Who was the walrus?



first line written on one acid trip one

weekend second line written on the next

attitude the next weekend and

subsequently filled in work after I met

Yoko I was running through the house and

I just typed on the typewriter I am here

as your ears we are all together and

that was lying on the typewriter for

about three weeks before it became a

stone that that was the whole thumb

right in that line and that was an

athlete ripped line and it was a great

effort just to put it on the typewriter

John wrote the tune glass onion hello

wrote it

we were thinking specifically of this

whole idea of all these people who can

write in and say who was the walrus

child we use the wounds or is Paul

Morris was the Morris so John just

didn't like the walrus was Paul and we

had a great cable unit say let's do that

let's put this line in because I feel

this gonna ring into it it's gonna go



some microscopes have magnified the



he was such a silly little poem that we

used to say as kids something to do with

yellow matter custard or something right

and I thought for a moment it all came

back to me I have a pretty good recall

for all those years I quoted for it was

yellow matter custard green slop pie all

mixed together with the dead dogs I slap

it on the bossy that's a sandwich my

line of the called 10-foot thick and

then wash it down with a cup of cold

sick disc and I said I'll award

I love how they see me - the waters the

dumplings oh I love it well there's

another clue for you all the walrus in

this form the walrus with had nothing

they don't like anything about it

very ready and what happened was when we

hear anything

or trade I actually put on the wall this

last one on that wall when

pick up a heavy I am The Walrus which

follows as enough little bit is going to

keep me interested even on Tuesday if

you listening I'm almost oh man babies