The Youngest Richest Women From Around The World

there's a lot of people that debate you

know who really is self-made Kylie

Jenner being a self-made billionaire was

enough to get her on the cover of Forbes

but this reality star isn't the only

female billionaire out there in fact

there are incredibly wealthy young women

all over the world

yang Wu Yin being a billionaire is

already impressive and something we can

barely start to fathom but Chinese

property developer yang who yen's wealth

is truly the next level she's the

richest woman in all of Asia with a net

worth of 23 point 1 billion dollars her

father founded real estate company

country garden back in 1997 when he was

growing up he was so poor he couldn't

afford to pay for his school fees and

had to work on a farm to make ends meet

but thanks to a scholarship grant he was

able to keep studying and ten years

after starting his business he

transferred his daughter's 70% of the

shares but yang hasn't just been sitting

on her shares she's the vice chairman of

the board's Governance Committee Lindsay

Snyder if you've ever enjoyed the

delicious taste of an in-n-out burger

then you might have heard of Lindsay

Snyder before this billionaire isn't

just an heiress she's an heiress to the

in-n-out burger company her grandparents

harry and esther snyder founded in and

out back in 1948 and Lindsay is their

only grandchild when she turned 35 she

became the sole owner of the company and

you can probably just imagine how much

that increased her net worth actually

you don't have to wonder because we'll

tell you

Lindsay has a net worth of 3.6 billion

dollars thanks to all you fast food fans

out there not only is she in charge of

the company but she is actively involved

with the in-and-out burger foundation

which helps children in need she also

uses some of her fortune to help fund

healing hearts and Nations

a nonprofit which establishes training

centers in Africa and India Karolina

Hagen Chios in 2018 Karolina Hagen Chios

was the richest woman in Norway and

today she has a net worth of 2.4 billion

dollars yes she's an heiress but she's

also no stranger when it comes to

business her father is Norwegian

billionaire Stein Eric Hagen who

co-founded the discount supermarket rimi

along with Carolyn's grandfather after

being in business for decades the

company eventually merged

sweden's I see a group and later with

the Dutch retailer our hold put the

proceeds Stein was able to found the

holding company kanika a s it has

investments all over Scandinavia and

Karolina has been a chairwoman on the

board since 2014 and owns a majority

share in the company Tatyana Casiraghi

although Tatyana casiraghi was born in

New York City she ended up marrying into

the royal family of Monaco oh and if

that wasn't enough she also has a net

worth of two billion dollars her

grandfather was the owner of the Santo

Domingo group in the Colombian Bavaria

brewery one of the largest breweries in

South America which is now part of

anheuser-busch after he passed away

tatiana inherited a sixth of his

considerable wealth instead of getting

into the family business she co-founded

a company called Mozingo sisters this

company ethically sources artisan goods

from over eight different countries and

then sulfon she's married to Andrea

Casiraghi who is fourth in line of

succession to the Monegasque throne

Alexandra and Caterina Andersen

Norwegian heiress Alexandra and resan

became the world's youngest billionaire

at the age of only 19 she held the title

for three consecutive years and is

currently the second youngest

billionaire right behind kylie jenner of

course and following behind Alexandra in

the number three spot is her older

sister Katarina Anderson these siblings

are the daughters of industrialist Johan

Andersson who owns the holding company

furred even though these siblings have a

1.4 billion net worth each that doesn't

mean they don't appreciate the value of

a dollar

Alexandra says she always bought used

cars growing up and prefers to save her

cash rather than spend it but that

doesn't mean they don't have some

expensive hobbies both women love to

travel in Alexandra is an accomplished

equestrian Katarina Martinson many

billionaires owe their wealth in no

small part to their families and

Caterina Martinson is no exception but

that doesn't mean she doesn't work hard

this Swedish billionaire is a director

of Le Lindbergh for tagging a company

that deals with property management and

a variety of other investments it was

founded by her grandfather

Lars Eric lund Berg and Katarina her

sister Louise Lind and their father

Frederick Lindberg all have seats on the

board today catari

has a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars

Purina cave some of the richest people

in the world are also the most famous

but while some people just can't seem to

keep their names out of the headlines

that isn't always the case

Chinese billionaire Purina key is

notoriously reclusive despite being

named the youngest billionaire in the

world by Forbes back in 2014

at the time she was 24 years old and had

a net worth of 1.3 billion dollars

she owns 85 percent of the company Logan

property holdings which is a major real

estate company run by her father Ana

Casper's Ecch

Ana Casper's ekiz represented Denmark at

two Summer Olympics and runs her own

private dressage barn when she's not

training she's able to fund her

expensive equestrianism thanks to her

family business her grandfather founded

the Danish shoe company echo and their

products are sold in 90 countries in

over 2,200 shops

thanks to her share of the family

business Anna is worth a billion dollars

according to Forbes anna has always been

more interested in horseshoes than human

