A Família Von Trapp - Harmonia e Discórdia (Tradução)

from a Andy this is my ography

their remarkable story inspired one of

America's best loved musicals the Von

Trapp family lost a fortune fled from

Hitler and then started a new life in

the hills of Vermont each year more than

a hundred thousand tourists visit those

hills to see the lodge immortalized in

The Sound of Music

but while the movie version remains a

classic Levon traps were hardly the

perfect family portrayed by Hollywood

and Maria von Trapp was far different

from the Julie Andrews version right now

The Sound of Music is back on Broadway

Von Trapps are in there Vermont Lodge

welcoming visitors eager to meet the

real family behind the Rodgers and

Hammerstein's fantasy

are alive with the sound of music

with the sound of music is one of the

most beloved musical films of all time

it is the story of the Von Trapp family

a sweet governess the Stern father and

seven motherless children but the Von

Trapps were not just a Hollywood

creation they were a real family of

professional singers and they couldn't

have been more different than their

on-screen counterparts the real Maria

wasn't sweet the captain wasn't Stern

and the ten children worked so hard they

had little time for anything else

the real Von Trapps survived loss

hardship and family upheaval drama left

untold in The Sound of Music

now plans are far

the real Georg von trapp was indeed a

Navy captain born into the Austrian

aristocracy he joined the Navy as a

young man and quickly rose through the

ranks to become a submarine captain in

1914 world war engulfed Europe and Georg

von trapp was sent to clear the Austrian

seacoast of enemy ships he was quite

successful and by the end of the war

Georg was awarded highest military

honors and the title of Baron he was a

national hero but a naval hero had no

place in the new Austria by November of

1918 Austria was defeated the captain

returned home to a country that had been

forced to surrender its coastline and

its Navy so there was no Navy and people

like Gil contra lost their livelihood

they lost the way of looking at things

it meant the loss of a culture it meant

the complete breakdown of what they had

stood for fought for lived for with the

Navy gone Georg lost all ambition only

38 years old he would never work again

fortunately Georg didn't need to work

his wife Agatha came from an enormous

Lea wealthy family and had inherited a

huge fortune

so Georg returned home to their seaside

villa to live the quiet life of an

aristocrat with his wife and their seven

children but the quiet was not to last

both his wife Agatha and middle daughter

Maria nicknamed Mitzi were struck with

scarlet fever Mitzi recovered Agatha

did not 31 year old Agatha Whitehead von

trapp died September 3rd 1922 she left

behind seven small children the youngest

was not yet one trying to put the past

behind them

Georg moved his family away from the sea

to a new home in Salzburg but nothing

seemed to help

it was awful of course for us in all I

think for a child the pain is very deep

of course we missed her terribly the

family limped along for four years until

one day a young woman arrived at their

house and changed everything

her name was Maria Augusta cuchara the

new governess for the Von Trapp children

she had been sent from the local convent

Nonnberg Abbey but for Maria cuchara it

was a reluctant assignment all of 21

years old Maria had dreamed of becoming

a nun and living her life within the

walls of Nonnberg

number Gabby had given Maria the first

loving home she'd ever had she never

really knew her own parents before she

turned 3 her mother was dead of

pneumonia and her father had deserted

her Maria was left in the care of an

elderly uncle who beat her constantly

whether she behaved or not and young

Maria never behaved she played hooky

lied compulsively and when she did go to

school she was always in trouble as a

teenager Maria did attend church

regularly but only to hear the free

music she was not a practicing Catholic

but on one occasion a priest convinced

her to give her first confession and it

changed her life Maria spent hours in

the confessional and when the priest

finally pronounced all of her sins

absolved Maria experienced such relief

she decided to dedicate her life to God

by becoming a nun she headed straight to

Nonnberg Abbey she did everything not to

a hundred percent but a hundred and ten


so having having found a religious

belief in her late teens she immediately

wanted to devote her life to God and

wanted to enter the strictest convent


before Nonnberg would accept her as a

nun in training Maria had to prove

herself worthy she tried to live a life

of silence and subjugation but she could

not seem to control herself she ran

everywhere whistled and made others

laugh it soon became clear that the

irrepressible Maria was ill-suited for

the life of a nun and she would never

get the chance one morning the Reverend

Mother called for her a wealthy widower

was looking for a governess and the

Reverend Mother had chosen Maria it was

the will of God Maria was told for her

to leave the abbey to work at the Von

Trapp home Maria was crushed she had

come to love her life at Nonnberg but

there was nothing she could do so on a

late summer day in 1926 Maria took a bus

to the other side of Salzburg and

