.

That's all I can say. It calls for a drink.

[ Laughs ]

-John, congratulations on a great first season

here on "The Voice," having Maelyn in the finale.

It's awesome.

What would you like to say to her now?

-Will you let me finish this time, Carson?

-Yes, I will.

-Maelyn, I'm just so grateful

I got to work with you all this time.

You could have chosen any of us to coach you, and you chose me.

And it's been such a

wonderful, wonderful, thrilling experience to work with you.

Thank you. [ Cheers and applause ]

-Coaches, great season.

Thank you so much, Kelly and Adam, as well,

and to all of our artists.

But with two minutes left, the time has come,

the moment we've all been waiting for.

I hope you're ready. Here we go!

[ Cheers and applause ] ♪♪

The winner of "The Voice" is...

Maelyn Jarmon, Team John Legend!

[ Cheers and applause ]

You've won "The Voice." Congratulations.

-Yeah! -Oh, my God!

-How about a big hand for Maelyn

and all four of our finalists tonight?

Gyth Rigdon, best of luck to you.

You are a true talent.