Barack Obama: The 5th Youngest President

the young and the optimistic sounds more

like a soap opera but in the case of our

nation's five youngest presidents it

seems to fit president obama is the

nation's fifth youngest

commander-in-chief he turned 48 years

old is past August he's both innovative

and vigorous but also unseasoned and

perhaps too willing to experiment and

take big risks it's a double-edged sword

that's often accompanied our most useful

leaders and as our democratic leader

heads into the second year of his

presidency he's yet to make a definitive

mark but history has shown that the

youngest American President Theodore

Roosevelt has risen to the top of his

40-something counterparts just shy of

his 43rd birthday Roosevelt was ushered

into the Oval Office after president

mckinley was assassinated like obama

roosevelt was awarded the nobel peace

prize while in office TR was a brash

Republican with a huge ego but also a

great innovator who always gave it his

all John F Kennedy was 43 years old and

seven months when he was inaugurated a

democratic voice following the last of

our general presidents conservative

dwight d eisenhower kennedy brought a

fresh face and a glamour to the White

House he still has a hold on the popular

imagination as a young leader whose

potential was cut short by assassination

next comes Democrat Bill Clinton 46

years in five months and Republican

ulysses s grant at 46 years and 10

months both administrations were marred

by scandal Clinton with the Monica

Lewinsky mess that almost cost him the

presidency he was able to finish his

final term with high voter approval of

his policies but strong doubts about his

character grant was hailed as the

greatest Union general of his era but

his military background did not prepare

him for the presidency he named

incompetent or corrupt friends and

associates to key jobs and his

administration was plagued by

embarrassing scandals including

allegations of bribery fraud and

cronyism so looking at America's five

youngest presidents offers both

inspiration and cause for concern for US

News and World Report I'm ken Walsh