entered a world of wealth and luxury

unlike anything she had ever known when

she came into the house we didn't know

what to do with her she had a horrible

dress on you know but very soon we took

to her because she she sang lots of

songs in fact Maria was just what the

gloomy von Trapp family needed she took

the children on mountain hikes and long

bike rides through town and she got all

seven children to sing together as a

group and so we enjoyed singing together

and wherever we went we had to go

everybody because she wanted to sing we

needed Dayna alto tenor and bass you

know so we always worked together and it

sort of melted us together to Vina the

children and Maria seemed to be made for

each other even Georg seemed a happier

man with Maria in the house then one


Georg took Maria by complete surprise

out of the blue he asked her to become

the second mother to his children

without responding Maria immediately

returned to Nonnberg to ask the Reverend

mother for advice the Reverend mother

told her it was indeed the will of God

that she marry the captain and Maria had

been trained at Nonnberg always to

follow the will of God even if it meant

a loveless marriage on November 26th

1927 Georg and Maria were married the

captain was 47 and the new Baroness 22 I

didn't love him I loved the children

Maria wrote later and so in a way I

really married the children but the

children were not so happy with the new

arrangement I didn't want my father to

marry her although I liked her you know

as a bigger sister to stay with us you

know but I loved my mother so much that

I didn't want him to marry again ever in

the beginning Maria tried to take on the

quiet persona of the Barons first wife

but quiet was not for her when she got

angry she stood at the top of the steps

and yelled through anything within reach

and slammed doors sometimes she did not

know why she was so angry but then like

a thunder stop goes away the Sun comes

out and then you know it tries to forget

she reserved most of her anger for her


but Georg would only respond quietly and

then take weeks to recover from her

attacks but for better for worse

Maria was part of the family and before

long Maria became a mother in her own

right adding three children to the


rosemary Eleanor and then a boy named

Johannes and as time went by maria

admitted that she had grown to love her

husband and to rely on his calming

influence the Von Trapps lived a

comfortable routine but in an instant

everything would change in September

1932 the bank with all of the family

savings had failed and their wealth was

gone forever

the Von Trapps once had more money than

they could ever spend and now they faced

ruined baron von Trapp had once had it

all and now it seemed that everything

was falling away by 1932 his wealth his

beloved first wife and his Navy career

were gone now Georg could barely support

his family but still he refused to work

work you know for these people is full

of contact you know it's it's work is

for the underlings but something had to

be done

so Georg tried to cut costs dismissing

most of the servants and closing two

floors of the house to make it easier to

maintain soon the entire family of

eleven was grand into a few rooms on the

third floor so it didn't bother us but

for my father must have been terrible

you know how how am I going to feed and

school and dress and whatnot nine


Georg worried but did little else

so Maria took charge she began renting

the empty rooms to students and priests

from the Catholic University and now

every time the family sang they had an

audience and the critical one at that

one of the priests always had

suggestions on how they could do better

his name was father France Vossler

himself an amateur musician

so with Maria's approval father vast nur

became the family's spiritual leader and

musical director each day he led the Von

Trapps in prayer and then put them

through grueling choral singing lessons

sometimes lasting up to six hours and

before long they began to sound like a

professional choir one afternoon

lotty layman a friend of the family and

quite a famous opera singer heard the

Von Trapps in the practice session and

when she heard a sing she said

children you have gold in your throat

and I think maybe that gave them my

second Multi idea we could earn money no

best singing you know Maria saw a golden

opportunity and the very next day she

added the family group into a local

singing contest they called themselves

the Salzburg Trapp choir a family choir

was quite a novelty and a hit with the

judges the Von Trapps won first prize

and their career was launched within

months they received more offers to

perform than they knew what to do with

but Georg was appalled by the idea of

his family performing for money gear

from truck being against his family

performing is as much his faith in what

an aristocrats family must not do at all

you don't do it for money money stinks

you have it right but you don't earn it

for work yeah my father didn't really

like the idea of performing for money

but I think he got used to the idea

necessity changes one's point of view in

in many ways the Von Trapps needed the

money so late in 1936 the Salzburg Trapp

choir set off on a European tour

they sang for kings and queens and even

the Pope audiences could hardly believe

that an entire family could sing so well

