you get drafted in the NBA you need to

be special you need to have the perfect

amount of athleticism of strength of

skill away what you just need to be a

random seven footer from Europe with no

skill or talent at all and you can be

drafted number five overall awesome Oh

welcome to the seven worst NBA players

in NBA history

number seven standing six foot nine a

first-round pick Oliver Miller in his

career he even went up to being as big

as 375 pounds

he wasn't fast enough or athletic enough

to make plays he wasn't tall enough to

be on a new ball he just blocked all the

shots so his career eventually ended and

then it gets worse he went to the Harlem

Globetrotters okay Greg end of story he

got cut by the Harlem Globetrotters he

got released by the Globetrotters for

quote unquote

having no appreciation for what it takes

mentally and physically to be a Harlem


number six manga ki beti manga back I

was another international player who

just did not prove anything

there's no Philippine International

players some of the best players in the

history of the NBA

even today in the NBA or international

they're stunned and I love seeing that

but man that guy didn't prove anything

he won a championship but of all the

players I want a championship he's

arguably the least productive and worst

he averaged more fouls and points tao

wei what will you know greg since the

best NBA players have rings i guess you

could say this guy is better than uh

than uh russell westbrook because roster

west who doesn't have a ring good one

you're hilarious

haha hey I have an idea Oh


number five so you know those times

where GM sees a really tall guy from

some random country and thinks wow she

can be the next we stopped porzingis he

can be the next sir Nowitzki yeah I know

no no no no nickel or nickel knows that

guy do not do anything he was expected

to do there are reports that the Nuggets

front office never actually saw him play

and still drafted him that they never

saw him play a few games he played and

still drafted him number five overall

number four in the NBA being bald isn't

a bad thing

some of the greatest players in NBA

history went bald

oh wait whoa whoa pause no here's an


Michael Ruffin the highlight of his

career is being quote-unquote in the

background of posters of better players

so in the second year of his career he

averaged 2.6 points a game and that got

people excited because you know what

this is just a start he's gonna get more

minutes he's gonna become a story he

never averaged more than 2.6 points

again for the rest of his career to have

more career fouls than career points no

no no no I don't care what you say

that's impressive knowledge on the floor




you're stupid number three so you know

when you watch the DVD game and you see

a really good player oh wait you don't

watch delia games yeah neither does the

NBA no one watches d-league games except

like the uncle of one of the d-league

players who's trying to show support in

the back row so this guy over here a six

nine ball handling to guard old man son

you had a couple good ideally games so

the Lakers offered him a contract and

well in his first game wait for it in

five minutes he got four and two no no

not bad no no no four fouls and two

turnovers in his career he had more

fouls and points and as many turnovers

as assists and steals combined and

number one the worst of them all Brian

Scalabrine Mike for a player to actually

be the worst player you probably don't

even know him it's far so bad that you

literally didn't even know him at least

Brian Scalabrine was bad but good enough

to still just be on the team here we got

share of key parts I know that sounds a

good place but no it's the worst NBA

player in history so he averaged 12 and

a half points and 6.7 rebounds that's

not bad pretty but oh okay now my he

averaged that in college my dad my bet

those are pretty average numbers for

college okay and then his NBA career in

nine years I don't know how he lasted

nine years don't ask me he was with

seven teams so on defense he was one of

the worst defensive players he kept

getting beat when I

research this man it was said that

everyone was faster than him they were

stronger than him with McGregor but Greg

you said his defensive game was that

terrible so that means he's an offensive

player right yep that's what he was

drafted for his offensive skill set

which really separates him from the rest

literally the best year of his nine-year

career of an offensive skilled player

with 6.3 points per game