Black Excellist: Top 10 American Black Billionaires (+ Up&Comings)

hello and welcome back in this black

Excellus presentation we will highlight

America's black billionaires and the up

and comings welcome to black excellence

calm the site where we share black

excellence opulence and affluence our

mission is to inspire you as we

enlighten you in late 2017 we published

a video featuring the ten richest black

billionaires in the world but today we

will highlight the ten richest black

entrepreneurs here in America at the

time there were only three black

American billionaires but that number

has since doubled therefore we want to

take the opportunity to provide an

update to celebrate the new members of

the three comma Club it's not easy for

anyone to become a billionaire in

America but it's tremendously more

challenging if you're black this can be

proven by the fact that only six of the

six hundred and seven billionaires on

the Forbes list are African Americans so

we want to take some time to commemorate

these fascinating entrepreneurs who are

currently on the list but we also want

to acknowledge the four incredible

individuals who we expect to hit the big

milestone in the next few years in this

original black Excellence video we will

be featuring America's current and soon

to be black billionaires so without

further ado let's get started number 10

Tiger Woods net worth 800 million

dollars Tiger Woods is an American

golfer who parlayed a dominant run in

professional golf into one of the

biggest athlete business empires in

history the 11th time PGA Player of the

Year ranks second in both major

championships and PGA Tour wins Tiger is

regarded as one of the greatest golfers

in the history of the sport and although

he has earned more than 120 million

dollars in prize money during his

lengthy career in golf

those figures pale in comparison to his

earnings from sponsorships and

endorsements after becoming a

professional golfer in 1996 Tiger Woods

was a

immediately offered million-dollar deals

with Nike Titleist and Rolex watches

among dozens of other deals Tiger

rebounded from a scandal and a series of

debilitating injuries to re-establish

himself as one of the marketable

athletes and sports Tiger Ward back in

2018 with his first PGA Tour win in five

years when he captured the Tour

Championship his 2019 win at the Masters

was his first major title in 11 years

and 15th overall inching him closer to

the Jack Nicklaus record of 18 in his

professional golf career that he started

at the age of 20 Tiger has won 81 PGA

Tour victories and his total career

earnings are estimated at a staggering

1.5 billion dollars however he has

regularly made far more money off the

golf course with endorsement deals than

he did with wins on the golf course

Woods is founder and CEO of Tiger Woods

ventures a multi brand enterprise

comprising his various companies and

philanthropic endeavors including Tiger

Foundation a charitable organization

serving underrepresented youth through


Tiger design the Golf Course design

company Tiger life and a Vince company

and last but not least his upscale

sports restaurant the woods Jupiter

number nine dr. Dre Andre Young net

worth 820 million dollars

Andre Young better known as dr. Dre is

an American rapper songwriter record

producer and entrepreneur the Compton

California native is the founder and CEO

of aftermath entertainment and Beats

Electronics and was previously co-owner

of Death Row Records dr. Dre is

considered to be one of the best hip hop

producers of all time after his meteoric

rise in the 1980s as a member of rap

group NWA he climbed to the top of the

music industry by working with all of

the superstars of hip-hop and R&B but he

would also carve out his own legacy by

producing music for the likes of snoop

dog M&M 50-cent and Kendrick Lamar as

young started to expand his empire

outside of the record producing area in

2006 he would partner with record

executive and co-founder of Interscope

Records Jimmy Iovine to form beats by

dre the high-end headphones brand would

introduce portable and wireless speakers

co-branded smartphones and a new

streaming music service to the music

world and its fans in six years dr. Dre

and i'veeen would turn beats by dre into

a 1 billion dollar plus business thanks

to lightning-fast marketing celebrity

endorsements and an unbeatable grasp of

pop culture there was a hungry market of

demanding consumers who wanted to

enhance their music listening experience

far beyond what a $1 earbud could offer

the time for them to cash out would come

in the year 2014 they would sell their

gold mine to Apple for a whopping 3.2

billion dollars their stake in the

payout would be diluted due to large

chunks of equity they gave up to early

endorsers and taxes so in the end dr.