and their classical and folk repertoire

struck in the stodgy chord then the Von

Trapps received the special request they

were asked to sing at the birthday

celebration of one of the most powerful

heads of state in Europe Adolphe Hitler

by the time the Von Trapps had received

this invitation

Adolf Hitler had already made his

political goals clear he would reunite

the german-speaking countries and

reassert German preeminence at any cost

and on March 12 1938 Nazi troops crossed

into neighboring Austria and Hitler

summarily announced Angelis the union of

Austria with Germany most Austrians

received the Nazis with great enthusiasm

but not the Von Trapps my family was

strongly opposed to to the Nazi Party

and the the National Socialist Movement

my father believed in in Austria is a

separate country it's own country the

Von Trapps may not have liked the Nazis

but the Nazis were very interested in

the Von Trapps

in fact they asked Georg to join the

German Navy and Rupert the eldest son

just out of medical school was offered a

top position in a Vienna Hospital to

replace a Jewish doctor

they were sorely tempted particularly

gay or who yearned to be back in charge

of a submarine but in the end the Von

Trapps unanimously decided to decline

all offers from the Nazis and then they

went a step further rather than remain

under Nazi rule the entire Von Trapp

family along with father Vossler chose

to leave Austria

they left behind their belongings their

home everything they knew but they would

not have to climb any mountains to

escape instead they walked to their

local train station and got on the first

train bound for Italy the Von Trapps

would never return to their home the

aristocrats were now refugees

the Von Trapps had left behind all that

remained of their wealth when they

abandoned their home and country to

escape Hitler now they carried with them

everything they owned one suitcase each

of clothes and their concert gear the

family made their way from Austria

through Italy and then on to London and

from there they set out across the

Atlantic the Von Trapps had risk

everything and the cost of their voyage

left them nearly penniless and now their

lives hinged on the success of the Trapp

Family Singers success that would have

to be won in a new and very different

country America

but when at last they arrived in New

York their hopes were quickly dashed the

immigration officer thought we were

planning to stay illegally and off to

Ellis Island we went and that was a

quite an experience to be in a place

where the doors have no handles on your

side just bolts they waited in detention

at Ellis Island for three anxious days

finally a member of the National

Catholic Welfare conference heard of

their plight and saw to it that the Von

Trapps were set free upon arriving in

New York City

Marija hastily arranged a number of

concert dates and the family set off but

they were not well received and the

Trapp Family Singers barely made enough

to scrape by so Maria decided they

needed some help she wanted a manager

who would make the Trapp family choir a

success she set her sights on one of the

best freddy shang but shang was not at

all interested the Von Trapps he said

they had no charming smile no rude looks

and no commercial appeal but Maria

wouldn't take no for an answer

and finally Shang acquiesced he agreed

to take on the family after Maria agreed

to his conditions everyone had the wear

makeup and relaxed while on stage and

they had to change the name of the group

to something less churchy the Trapp

family choir became the Trapp Family

Singers but still they were hopelessly

somber on stage and they wore clothes

that made them look more like refugees

and entertainers in Europe concerts are

very formal so my family would stand

there very formally and sing bow and try

to smile and sing some more the family

didn't really loosen up until one night

a fly flew into Maria's mouth during a

then she turned to the audience when she

had recovered and she said what has

happened never before has happened now I

swallowed a fly and audience came down

they loved it she began to realize that

they liked communication from the stage

this would be the turning point for the

Trapp Family Singers they learned to

connect with their audiences and their

popularity soared they became the most

heavily booked concert act of their day

in every concert that I ever saw there

was a real piece that came on the

audience the peace and the joy would

increase particularly with the folk

songs the Von Trapps toured eight months

a year traveling in their brand-new

family bus all across the continent

they're ancient choral arrangements and

folk songs were a hit with highbrow

music lovers everywhere audiences were

swept away by the concept of a mother

and ten children all of whom could sing

together and they would drag on little

Johannes who was then about five or six

years old blonde with bangs and he would

make a very awkward stiff bow and then

the Baron came out and took a bow for

being the father of so many children

having ten children was now the

captain's one and only claim to fame he

didn't sing with the group and though

he'd offered his services to the US Navy

they had turned him down

still the Baron played an important

emotional role with the family he cared

