15 Of The Richest Women in The World!

15 Of The Richest Women in the World!

15. Jocelyn Wildenstein

$2.5 Billion

Jocelyn Wildenstein, better known as “The Catwoman” for her extensive plastic surgery

to look more like a feline than a female. These cosmetic surgeries are said to have

cost over $2 Million. Although she comes from a wealthy family, she acquired most of her

vast fortune from a divorce settlement from former husband Alec Wildenstein. Although

reports on her actual net worth vary from source to source, she received $2.5 billion

from her divorce settlement, one of the largest in history. In fact, her yearly food and wine

expenditures alone reach over $500,000!

14. Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart

$4.9 Billion

Not only was Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart the 18th Duchess of Alba, Spain, according to

Guinness World Records, she was also the most titled noble in the world with about 50 royal

titles! The Duchess was most recently remembered for her marriage at the age of 85 to the much

younger Alfonso Díez, who was 24 years her junior. However, Cayetana should perhaps be

better remembered for her generous financial contributions to charity.

13. Sandra Ortega Mera

$6.4 Billion

Also from Spain Sandra Ortega Mera is not only is the richest woman in Spain, but she

is also the youngest billionaire in all of Europe. Mera is the daughter and heiress of

Spanish business magnate, Amancio Ortega Gaona (currently the wealthiest man in Europe),

who is the founder and chairman of Inditex fashion group. Mera inherited a 75% stake

in Inditex when her mother passed in 2013. The company is famous for its chain of Zara

clothing and accessories.

12. Katharine Rayner

$7.1 Billion

American billionaire heiress, Katharine Rayner, is the daughter of Anne Cox Chambers, the

current head of media conglomerate Cox Enterprises, Inc. Rayner became the 15th richest woman

in the world when her mother distributed 49% of Cox Enterprises, Inc. shares to her and

her siblings. Rayner like several of the other billionaires featured on this list is not

involved with her family’s company, but, is heavily involved with philanthropy. Rayner

is currently holds a position as board member of the Morgan Library and Museum in New York.

Rayner is also on the board of directors for the New York Public Library and the Animal

Rescue Fund of the Hampton's. She also has a bit of a “green thumb”, and has a sprawling

eclectic garden at her home that is worthy of a Disney film.

11. Margarita Louis-Dreyfus

$8.7 Billion

Margarita Louis-Dreyfus, known as “the tsarina" by the French press, is owner of global merchant

company: the Louis Dreyfus Company. Her company is involved in international shipping, telecommunications,

real estate, hedge funds, finance, agriculture, ocean vessels, food processing, and more.

Interestingly Margarita is the widow of Robert Louis-Dreyfus who was cousins with American

actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, famous for playing Elaine in the TV show Seinfeld. Also Margarita

is the mother of two sets of twins. She gave birth to her new twin girls earlier this year

at age 53!

10. Massimiliana Landini Aleotti

$9.6 Billion

The Italian billionaire heiress, Massimiliana Landini Aleotti, owns giant pharmaceutical

company Menarini, along with her two children. The company is widely popular for being committed

to researching pharma-cological solutions for therapeutic areas such as asthma, anti-infectives,

oncology, inflammation, and cardiovascular diseases, among others. Although she has tried

to spend as much time out of the limelight as possible, in 2010 she was accused of Tax

Evasion, she however declined to comment publicly on the matter.

9. Blair Parry-Okeden

$10.7 Billion

Although she is Australia's richest person by net worth, Blair Parry-Okeden is actually

American born. Blair’s grandfather James M. Cox (once a governor of Ohio and U.S. Representative)

founded the communications and automotive company Cox Enterprises, Inc. Although the

media conglomerate is actually ran by Blair’s aunt, Anne Cox Chambers, Blair still holds

a large share of the company. Blair originally moved to Australia to be with her, now ex-husband,

where they started a family. Blair is known to be a very generous person in her community,

but, is also very modest and private. Interestingly she is also a bit of a wordsmith and has even

had a children’s book published.