Dre state would be 700 million dollars

not a bad payday his net worth would

still skyrocket inching him closer and

closer to billionaire status number 8

Sheila Johnson net worth 820 million


Sheila Crump Johnson is an American

businesswoman in co-founder of Black

Entertainment Television

the main streams go to cable channel for

urban culture although her net worth has

since decreased in 2001 Johnson was the

first African American woman to attain a

net worth of at least 1 billion dollars

when Forbes named her to their

billionaire list yes

she beat Oprah to the punch Johnson has

built a reputation on making bold

investments that tap into her personal

beliefs and passions while building

businesses advancing education promoting

diversity growing women's professional

sports nurturing the arts and giving

back to the global community

Sheila Johnson's first loveless music as

she became a concert violinist in high

school who was the first

african-american to win a statewide

violin competition in Illinois

originally working as a music teacher

while teaching private violin lessons on

the side

Johnson credits much of her early

business knowledge from her days as a

private music instructor in 1969 Sheila

married Robert Johnson they were married

for 33 years and together they founded

the entertainment network B et in 2001

they sold their conglomeration to Viacom

for three billion dollars in stock and

assumed debt today she is the first

African American woman to be an owner or

partner in three professional sports

franchises the MBA Washington Wizards

NHL capitols and WNBA mystics Johnson

made her entrance into real estate and

the hospitality industry in 2002 she's

currently CEO of salamander hospitality

a company that she founded in 2005 which

includes holdings of luxury resorts spas

and golf clubs meanwhile Sheila is a

dedicated activist for social justice

since 2006 she has been serving as a

global ambassador for care a

humanitarian organization fighting

against poverty that she has donated

more than four million dollars number

seven Diddy

Sean Combs net worth 900 million dollars

New York born Diddy is a multi-talented

musical genius who holds the titles of

record producer songwriter actor rapper

and entrepreneur as a young intern Combs

worked at Uptown records before forming

his own record label in 1993 called bad

boy entertainment

he produced blockbuster hits for the

likes of notorious b.i.g uh sure and

mary j blige he then released his own

first solo studio album in 1997 which

became certified seven times platinum

and debuted number one on the billboards

while releasing commercially and

critically successful music Combs would

celebrate three Grammy Awards

and establish himself as one of the cash

kings of hip-hop his immense wealth is

the culmination of entrepreneurial

endeavors centered around his clothing

lines fragrances restaurants vodka

bottled water a marketing agency and his

own TV network Diddy string of successes

started with his ability to take their


Biggie Smalls and transform him into a

hip-hop powerhouse he would then quickly

sign other talented acts and a symbol of

formidable in-house production team that

would be responsible for releasing

platinum hit after hit

building upon his musical success Diddy

would aggressively master the art of

building a lifestyle brand that

encompassed entertainment fashion

attitude and extravagance in 1998 Diddy

launched Sean John his own fashion line

and clothing company in 2013 Diddy

founded combs wine and spirits a liquor

company that manages his branded

alcoholic products and laid the

foundation for his lucrative 50:50

multi-year deal with Ciroc Vodka

moreover Diddy's cable network Revolt

has access to more than 50 million

viewers and can be watched worldwide but

did he also takes time to pay it forward

in 2016

did he opened a charter school in Harlem

New York his multiple business

accomplishments helped define his

success but his school and has multiple

charity initiatives through the Combs

Foundation ranked at the top of his

achievements number six

jay-z Shawn Carter net worth 1 billion

dollars born and raised in New York City

jay-z began his musical career after

founding the record label Rockefeller

Records in 1995 he has gone on to

release 13 critically acclaimed albums

that have sold over 50 million records

and 75 million singles sold worldwide

after winning a total of 22 Grammy

Awards and holding the record for the

most number one albums by a solo artist

jay-z has arguably established himself

as the greatest entertainer and hip

pop history the rapper turned mogul has

earned his fortune not only through a

rapping career that has spanned nearly

three decades but also through very

successful business and entrepreneurial

endeavors these ventures have included

entertainment labels clothing lines

alcohol brands an upscale sports club

and a music streaming service although

jay-z sold his stake in the NBA's New

Jersey Nets in 2013 he was key in

revamping the franchise and instrumental

in its move to Brooklyn in 2012 in 2015

jay-z bought the music streaming company

title 456 million dollars and has

parlayed its success into a value of 600

million jay-z's entertainment label Roc

Nation is a partnership with Live Nation

that has become the impetus for many of

his recent multi-million dollar deals

roc Nation's deal with the NFL in 2019

will help introduce new music and

entertainment initiatives to NFL

football games meanwhile his

relationship with Beyonce Knowles has

cemented the couple is royalty atop the

music world through jay-z's concert

deals with Live Nation the power couple

has produced music together and played

on a 50 show tour that reportedly earned

them 5 million dollars a show today

jay-z is trying to build a movement to

change the world through his Shawn

Carter Foundation and countless other

philanthropic ventures his evolution has

been a complicated but inspirational one

that embodies all of the dimensions that

every rapper aspires for commercially

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enlightenment and enjoyment number 5