for the younger children tended to the

sick and seemed to keep the entire

family on an even keel well my mother

was the the bundle of energy and in her

relationship with my father I I get the

feeling that she was the engine and he

was kind of the governor that that

guided it and controlled it and directed

it I think that they were very well

matched in that regard

my mother definitely needed someone to

hold her down at times

Georg was the anchor but Maria was in

charge and she insisted on togetherness

year-round the Von Trapps sang and ate

and prayed together they had little time

as individuals little time to forage

outside relationships I think my mother

discouraged socializing outside the


because she could see that the moment

one of my siblings married there would

be children and other responsibilities

and that would take them away from the

family choir not only did the Von Trapp

children have little contact for the

outside world they just didn't have the

money to strike out on their own their

earnings went straight to the collective

family bank account and they lived ever

so frugally the family that once relied

on a bevy of servants now relied only on

themselves by 1942 they had saved enough

money to purchase the first real home

they'd had since leaving Austria four

years earlier

they had fallen in love with a piece of

land in the mountains above Stowe

Vermont that reminded them of the view

from their Salzburg mansion but the new

home wasn't just a place to relax

between tours Maria insisted they turn

their new land into a working farm Maria

came up with the plans and her children

carried them out they built their own


milk the cows produced maple syrup

planted harvested aid they even started

their own summer music camp and each

week taught dozens of people from around

the country the Von Trapp style of folk

dancing and singing she would have an

idea a minute you know whole projects

would jump fully built out into her

imagination and then she couldn't get

them done fast enough which was

wonderful for her but sometimes very

strenuous for those that were working

with her she was a dominant woman she

was dominant in my life I mean she'd

persuade me to do things which I never

thought I would do she would call me on

a Sunday morning and say dear Alex only

you can do this I need a hundred iron

bedsteads or I need to dray horses or I

need 18 dozen unbreakable coffee cups

with a Nadel vise design and I would go

out and get them Maria was so busy

directing the family projects she had

little time for anything else but early

in 1945 her publicist

Alex Williamson suggested that she write

a book about the Trapp Family Singers to

help promote the group

mariya protested at first but then began

work in earnest often writing late into

the night Maria had high expectations

for the Trapp Family Singers when it was

published in 1949 and it sold amazingly

well it did so well in fact that it

caught the attention of a Hollywood

producer and he offered Madame Baroness

a large sum of money and she said I will

not have anybody playing me but myself

so she turned it down Maria could afford

the turn away offers the Von Trapp

Family Singers were making good money on

the concert tour and they were on a roll

until on the West Coast leg of their

1947 tour Georg

took sick his entire body wracked by an

uncontrollable cough which left him so

tired he could barely stand years of

inhaling exhaust fumes on primitive

submarines had left his lungs in

terrible shape and they were giving out

on him a chest x-ray revealed lung

cancer it was inoperable we were all in

the room with him my father trying to

breathe and having a hard time breathing

and then finally there was just the

silence georg ritter von Trapp died May

30th 1947 he was 67 years old his family

buried him in a plot next to the house

the flag from his u-boat draped across

his body

the captain whose gentle firm way had

held the family together was gone and

without him the family would begin to

come apart Georg von Trapp was dead and

Maria found herself consumed with

depression and guilt throughout the


Maria's temper had gotten the better of


and now she lamented the way she had

treated her husband well she had a

volatile temper and I think she

regretted the times that she blew up but

she missed him she didn't realize while

it was alive

what a quiet guidance he gave without

that guidance Maria could not keep up

her tight hold on the family and trouble

began to brew the children were now

mostly in their 20s and 30s and they

wanted to strike out on their own but

Maria would have none of it

Maria put a lot of pressure on the

children to stay in the group and kept

them so busy with their chores which

they had to do as members of the group

that they had little time for lives of

their own and they resented that weather

on their tour bus or working their

mountain farm Maria had kept the

children isolated from the outside world

rosemary Maria's eldest child suffered

the most constant stage fright and the

devastating sense of loneliness had

taken its toll I had a hard time

communicating at that time with my

family and my the pressure became very

great in my head and one night I just

ran out and thought maybe I don't know

maybe I'd find relief it had only been

four months since her father's death

when 18 year-old rosemary dashed out of