8. Iris Fontbona

$10.8 Billion

Iris Fontbona widow, of billionaire Andronico Luksic, is the richest woman in Chile.. Her

and her family controls Antofagasta, one of largest copper mines in the world. The mining

company’s shares have almost tripled in the past year, a primary reason for Fontbona

and her family's fortune increasing dramatically since 2010. Fontbona also holds a large number

of shares in the beverage making and consumer packaging corporation, Quinenco which is one

of Chile’s largest business conglomerates with annual revenue of $20 billion

7. Gina Rinehart

$11.4 Billion

Mining heiress Gina Rinehart was Australia's first female billionaire. Rinehart took over

her her father’s mining company, Hancock Prospecting, at the young age of 21. At an

early age she surprised critics with her business savvy, and has revolutionized the mining business

during her career. Since 2010 Rinehart has been actively involved with Australian politics,

and has been pushing for the further development of the Australian North. She has also been

an outspoken advocate for the reduction of taxes and less regulations on business.Perhaps

her outspoken views on government issues has earned her unwanted threats, because Rinehart

is known to travel around in a bullet proof vehicle!

6. Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken

$13.1 Billion

Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken is a Dutch/English businesswoman who is the Executive Director

and owns 25% of the controlling interest of Heineken International, the third largest

brewing company in the world. When her father, Freddy Heineken, died in 2002, she inherited

nearly $3 billion, which made her the wealthiest person with (shared) Dutch citizenship.

5. Laurene Powell Jobs

$17.6 Billion

Although Laurene is often thought of as only being the widow of revolutionary tech whiz

Steve Jobs, like her husband, she has made quite an impact on the world through her philanthropy

and charity work. Laurene is the founder and executive of Emerson Collective, a foundation

focused on improving education and championing immigration reform, as well as environmental

conservation, and social justice. Laurene is also the president of the board of directors

and co-founder of College Track, an organization that helps prepare low income and disadvantaged

high school students for college.

4. Maria Franca Fissolo

$23.7 Billion

There clearly is great fortune to be had within candy manufacturing, because Italian candy

billionaire Maria Franca Fissolo ranks in as the world’s 4th richest women. Her company,

Ferro SpA, is the second largest confectionery company in Europe, and the third largest in

the World. It is famous for such sweets and candies as Tic-Tac mints, Mon Cheri, Kinder

chocolates, and Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread!

3. Jacqueline Mars

$27 Billion

Jacqueline Mars continues the trend of amassing great wealth through inheritance, as she inherited

⅓ of the candy and pet food processing corporation, Mars, from her father Franklin Clarence Mars

in 1999. Jacqueline does not actively participate in the running of her father’s candy corporation

and instead focuses her wealth and energies on the art industry. She is involved with

the US Equestrian Team as a trustee, which supports high performance horses by providing

funding for training, coaching, and traveling expenses for international events and shows.

In October 2013, Jacqueline fell asleep at the wheel while driving, crossing the highway

centerline, and hit a minivan carrying six people, one of whom died and another who lost

her unborn child. Jacqueline, 74 at the time, plead guilty to a misdemeanor count of reckless

driving and was fined $2,500 and had her license suspended for 6 months. No civil suit was

filed but a spokesperson for Ms. Mars stated “[Mars] has provided assistance to the families

involved since shortly after the accident”

2. Alice Walton

$33.5 Billion

Alice Walton, the heiress of mega superstore chain Wal-Mart, ranks in as the second richest

woman in the world with a whopping net worth of $32.3 billion!. Interestingly however,

she would have topped the list as richest woman in the world had her net worth not dropped

over $7 billion last year due to the dramatic drop in Wal-Mart’s stock. Alice Walton’s

life has been wrought with controversy. Besides being accused of not paying Wal-Mart employees

a liveable wage, she has allegedly had a number of horrendous automobile incidents, from driving

into a ravine, driving while under the influence, and even striking and killing a pedestrian

in 1989. Walton however has never faced any real consequences for any of these incidents

1. Liliane Bettencourt

$38.9 Billion

To put her wealth into perspective, Liliane Bettencourt could spend a million dollars

a day for 104 YEARS before running out of money. Liliane is the main shareholder of

the French mega cosmetics company, L’Oreal.The company was started by her father, French

chemist Eugène Schueller in 1909, and Bettencourt began working for the company as an apprentice

at the early age of 15. Liliane eventually inherited the company and was able to maintain

a majority stake once the company went public. Reportedly Bettencourt was one of the biggest

victims of Bernie Madoff’s pyramid scheme and lost some $22M euros. In 2011, Liliane

was placed under the guardianship of her family because of her declining mental health.