Top 5 Richest Women in The United States

the wealthiest women in America with

billions in their wallets properties

around the globe and closets full of

designer clothing one might assume the

woman who've earned this title would be

familiar faces like Beyonce Oprah or

even the Kardashians but the truth may

surprise you today we're going to take a

close look at the five wealthiest women

in America and see how they got where

they are and what exactly it is they

spend all that money on Dianne Hendricks

seven point four billion dollars with a

net worth of seven point four billion

dollars Dianne Hendricks the richest

self-made woman in America was born and

raised in rural Wisconsin on a dairy

farm Dianne went on a long journey to

amass her current fortune she started

her career selling custom-made homes and

after her marriage to husband Ken

Hendricks the two became business

partners and started ABC supply ABC

supply eventually grew to be the largest

roofing distributor in America and over

time their wealth continued to grow

she has since gone on to produce several

movies and has worked quite often in the

political world even serving as an

economic advisor on Donald Trump's

presidential campaign besides movies and

political campaigns it appears as if she

spent the majority of her money on

properties she currently owns a ten

million dollar home in Wisconsin that

overlooks a river and is complete with

tennis courts and a pool Laurene Powell

Jobs twenty one point three billion

dollars a last name you're sure to

recognize Lauren Powell Jobs made it

onto our list with a net worth of twenty

one point three billion dollars the

widow of Apple founder Steve Jobs Lorene

has had quite a bit of success on her

own in several different industries

working prior to her marriage as an

asset manager and income trading

strategist she then stepped into her

role as a philanthropist

she's co-founded college track a

successful nonprofit organization whose

goal is to improve

graduation and enrollment of

underprivileged students after this she

notably founded Emerson collective a

social change organization that works to

use philanthropy and investing to spark

changes and immigration reform social

justice health and the environment as if

that wasn't enough philanthropy on her

plate Lorene is also a founding member

of climate Leadership Council

besides philanthropy Lorene seems to be

crazy about real estate she owns two

equestrian ranches one in Northern

California and another in Florida on top

of that she spent sixty million dollars

alone on properties in Malibu just in

the last couple of years and it

certainly seems like she isn't done yet

Mackenzie Bezos 36 point 1 billion


Mackenzie Bezos is next on our list with

a net worth of 36 point 1 billion

dollars where exactly did her fortune

come from well if this name sounds

familiar to you it's because she's the

former wife of Jeff Bezos the founder of

Amazon after the largest divorce

settlement in history just this past


Mackenzie walked away as one of the

richest women in America owning a four

percent stock in one of the most

prominent businesses in the world but

what part did Mackenzie play in Amazon

and how exactly did she get where she is


Mackenzie met her future husband Jeff

when they both worked at a hedge fund

together after Jeff came up with the

idea for Amazon he and Mackenzie drove

cross-country to set up shop in Seattle

Mackenzie served as one of the first

employees of Amazon working as their

accountant and later negotiating their

Freight contracts later Mackenzie went

on to become an award-winning novelist

and mother to her and Jeff's four

children she also serves as the

executive director and founder of an

anti-bullying organization called

bystander revolutions but what does she

plan on doing with all that money

well Mackenzie is one of the few

billionaires who is signed The Giving

Pledge promising to give half her money

to charity Julia forty one bill

in Dallas with a fortune of 41 billion


Julia Kok is the next billionaire on our

list she's the widow of David a

member of the family known for

founding industries the second

largest privately owned business in


Julia was born and raised in Iowa to

parents who owned a farm and woman's

clothing store it's safe to say she

probably never imagined she would land

on this list as a young adult she moved

to New York where she worked under

Adolfo and was given opportunities to

style Nancy Reagan it was there she met

her husband David

Julia promptly stopped working in order

to raise their three children after

David's death in 2019 Julia went on to

inherit a 42 percent stake in Cocke

industries which has helped her amass

such a large fortune whether she's

enjoying her wealth in her house in

Aspen the Hamptons New York City or Palm

Beach it's safe to say she's set

wherever she goes

Alice Walton 51 point four billion

dollars at a net worth of 51 point four

billion Alice Walton is the richest

woman in America and the second richest

in the world the daughter of Sam Walton

the founder of Walmart it could be easy

to write off her fortune as something

that's just been handed to her but Alice

Walton has had quite an impressive

journey on her own born and raised in

Arkansas she grew up to work in several

prominent businesses working in several

distinguished roles she worked as an

equity analyst money manager and

stockbroker on top of that she also

founded her own company the llama

company where she served as president

and CEO

unfortunately no llamas were included in

her business ventures

however the llama company was an

investment bank which although less

exciting than real Lamas definitely made

her a good amount of money when she got

tired of all this financial business she

moved to a ranch where she had a knack

for picking out foals that would one day

be equestrian stars though much of her

fortune came to her after her father's

death in 1992 father often mentioned her

business capabilities

even saying she was the most like him

out of all his children with that we've

come to a close on the five wealthiest

women in America let us know in the

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