the house and disappeared into the

Vermont woods her family looked

everywhere but the moonless night

revealed nothing

three days later she was spotted

wandering across a farmer's field cold

hungry and disoriented

Maria was at a loss she could see only

two options for rosemary a convent or a

mental hospital she opted for then

experimental treatment electroshock

therapy Maria thought she was doing what

was best

rosemary never returned to the singing

group she was the first to leave the

next to go was 29 year-old johanna von

trapp who in 1948 decided to do

something her three older sisters had

never even dreamed of she announced she

was going to get married Maria was

furious in her eyes leaving the choir

meant compromising the entire family's

ability to earn a living and Maria had

no intention of allowing that to happen

she locked Johanna in her bedroom and

would not let her out it was not made

easy for the first girl who got married

because she was at that time the first


but Johanna would not submit to her

mother any longer she waited until just

before dawn climbed out her second-story

window and eloped with her boyfriend it

was a shock it was a shock and so then

we just regrouped and I was sent to have

voice lessons and that was that still

Johannes bold action paved the way for

other von Trapp children to leave the

choir and soon Maria was forced to hire

professional singers to keep the group


but it was clear that the Trapp Family

Singers could not continue much longer

so indomitable Maria came up with

another way for the family to make money

during the 1950's Americans fell in love

with the sport Europeans had been doing

for centuries skiing the Von Trapps home

was located right in the heart of

Vermont ski country and Maria saw the

potential of turning the family home in

the whisky Lodge we sort of eased into

it without really ever making a

conscious decision to go into the hotel

business and then we saw what we were in

the hotel business and we might as well

formalize it and call it the Trapp

Family Lodge but the Trapp Family Lodge

wasn't turning a profit and in January

1956 after nearly 20 years together the

Trapp Family Singers finally disbanded

the family debt began to mount so when a

german production company offered to buy

the rights to Maria's book this time she

couldn't say no without consulting her


Maria agreed to sell the rights to her

book for a flat fee of $9,000 she would

have no share in any of the profits to

come my mother never was very good with

business deals she was too impatient for

one thing she didn't have time for

negotiating and didn't like having an

agent it was a very poor deal time would

show just how bad a deal it really was

when the German filmed the Trop Familia

opened throughout Europe in 1956 it was

an overnight box-office sensation it was

so popular in fact that it was released

in the United States before long the

movie caught the attention of a

well-known theatre actress Mary Martin

Mary Martin was clearly a Broadway star

I don't think they make them today like

they did then I mean she looked for

vehicles and Mary Martin saw the Von

Trapp story as her next vehicle soon

producers were working to develop a

musical they planned to call the singing

heart they assembled a Broadway dream

team consisting of playwrights Howard

Lindsay and Russell Kraus composer

Richard Rogers and lyricist Oscar

Hammerstein Broadway's brightest stars

set the work on the show that Richard

Rodgers would rename the Sound of Music

when the producers met with Maria to

discuss their project they were

astonished to learn that she had given

up all control over her own story when

she sold the rights to the makers of de

trop Familia as a goodwill gesture they

offered her a small royalty 3/8 of 1%

which Maria gratefully accepted

The Sound of Music opened on Broadway on

November 16 1959 Maria wore a dress that

Mary Martin had sent her leaving behind

her trademark Austrian costume for just

one night but Maria wasn't the only Von

Trapp to get a makeover the play itself

left behind the real Von Trapp story in

favor of splashy Broadway drama you know

motifs and how much then did not want to

make a documentary film they took some

events from our life and made their own

story and I always have the feeling they

took the raisins out of a doll and made

a new doll around even though the show

took great liberties with the truth

Maria proudly considered The Sound of

Music her story the baroness von Trapp

came to the musical and when Mary Martin

came out to take her bow Maria von Trapp

stood up also which was a surprise but a

great plus for the audience Maria loved

the attention but still there was one

aspect of the show that made her quite

unhappy she did not like the way my

father was portrayed because he was a

much kinder person he was not the

martinet that they made him out to be

and that's the part that none of us

liked because we knew him and we know

him for who he was The Sound of Music

would run on Broadway for 1442 more

performances a huge success

but for the Von Trapps it was just the

beginning their fame would reach

unbelievable proportions as soon as the

Hollywood version of their story hit the

silver screen raindrops on roses and

whiskers on kittens bright copper

kettles and warm woolen mittens brown

paper packages tied up with Springs