Kanye West's net worth 1.3 billion

dollars rapper and fashion designer

Kanye West gained widespread fame upon

the release of his 2004

the college dropout today he is one of

the most successful and awarded

musicians on the planet with 21 grammy

wins West began experimenting with music

at an early age and even received a

scholarship to attend the American

Academy of Art in 1997 he transferred to

Chicago State University to study

English but eventually dropped out at

the age of 20 to pursue his music career

after dropping out of college West began

making beats for local artists while he

honed his own style his production

credits include jay-z Beyonce John

Legend Alicia Keys and Janet Jackson to

name a few

Westwood eventually evolved from music

producer to rapper to hip-hop icon and

go on to sell millions of records earned

platinum plaques and reached number 1 on

the Billboard charts however the

majority of West's fortune came not from

his music but from his footwear and

apparel brand Yeezy this is a

multi-million dollar partnership with

Adidas that was officially announced in

December of 2013 West has insisted for

years that he is a billionaire but it

wasn't until recently that Forbes

magazine finally agreed with him after

reviewing the 2019 valuation of his

Yeezy adidas partnership and shoe

division his collaboration with Adidas

and the easy brand would be valued at

three billion dollars kanye earns a 10%

royalty on the net cells of the Yeezy

shoe line which is by the way reportedly

north of 1.5 billion dollars annually

and he owns 100% of the apparel line

outright this solidifies his

astronomical net worth and his

billionaire status should no longer be

in question his philanthropic ventures

include the Kanye West foundation which

benefits disadvantaged minorities and he

also devotes significant time and money

towards disaster relief number four

Michael Jordan net worth 2.1 billion

dollars Michael Jordan is one of the

most celebrated figures in popular

culture and is almost universe

we regarded as the greatest basketball

player of all time he played 15 seasons

in the NBA winning six championships

with the Chicago Bulls he was one of the

most effectively marketed athletes of

his generation and is considered the

most key factor in popularizing the NBA

around the world in the 1980s and 90s

since he retired in 2003 he has built

the most successful and lucrative career

that the world has ever seen from a

former athlete while he made less than

100 million dollars during his career as

the NBA's greatest player of all time MJ

has been a billionaire since 2014 and

was the first athlete to do so Michael

Jordan is a self-made billionaire who

made a fortune through multi-million

dollar endorsement deals with Nike

Gatorade Haynes and other corporate

partnerships Nikes jordan brand alone

brings in roughly three billion dollars

in revenue each year the popularity of

Air Jordans continues to rise and have

seen a research in recent years thanks

to celebrity partnerships who connect to

a younger audience while releasing new

versions of retro styles to reconnect

with the older fans in 2010 he purchased

the Charlotte Hornets for 175 million

dollars which helped him hit billionaire

status when the NBA franchises value

skyrocketed just a few years after

Jordans acquisition the team is now

worth more than 1.5 billion in Jordan

owns 97 percent of the franchise on top

of that he's reportedly making 100

million dollars a year from Nike

royalties alone in 2019 Jordans net

worth was increasing at a rate of 34

thousand dollars an hour there is not

enough time to list all of Jordan's

philanthropic activities but he is a

founding donor of the National Museum of

African American history with a

contribution of five million dollars in

addition to attending and organizing

hundreds of celebrity fundraisers MJ has

donated millions more to causes

supporting youth programs disaster

recovery efforts and in

movements to healthcare number three

Oprah Winfrey net worth 2.7 billion

dollars Oprah Winfrey is an American

media executive television producer and

former talk-show host who is best known

for The Oprah Winfrey Show which was the

highest-rated television program of its

kind her show ran in national

syndication for 25 years from 1986 to

2011 and helped her earn the title queen

of all media Oprah is North America's

first and only black multi billionaire

and is also ranked as the greatest black

philanthropist in American history Oprah

Winfrey's first media job was at a radio

station for the african-american

community in Nashville making her the

first black female news anchor in the

city after a few short gigs Winfrey

moved to Chicago where she revamped a

morning show that was struggling in 1985

the program was renamed the Oprah

Winfrey Show Oprah would enjoy a string

of successes as she transitioned her hit

talk show into a media and business

empire in 2011 she launched her cable

channel owned the Oprah Winfrey Network

she continues to blaze her own path by

starting her own production company such

as Harpo Productions while expanding her

success in the meteor world writing

