Top 10 Richest Women In The World

the world's wealthiest women are

connected to some of the most famous

companies either marrying into money or

inheriting it from their fathers and

though the billions they have aren't

fluff made these women sure know what to

do with them according to Forbes these

are the 10 richest women in the world

number 10

Colleen macmillan Keinath Pauline

million Kenneth is the heiress of cargo

which is considered to be the giant

company that rules the food business

whatever you ate or trend today a candy

bar chewing them beer or McDonald's Egg


chances are it included a Cargill

product with a net worth of around seven

point four billion eighty three-year-old

Pauline is believed to be the largest

shareholder of cargo with an estimated

12 percent stake the Cargill earning a

hundred and ten billion in 2017 alone no

wonder she's so rich number nine

Margaret Taylor as an heiress to a

communications and automotive services

company Margaretta Taylor has a total

net worth of around eight billion

dollars seventy three-year-old

Margaretta has a seventeen percent stake

in Cox Enterprises which owns the third

biggest cable operator in the u.s. her

siblings also received equal amounts

they split 50% of the stake at Cox

inherited from their mother back in 2015

today Margaret works as a philanthropist

and lives in New York she famously

donated five million dollars to the

Bronx Zoo number eight Katherine Raynor

she's the sister of Margaret Taylor and

another one of the heiress's to the Cox

Enterprises fortune with an 8 billion

net worth

Katherine Renner also makes it to the

list of the richest women in America the

72 year old heiress is a philanthropist

and trustee of the New York Public

Library in 2017 she gave 15 million to

the library's research collections

number seven Blair Perry akedan

according to Forbes Asia where Perry o

Kenan is Australia's richest person by

net worth despite being from the United

States a Cox Enterprises heiress Blair

is worth around twelve billion dollars

her maternal grandfather James M Cox

founded the Atlanta based communications

and automotive services company in 1898

upon the death of her mother Barbara Cox

Anthony Blair inherited a 25% stake in

the company number six

Abigail Johnson has the president and

CEO of fidelity investments the fourth

largest asset manager in the world

Abigail Johnson is worth around sixteen

billion dollars her grandfather founded

the company back in 1946 and today she

owns a twenty four point five percent

stake in it fifty six-year-old Abigail

has been hailed as one of fortunes most

powerful women and with fidelity

investments earning around fifteen point

nine billion in revenue for more than

four years straight

not to mention 2.3 trillion in marriage

assets it's no wonder that abigail is a

ridiculously wealthy woman number five

Laurene Powell Jobs Steve Jobs his widow

businesswoman Laurene Powell Jobs is a

powerhouse in her own right the third

richest woman in America is the founder

and president of the Emerson collective

which pushes causes on social reform and

environmental issues she also has

founded other organizations including

college pack a group that helps a pair

low-income students for college

according to Forbes the 54 year old

philanthropist is worth around nineteen

point four billion dollars Steve Jobs

had a net worth of about 11 billion just

before he died in 2011 which Loreen

inherited as well as her 0.7% share an

apple she also owns 4 percent of Disney

number four suzanne cotton investments

in BMW and pharmaceuticals have brought

Suzanne cotton her fortune which amounts

to twenty point four billion dollars the

first year peon on the list this 55 year

old German has a mixture of cars and

pharmaceuticals to thank for her wealth

she inherited 50 percent of chemical

company aunt Anna

AG when her parents died while she and

her brother also owned almost 50% of BMW

Chiz since taken Altana private making

me all hers as well as buying up stakes

in a number of other companies from wind

power to graphite production and sharing

her one of the top spots on the list

number three Maria franca a solo

he's second european on the list this

italian is the widow of misha Ferrero

the owner of Europe's second largest

confectionery company Ferrero Rocher the

company which also makes nutella hinder

and tic-tacs

is now run by her son giovanni maria

franca is now worth twenty five point

two billion dollars and she spends her

days having the time of her life in

their home in monaco at age 99 she is

also the oldest billionaire in the world

number two jacqueline mars jacqueline

mars hails from one of the richest

families in america who felt their

fortune around people's love for sweets

Mars Inc is the world's leading

manufacturer of treats like M&Ms

Snickers and skittles founded in 1911

the company generates more than

thirty-five billion dollars in annual

revenue chuckling owns one-third of Mars

Inc while her brothers owned the other

two-thirds she worked for the company

for nearly twenty years and stayed on

board until 2001 at 78 years old and

worth a pristine twenty five point five

billion dollars jacqueline mars is

considered the second richest woman in

the world

number one Alice Walton holding the

coveted top spot as the wealthiest woman

in the world if Alice Walton the only

daughter of billionaire Sam Walton if

the name sounds familiar it's because

he's the co-founder of this small

American business you might have heard

of Alice's father owned more than 50% in

shares in Walmart before he died leaving

his fortune to his family today

Alice runs the Walton family foundation

which focuses on investing in programs

related to k-12 education environmental

conservation and improving the quality

of life in Arkansas according to Forbes

the richest woman in the world is worth

at least thirty eight point two billion

dollars that's it for a top ten richest

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