the Broadway success of The Sound of

Music did not go unnoticed in Hollywood

in June of 1960 20th Century Fox paid

the unheard-of sum of 1.25 million

dollars for the rights to turn the stage

play into a movie when Maria learned

that a film adaptation was in the works

she began lobbying the director Robert

Wise to soften the portrayal of her

husband Weis refused the play worked as

it was he said but Maria would not be

entirely shut out of the new production

in her typically bold style Maria showed

up insults purr while the film was being

shot and demanded the part this time

wise gave in the real Maria was allowed

to serve as an extra in a scene with the

Hollywood Maria Julie Andrews for three

hours Maria walked back and forth across

an archway as the director shot take

after take little did she know that she

would be nearly unrecognizable when the

movie hit the screen The Sound of Music

opened in theaters across the country in

March of 1965

live with the sound of music

and it immediately became the most

popular movie in America audiences

everywhere were swept away by the sweet

story of the Von Trapps why are you this

much trouble at the Abbey Oh much more


hmm when Maria first saw The Sound of


she too found herself pulled into the

drama a little more than most I think

the wedding scene just so enveloped her

she actually got out of her seat and

walked down the aisle thinking she was

going to go forward to marry my father

again she did that in movies or plays

she would become part of the story and

this story wasn't very hard for her to

become part of especially at that point

still Maria could not forget her deal

with the German production company when

she signed away the rights to her book

she unwittingly signed away the chance

to be a multi-millionaire The Sound of

Music was bringing in a flood of money

but not for the Von Trapps I don't know

where the millions roll but they don't

roll into our pocket but I tell you

something which is much more the people

love us our name is not forgotten

because of the sound of music even get

sometimes a first-class seat in the

plane it is what is available you know

it and it's it's one of her it may not

have made the Von Trapps rich but the

success of the sound of music made Maria

a celebrity

she went on variety shows lecture tours

radio shows and talk shows

it was bollocks bro these are finicky

what I saw hurts me twinkle Vaughn

McKnight stop diary while her children

now enjoyed staying put after years of

traveling on the concert tour Maria

never seemed to slow down she loved to

travel she loved to interact with

audiences she was similar to politicians

who you know shake hands with 2,000

people and seemed to have drawn energy

from it rather than lost it the more

people she was with the happier she was

but of course in those last year's that

wasn't the case anymore and it was it

was very difficult Maria had suffered a

number of small strokes her heart was

weak and her memory failing then in

March of 1987 she slipped into a coma

and with her daughter Eleanor at her

bedside she breathed her last breath

and I as a child had always thought she

was going to have a very dramatic death

because she was such a dramatic woman

but she had a very peaceful death

Maria cuchara Von Trapp died March 28

1987 at the age of 82 she was buried in

the family plot next to her husband the

stone's throw from the Trapp family


by sheer force of will Maria had kept

her family together and made them a

success even when all odds seemed

stacked against them and in the end she

helped make the von Trapp family known

all around the world the film and the

play have been such a powerful force in

so many people's lives I mean I a lot of

people have told me that when they're

really unhappy really desperate they

rent that video and sit down and watch

it and then they can go on with their

lives what what do you say to someone

after that the sound of music continues

to win over the hearts of new

generations on March 12 1998 the revival

of the stage play opened on Broadway and

the Von Trapps were greeted as if they

were the stars of the show

but the Broadway revival is not the only

production keeping the von trapp name

alive it is one of the top two shows

done in high schools every year across

America its success just keeps going in

fact there are 500 to 600 different

productions of The Sound of Music

mounted anew every year around the world

while the world may remember the Von

Trapps for The Sound of Music the Von

Trapps take pride in their own

accomplishments as the Trapp Family

Singers many people think we the only

yodels we sang classical music so you

know we had a good music and a big


I know

it was an experience to be able to sing

in that group really I have been asked

to join other groups I can't I can't

it's just it was unique what we had

at the moment the hills of Vermont are

alive with the sound of bickering two

branches of the Von Trapp family are

feuding over money

one group claims it is owed three

million dollars by the other their

family squabble has made it all the way

to the Vermont State Supreme Court

meanwhile the revival of The Sound of

Music is playing the sellout crowds on


it opened exactly 60 years after German

troops marched into Austria the event

that started the Von Trapps on their

amazing adventure