numerous best-selling books acting in

blockbuster movies and producing

critically acclaimed films to prove that

she has the Midas touch her 43 million

dollar investment into Weight Watchers

is now worth more than 400 million

dollars through her Angel Network

Winfrey has given millions of dollars to

charitable causes including building

schools in rural areas across the globe

like her Oprah Winfrey Leadership

Academy for girls which has changed the

trajectory for so many disadvantaged

girls in South Africa as of 2020 Oprah

Winfrey wears the crown as the richest

black woman in the world Oprah has

landed on several Forbes lists over the

years including Forbes power list

America's self-made female billionaire

list and they're powerful people list

number two David Stewart net worth three

point nine billion dollars David Stewart

is an American businessman who is the

chairman and founder of world wide

technology one of the largest

african-american owned businesses in the

United States after graduating from

college in 1973 Stewart worked as a

production manager and a successful

sales representative for FedEx he always

had an entrepreneurial spirit but it

wasn't until 1981 that he hit a turning

point he was named salesperson of the

year M FedEx presented him with an ice

bucket with engraved initials when

Stewart looked inside and realized it

was empty it became a defining moment

for Stewart who decided to step away a

few years later in 1990 Stewart founded

wwt a systems integrator that focused on

the implementation of enterprise-wide

imaging conversion services and

telecommunications networks the company

serves not only corporate America but

also federal state in local governments

once the company started to win

government contracts as a minority-owned

small business the orders started

rolling in from big budgeted federal

customers private sector business

transactions also started to heat up as

companies rush to install computers

printers and other telecom equipment in

1999 wwt spun off its telecommunications

division to form telco by calm cells for

the two companies excelled and in 2013

the combined revenue passed a whopping 1

billion dollars Stuart's tenacity and

business savvy would help wwt revenue

surpass and astounding 11 billion

dollars by the year 2018 the company now

has more than 40 fortune 100 companies

as customers and has over 3,000

employees across 20 offices across the


Stewart has served on a plethora of

committees and boards around Missouri

and the greater st. Louis area

he has received multiple citizenship

awards and has donated millions of

dollars to the United Way of st. Louis

Stewart has been the recipient of

numerous accolades and awards including

company and entrepreneur of the year

from Black Enterprise as well as the

horatio alger Award for distinguished

Americans in 2014 number one Robert

Smith net worth five billion dollars

topping off our list of America's black

billionaires we salute

Robert F Smith as a high school student

Smith secured an internship at Bell Labs

after calling the company every week for

five months after an intern from MIT

didn't show up he was accepted as an

intern he went on to earn a chemical

engineer degree from Cornell University

in 1985 an engineer and training he

worked at Kraft Foods in Goodyear Tire

before getting his MBA at Columbia

University Smith would work on Wall

Street accepting a position in the

tumultuous world of Investment Banking

at Goldman Sachs from 1994 to 2000 Smith

would eventually leave Goldman Sachs to

launch his own private equity firm Vista

Equity Partners in 2000 the firm focuses

exclusively on investing in Silicon

Valley's least known software and

technology companies with over fifty

billion dollars in assets Vista is one

of the best performing private equity

firms in the nation posting annualized

returns of 22 percent for the past 20


Smith's intelligence business strategies

and work ethic has won him praise from

his corporate peers and earned him

billions on Wall Street he and his

company have a knack for finding elite

talent that can be attributed to his

unconventional hiring strategies Vista

leverages a personality test developed

by IBM that not only takes into account

your social and technical skills but it

also measures an applicant's interest in

arts and humanities in 2016

Smith donated 20 million dollars to help

support the National Museum of African

American history in Washington DC

moreover Smith signed on as a member of

The Giving Pledge founded by Bill Gates

and Warren Buffett and has promised to

invest half of his net worth during his

lifetime to causes that support the

Equality of African Americans and causes

that will ensure a livable planet for

future generations

furthermore during a commencement speech

at a historically black college in

Atlanta Georgia Smith made it an extra

happy graduation day for the 400

Morehouse College graduates when he

vowed to wipe out all of the student

debt for the entire 2019 graduating

class he later extended the gift to

cover the educational debt amassed by

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