10 Of The Richest Women In The World


Beyonce was right when she said who runs

the world girls because women are

holding major roles in huge companies

around the world from technology to

candy companies these women have an

impressive collective portfolio if you

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discussing ten of the richest women in

the world Jocelyn Wildenstein

500-million Jocelyn Wildenstein better

known as Catwoman has had some hiccups

in her life

she was once married to billionaire Alec

Wildenstein who had a fascination with

cats so much so that when Jocelyn

thought her husband was no longer

interested she started to alter her face

to have more feline features in the end

Jocelyn spent four million dollars on

plastic surgery and her husband divorced

her for frivolous spending habits she

received a two point five billion dollar

divorce settlement along with a 100

million dollars a year for thirteen

years in alimony

Marguerita louis-dreyfus 5.2 billion

growing up in russia margarita

louis-dreyfus didn't have the lavish

life she does now her life changed

dramatically in 1988 when she met her

late husband Robert Lewis Travis on an


Robert cousin to famous actor Julia

louis-dreyfus was a French billionaire

who made a fortune rescuing the troubled

companies in 2009

Robert passed away from leukemia and

left his wife in charge of his business

she has had to fight her way through the

male-driven business world that has

become a well respected business woman

sandra ortega mara 6.7 billion sandra

ortega mara is the daughter of the

world's second most rich person Amancio

Ortega you may know her father's the

owner of the large clothing chain Zara

though her father is a bigwig in the

wealth world Mara inherited her money

when her mother passed away suddenly in

2013 Sandra has no part in operating

Zara she chooses to run her late

mother's nonprofit organization

fundacion padilla is a

profit that focuses on helping mentally

and physically disabled people acquire

skills that can lend the mainstream jobs

Kathryn Rainer seven-point-eight billion

Kathryn Rainer has her family to thank

for the seven point eight billion

fortune her grandfather founded Cox

Enterprises and automotive and media

conglomerate in the late 1800s she

splits 50% of the company with her two

siblings while her mother and Cox

chambers holds the majority of 49%

though the family members are the major

stock owners of Cox Enterprises they

have never had active roles Kathryn

instead chooses to spend her time in

more philanthropic roles she's on the

board of Morgan Public Libraries the New

York Public Library and the animal

rescue fund Charlene de carvalho

heineken 12 point 1 billion charlene de

carvalho heineken went from housewife to

businesswoman in the matter of a week

after her father passed away in 2002 he

left 25% stake of his Brewing Company

plan akin to his daughter Charlene she

then became the majority stake holder in

the company and the new CEO she stepped

into the role of CEO of the third

largest Brewing Company in the world

without any formal training she quickly

got to work learning the ins and outs of

her family's business and has had

impressive success Laurene Powell Jobs

twenty point five billion mostly knows

the widow of the late Steve Jobs

Laurene Powell Jobs was left billions

after he passed away in 2011 the bulk of

her billions come from her stake in

Disney that Steve acquired when he sold

animation studio Pixar to the company in

2006 she also holds a small share an

apple which Steve Jobs helped co-found

in 70s though her husband was

practically a God in Silicon Valley

Lorene had an impressive background she

perused many of her own interest and

started several nonprofits that helped

less fortunate children get quality


Maria franca is solo twenty two point 1

billion Maria franca Fasulo

earned her billions from her late

husband's company Ferrero spa the name

may not sound familiar but you are

probably a fan of some of their products

Ferrero spa is the creator of Ferrero

Rocher chocolates kinder chocolates and

Nutella it is the second largest

confectionery company in Europe so in

2000 MJ keen when her husband

passed way who left his delicious Empire

in her hands along with the billions

that came with it Jacqueline Mars thirty

one point eight billion another woman

cashing in on the world sweet tooth is

Jackie Mars Mars is the co-owner of Mars

for world's largest candy company

chances are you've heard of a few of

their brands like Twix skittles M&Ms and

Milky Way when she isn't busy supplying

goodies to the masses Jack green keeps

busy with cultural endeavors

she's a trustee of the u.s. equestrian

team and sits on the board of the

Washington National Opera Alice Walton

at thirty two point six billion thanks

to being the daughter of Sam Walton the

guy who founded Walmart

Alice Walton is the thirteenth

wealthiest person in the world unlike

her siblings Alice doesn't have an

active role in her father's company

instead she focuses on collecting and

curating art her art collection includes

pieces from Andy Warhol Norman Rockwell

and Georgia O'Keeffe she has even chosen

to donate pieces from her personal

collection worth millions to museums so

everyone who enjoy the masterpieces

Liliane Bettencourt thirty-six point

four billion she's the richest woman in

Europe and the sole heir to the Loreal

fortune liliane bettencourt is a

socialite philanthropist and a

businesswoman from France when her

father Eugene Schueller passed away in

1957 liliane inherited the cosmetic

company L'Oreal's fortune

she acted on the company's board until

2012 when she was forced to resign she

also started la fundación Bettencourt


which supports and develops medical

cultural and humanitarian projects with

an annual budget of over a hundred and

sixty million what do you think of these

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