ones and prefers to spend her time in

the stable instead of the boardroom

Athina Onassis you've probably heard of

the Greek shipping magistrate aristotle

onassis who was known for his vast

wealth and his active social life during

his life he amassed the largest

privately owned shipping fleet and

married Jacqueline Kennedy yes the

Jacqueline Kennedy who was once married

to President John F Kennedy today

Aristotle's only living descendant is

his granddaughter billionaire heiress

Athina Onassis she inherited 55% of

Aristotle's fortune the remainder going

to the Alexander s Onassis foundation in

honor of her late uncle

by the time Athena was seven years old

she was already a billionaire although

there is some dispute about just how

much money Athena has most estimate that

she has a net worth of approximately 1

billion dollars she loves horses and is

a competitive show jumper this hobby led

her to purchase a twelve million dollar

estate and barn which she turned around

and sold a couple of years later for a

750 thousand dollar profit Kylie Jenner

of course pretty much everyone on the

planet knows who Kylie Jenner is most of

us watched her grow up on Keeping Up

with the Kardashians and now she owns

her own makeup empire while some people

had an issue

with Forbes labeling her a self-made

billionaire Kylee defends the title

claiming that she's had to pay for her

own non basic necessities since she was

a teen

apparently Kris Jenner cut her off when

she was 15 years old and she's been

paying her own way ever since but don't

worry there aren't any hard feelings

between mother and daughter over this

Kylie even bought Kris at two hundred

and fifty thousand dollar Ferrari for

her birthday

hood akka 10 there was a time when

famous Iraqi American makeup artist hood

Akutan was working at a job in the

finance industry and she absolutely

hated it she moved to Los Angeles and

started studying makeup soon she

attracted high-profile clients like Eva

Longoria and Nicole Richie this inspired

Hooda to start her own blog called Hooda

Beauty which focused on makeup tutorials

and helpful tips a few years later

frustrated at being unable to find the

perfect pair of false eyelashes she was

inspired to start her own beauty brand

now she sells over 140 different

products and since she has over 39

million Instagram followers she doesn't

need to advertise using traditional

means her beauty empire has earned her a

personal net worth of 610 million


Whitney Woolf heard finding true love on

a dating app can be an uphill battle but

Whitney Wolfe heard used an app to find

incredible wealth

she's the American entrepreneur behind

the popular dating app bumble which

allows women to make the first move but

although bumble is valued at over a

billion dollars it's not her first

business venture back when Whitney was

only 19 years old she was already

thinking business by selling bamboo tote

bags to raise money for areas affected

by the BP oil spill Whitney is

definitely someone who likes to push her

own limits that's how she came up with

the idea for bumble she found herself

struggling to make the first move so

decided to create an app where she would

have to if she wanted to get a date

while bumble is worth a billion and

expanding into other areas like bumble

mag it's estimated Whitney's personal

net worth is 290 million dollars Carissa

Bodnar lots of cosmetic companies claim

to be changing the face of the beauty

industry but thrive cosmetics might

actually be doing it the company was

founded by Carissa Bodnar who lost her

good friend to cancer at the age of only

24 this inspired Carissa to create

thrive cosmetics which offers vegan

products that are safe to use for people

with compromised

in systems people love her products and

she sells a tube of mascara about every

eight seconds not only does she offer

direct to consumer products but she also

believes him giving back a portion of

each products price goes straight to

charity and she's already donated over a

million dollars thrive Cosmetics is

making a difference and it's already

made Karissa

a millionaire she has a net worth of two

hundred and seventy five million dollars

Amanda Hirst Amanda Hirst may be an

heiress but she's also so much more

she's the great-granddaughter of media

mogul William Randolph Hearst who

developed Hearst communications Amanda

worked as a model and has been featured

in magazines like Harper's Bazaar

cosmopolitan and Vanity Fair but one of

her greatest loves is animals and she

founded an organization dedicated to

keeping them safe

friends of fin works to rescue dogs from

inhumane conditions in puppy mills and

help find them new homes

she's also the co-founder of Maison de

Mode a sustainable fashion retailer but

don't think she's afraid to spend some

of her hundred million dollar net worth

for her lavish four day-long wedding -

filmmaker Yoshi marooning she wore five

different dresses Elizabeth Holmes

back in 2015 Forbes named Elizabeth

Holmes as the youngest and wealthiest

self-made female billionaire in America

she founded a company called fairness

which sent her net worth up to 4.5

billion dollars but let's just say it's

been a long fall from the top her

company ended up being investigated for

fraud and it was alleged that Elizabeth

had deceived many of her investors she

was hit with a five hundred thousand

dollar fine and lost control of her

company as a result Forbes knocked her

net worth back to zero dollars

ouch Elizabeth went from being a

billionaire to struggling to pay her

lawyers these women may have more money

than we would know what to do with but

that doesn't mean we don't have some


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