5 Richest Women In The World | The Countdown | Forbes


this week we're taking a look at the

richest women in the world at number

five is Jacqueline Mars net worth twenty

four point seven billion dollars Mars

wealth comes from inheriting a third of

her family's company Mars the world's

largest candy maker Mars worked for the

company for nearly 20 years and served

on the board until 2016 at number four

is McKenzie Bezos net worth thirty six

billion dollars Bezos makes her debut on

the list after finalizing her divorce

from Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in july

2019 the award-winning novelist signed

The Giving Pledge in May of 2019

agreeing to give away at least half of

her fortune at number three is Julia

Koch net worth thirty eight point two

billion dollars another new addition to

the list Koch joined the billionaire

ranks after she and her three children

inherited a 42 percent stake in Koch

Industries from her late husband David

who died in August at number two is

Francois Betancourt Myers net worth

forty eight point nine billion dollars

the granddaughter of L'Oreal's founder

Myers fortune declined by four hundred

million dollars since last year's list

was published during the first two weeks

of March shares of the cosmetics giant

dropped twelve percent due to the

fallout from the corona virus pandemic

that same month the company announced

that its factories would start making

hand sanitizer to support French and

European health authorities and number

one is Alice Walton net worth fifty four

point four billion dollars walden

reclaims her title as richest woman in

the world after losing the spot in 2019

thanks to a 23 percent increase in her

fortune since last year's list was

published Walton doesn't have a role at

Walmart but is helping to lead a program

at the Walton family foundation that

will issue 300 million dollars in bonds

to help charter schools